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I accept your nomination.

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“This is how Liberty dies, with thunderous applause” - Senator Padme


In a haste voice the newsreader reads,

”The United Party convention has been postponed due to a bomb plot being foiled, after a DSS investigation found two far-left groups working in unison to assassinate the President”

The cameras show armed police dragging those found into black trucks.

 “THIS WAS MONROE! WE DIDNT DO THIS! FIGHT FOR U-“ The doors swing shut and the trucks drive off to screaming sirens.


One week earlier, November 12th.

”Should we both wear the pins or is that a bit much?” Asks Vice President Van Roose to her Chief of Staff, Ed Walls.

”Well Monroe’s guys thought you should. It’s no secret there’s a rift between you two now. They want to project unity, even if you do hate the bastard.” She replied.

“You know Ed, I don’t think the President is going to last that long anyway, he’s got more red lasers on his back than his father”.

”Why do you say that Madam?” Walls replied.

”The DSS hates him for one, then he’s got the Commonwealth Guard, the Navy, the Army, the mafia, the Unions, even the Girl Scouts want their pound of flesh. Maybe It’s time for me to jump ship and swim about with the Delamarian people.” 
“Maybe it’s time you make a move, if they really hate him that much, maybe a change of management is what the nation needs.”



Trudeau Plaza, Delamarian Security Service Headquaters, Labrador.

”Yes Director, if we want to keep the the mafia happy they’ll want their cars back, even if there’s more dead drivers to come.”

”Okay, send em’ back, but put a locator on them. I want to know who they’re talking to, and what they’re doing near Pritchett House so often.”

”Yes Director. Also, the Vice President is on the line, she says it’s urgent”

“Okay put her through”

The phone rings.

”Hello Madam Vice President, how is Nassaua?”

”Good thank you. How’s protecting the free wurld Will?”

”Same old, same old, Monroe isn’t coming by much lately, last time we spoke he just wanted to know the capital of Orioni”

”Oh and what is the capital of Orioni Will?

”Not a clue, I said it was Orioni City and he took my word for it.”

”Yeah, now watch his aides try to find Orioni City”

”They’re even dumber than he is, doesn’t he know the internet exists, and books, and maps”

”Yeah!” She exclaims with laughter.

”Look Will. Is this a secure line?” She says with mild concern.

”The only people you need to be worried about monitoring your calls is me” Patton replies.

”Okay, look. I feel that Monroe is on the way out, if you know what I mean”

”Oh no, he’s definitely going to win the nomination, probably the house again”

”Oh yes I know that, but nobody in the house wants him to. He’s a liability, Patton, he’s going one way or the other, and I want to see if you would want to speed that up a little”

Both pause.

”Look, Deb, this is treason. If anyone, and I mean anyone, outside of you, me, and the guy we get to get him, finds out, we’ll be hung from the spikes at congress!”

”Thats why I need this done quick and well, if we can get this done before the election, who knows, maybe the DSS will get a, I don’t know, much larger budget maybe?”

“Deborah, I have to go, but I will call you later. This intrigues me.”

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November 16th. Vice President’s Lake Lodge. Crownsland. 

Surrounding a circular table are some of the most powerful, secretive and richest people in the nation.



Deborah Van Roose, Vice President of Delamaria

William Patton, Director of the Delamaria Security Service

Jacques Devereaux, Senator and Vice Chair of the United Party

Nathaniel Eganheimer, CEO of Keyhide Industries

Amy Tallin, Minister of Transport

Ed Walls, Chief of Staff to the Vice President

Rhys Hayfield, General of the Commonwealth Guard

“Welcome, gentlemen, lady.” Van Roose begins.

”We are all here today because we have something to gain from the ending of the Monroe Presidency. William, you’re budget has been cut again and again for years, it’s time that comes to an end. Jacques, you’ve been gunning for Party Chair for years, and Monroe is the reason you haven’t reached there yet. Nathan, your company has lost contract after contract to Monroe International. Amy, you deserve to be Foreign Minister again. Ed, you should be in Pritchett House, with me. And General, well Rhys you get one less annoying voice in your head, and maybe command of the Defence Staff. Now, I don’t blame you If you want to leave right this moment. This could lead to your head sitting on a spike in Monroe’s office, but if you want to leave, Will here is going to arrange an accident, and it will not be traced to me. Are you all on board?”

A deafening silence fills the room.

”I’ll take that as a yes, now let’s get to work”.

The next day. Office of Transport and Economic Statistical Analysis and Licensing Procedure.

”How come a department with such boring and frankly unnecessary duties, have such a big budget?” Walls says. 
“There’s no office of transport and economic blah blah, this is a DSS shop. We’ve run half of our missions from here, and the thing is, no congressional investigator has the Will or balls to cut through this much red tape.” Patton replies.

The pair enter an elevator and Patton puts in his key and heads down. The doors open to reveal a fully operating headquarters, with maps, conference tables and giant screens, directly below the Government District. In front of the doors are the Vice President, though shorter than the two, commands them to follow her.

“Okay Patton, let’s hear your plan.” Van Roose says.

”Yes Madam Vice President”

”At 2:30 PM on November 22nd, the last day of the United Party Convention, and the day before Election Day, The President, and Foreign Secretary Denby will be standing together on the podium. Inside the podium will be a small plastic explosive we planted there this morning, since we took control of the catering and planning of the convention this should be easy. Our people in the Protection Service will give the all clear to the President’s security detail. At 2:32 the President should be announcing Denby as his new running mate.”

”Monroe is ditching me?!” Van Roose shouts

”Oh yeah, sorry I thought you knew. Anyway. This is when the explosives will detonate. Killing Monroe, Denby and whoever donated the most to get the front row seats. Then you become President, you will need to invoke the emergency security act, this will need approval from congress, but it will pass since the explosion qualifies as an emergency. The act grants you to enforce curfews, detain people without reason, great stuff. You can use this to prevent people from voting the next day. You’re already behind in the polls, and it’s likely well all be out on the street come December 1st.”

”Okay, hang on I’m getting a call... Yes what is it?”

She puts down the phone.

”Monroe’s announced that Denby will be his running mate”


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  • 2 months later...

November 22nd, 2020


It is the final day of the United Party Convention in Rhodeport, and the Governor of Providence will soon be making his keynote address, introducing the President.


”Ed can ya’ turn it off?”

”No madam Vice President”

”Well why not?”

“I can’t find the remote”

”Damn it Ed. What did you forget?”

”I can’t find the remote Madam Vice President”

”Great, now I’ve got to listen to James’s kid talk about how we’re building a better tomorrow, bleauch”


“And here we are building a safer, prosperous and better future for every Delamarian!” The crowd cheers.

”Did he dye his hair?”

”No madam Vice President”

”Then how-“

”Completely replaced, I saw him last month he looked like a baby”

”Jee, you are what you eat I guess”

”Madam Vic?-“

”Don't ask, we all did weird stuff in college”


“And now let me introduce your President, and your next Vice President! Pierre Monroe and Henry Denby!” The crowd cheers.

“Thank you Governor! And thank you Rhodeport! Centuries ago settlers reached these shores and proclaimed a new nation, a nation of hope, for all of those who had given up hope on their homelands, in search of a new life. This is my vision, to make Delamaria a beacon of hope to be seen across the world, a hub for trade and technological innovations. Have no doubt, Vice President Van Roose has been a close friend of mine, and has done great work in childhood obesity and other stuff that she did. But she does not posses this same vision, she-“

The television feed cuts.

”Oh my god, did he just-“

”Yes ma’am” says Patton

”Will when did you get here?”

”I didn’t. Ma’am at this time we can’t confirm whether Monroe is dead”

“We’re getting reports of an explosion at the Convention, we don’t yet know if anyone was hurt”

“What do you mean?”

”Im just saying they could survive”

”Well they better hadn’t!”

”Yes Ma’am”



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”If you’re just joining us an explosion has taken place at the United Party Convention, we know it took place around the stage on which the President was speaking with the Foreign Secre- We can now confirm that the President was killed, no word yet on Foreign Secretary Denby, but as of this moment Deborah Van Roose is the President of Delamaria.”


An SUV surrounded by police cars speeds down the centre of Labrador. “Ma’am, we just got word. The President is down, you are now the President of the Commonwealth.”

”Jesus Christ, it’s actually happening.”

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“To protect the constitution of the commonwealth against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And to preserve the values of our forefathers, now and in perpetuity.”

”Congratulations Madam President” The judge leaves, a flock of government officials and military leaders surrounds the new President.

”Madam President I have the emergencies act here for you to sign” 

”Madam President the 1st fleet is awaiting your command”

”Madam President the DoD wants you underground”

”Madam President a plane has disappeared over Radnor”

”Madam President the DSS is on the line”

”Everyone shut it! Get Patton on the line.”

The crowd dissipates, as the new President enters her office.

”Patton are you there?”

”Yes Ma’am, we have a problem”

”Well what is it?” She says with an agitated tone.

”Some in the Service found out what we were doing, but they’ve been taken care of, no one even knew that building was ours”

”You keep this under wraps”

”Already did, in a few hours they’ll be found under a pile of rubble in Bodmonton. But there is one thing you could do that could make it a lot easier to keep our secret.”

”Oh yeah and what’s that?”



The next day.

”Madam President, Vice President Patton has arrived”

”Well send him in”

”Madam President, it feels good to call you that!” Exclaims Patton

”Yes it does, come in Will”

”Look, I have a plan for you to look over, should anything take a bad turn”

”Ok, what is this plan?” Van Roose asks curiously.

” Madam President, if you sign the Emergency Powers Act now, it will give you the powers to enforce martial law, postpone the elections, and arrest anyone deemed a threat to the stability of the Commonwealth.”

”Go on.”

”Furthermore it can suspend any treaty, act of legislation, or prison sentence”

”Prison sentence?”

”Yes, the Chairman of Kronstadt was recently arrested for selling weapons on the black market, he was one of the party’s biggest donors, and controls a few members of congress. If we can bring him back into the picture, securing your place should be a lot easier.”

”I see”

”I have the act in my briefcase here if you want to sign it.”

”Let me think about it”

The Vice President leaves the office, with a small grin on his face, the man was a calculating person, always searching for ways to increase his influence. He began as a humble private in the army, and went on to work for countless government departments until he found his true calling in the intelligence service, from which he could manipulate and control events from hundreds if not thousands of miles away. He surely calculated and planned the events that took place recently in Delamaria, months if not years ago. 



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Pritchett House 1:20 AM

In a small office at the end of a hall a phone rings. It was long after the main staff had left, and only a few workers remained in the entire complex, a lone staffer enters the office and picks up the phone. 
“What did you just say?”

He runs down the hall searching for another. “Mr Walls?”


The two jog through the empty offices until they reach the President’s.

”Madam President, we have a situation.”

”What? Ed it’s 1 in the morning, wait ‘till the sun comes up.”

”Ma’am this is important” Walls says with a concerned tone.

”Well what is it?”

”Henry Denby is alive”


”They found his body under the stage and he’s at hospital now.”

”Ok get Patton here, we’re going to have to speed up our plans.”

”Yes ma’am”

An Hour Later

”Madam President, the Vice President is here.” 

“Great send him in”

The Vice President walks briskly into the office, along with DSS agents carrying briefcases.

”There’s nothing to worry about as of yet.” The Vice President says.

One of the agents next to him cites, “Mr Denby is currently in a coma, the room is surrounded by local police and InBe, it should be hard to take him out, but the DSS has been experimenting with a few chemical agents that should be able to kill him within the next few days”

”No.” Exclaims the President.

”If he dies, and it looks like it was done professionally people are going to figure out that this wasn’t a rag-tag team of leftist separatists or whatever they are, I say let him live, he can’t really do much from his position, and I doubt anyone in the party is going to pick him over me for the nominee. I have a way of eliminating him, without blood spilled. Give me a few days, I know some people who can help.”

”Madam President, I really think you should leave it to us on this.” Says Patton

”No, Will, I want to do this my way” Van Roose responds.

”Yes Ma’am”

The next morning. Redman Memorial Hospital, Rhodeport.

“Doctor, the patient is in a stable condition, his family are still on their way back from holiday and should arrive here tomorrow at 1 PM.”

”Thank you Teresa you can head back now.”

Suddenly the monitor begins beeping wildly, as Denby begins to wake. He sits up suddenly.

”Sir, are you ok? Do you know where we are?” the nurse asks.

He falls silent, as more staff are brought in as he awakens from his coma.


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Redman Memorial Hospital, Rhodeport.

A motorcade speeds into the ambulance bay and stops briskly to allow the Presidential car an optimal point for the President to enter the building. As she leaves the vehicle, though surrounded by bodyguards each around a foot taller than herself, she gave a polite smile and a wave to the photographers and news teams covering her arrival. 

The entourage walks briskly down the corridors of the hospital, a large force, made up of security personnel, aides and government officials. As they arrive at the elevator, the group almost fights over who will accompany the President over the few seconds they will be in the elevator. As they reach the room Van Roose says;

”Don’t let anyone in, just me and him in there”

“Yes Madam President” her guard says.

She walks into the fluorescently light bedroom, to see Denby sat up on his bed reading a newspaper.

”Madam President! How nice of you to come all the way down here.”

”Well it was the least I could do Denby”

”Please call me Harry, how are things in Pritchett house?”

”Good, it’s settled. There’s something I’d like to talk to you about-“

”I’m going to have to hold you right there. I’m not going to endorse you for the nomination.”

”I’m sorry?” Van Roose asks, confused at what she had heard.

”Deborah, I don’t like you, never really had, I was supposed to be the Vice President but you took that from me, just like you took it from me this time.”

”I’m not sure what you mean, are you on any drugs or something?”

”No, I’m fine now they’re keeping me under observation. But I’ll be running as well, I’m not going to let you ruin this country like you ruined my life.”

”I’m going now.”

In silence she leaves the room.

”Ed I need a flight to Briselle ASAP.” Van Roose exclaims in a haste voice as the walk briskly down the corridor.

”Can I ask why Ma’am?” Walls replies.

”Its better if you don’t.”

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Somewhere in the Dolch sea. 6:02 AM

An old, small patrol ship drifts slowly in the calm waters. They had been waiting for hours, relaying with another vessel to escort a tanker back home. 
“Where are they? We’ve been waiting two hours now, and they’re still not here.” A young sailor asks.

“Don’t worry, there’s been some sentists spotted due west, they probably took a longer route to avoid them.” The captain replies.

”Or they were sunk” He says with a bored and annoyed tone.

”Just wait Richards, once we’re back in Hartpool we’ve got four days off.”

”Fine, Captain, I’ll go and check on Charlie.”

A few moments after he leaves, the captain notices a faint glamour of light on the horizon, he grabs his binoculars and takes a closer look. He sees the Conover Bodmonton, one of the largest tankers in the wurld, capable of transporting hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil. But it remains stationary.

”Richards come here.” The captain exclaims.

”Yes Captain?”

”I can see the Bodmonton, however it isn’t moving.” The Captain says with uncertainty.

”We may have deviated from our pick up point, they probably don’t know where we are. Should we call them on the radio?”

The captain walks along the small bridge to the radio. He picks it up and tunes it to the correct frequency.

”Attention Bodmonton, this is the DNS Carlisle, do you read me? Over.”

The radio is silent, the captain is now worried.”

”Attention Bodmonton, this is the Delamarian Navy Ship Carlisle, we have orders to escort you to Delamaria, over.”

Still no response is heard from the radio.

”Should we call this in captain?”

”No, I don’t want to ruffle Labrador for nothing. Let’s get closer, they might be having coms issues.”

”Yes Captain.”

The vessel begins moving towards the tanker, though slowly, as the captain was wary and uncertain. This was not the first time he had encountered such a problem. As the ship gets closer to the tanker they can see the bridge from their binoculars.


”Sorry Captain?”

”The bridge, no ones up there.”

”I don’t understand, I would have thought there would be someone up there at all times Captain”

”There’s supposed to be. I’m calling it in.” The captain reaches for the radio again to contact Labrador.

”Labrador this is the DNS Carlisle, over”

”What is it Carlisle? Over” The base responds.

”We are beside the Conover Bodmonton now, the vessel is stationary and there is no crew manning the bridge. Over.”

”Ok Carlisle, you can send your boat to the Bodmonton, be advised though there have been sentist incidents in your area in the past. Over.”

”Yes Labrador, I’m aware of that. We’ll send some people up now. Out.”

A few minutes later a small crew is sent on a speedboat to the Bodmonton though armed they are unexpectant of any resistance. The crew reach the ship, and prepare to board.

”Captain, we are making our way on board now. Over.”

As the captain is about to reply he notices a small spark explode from the bow of the ship.

”Petty Officer, I think I can see a sma-“

Before he can finish his sentence a giant explosion rips through the tanker, blowing out the windows on the Carlisle’s bridge, and destroying anything and anyone near the vessel. The flame ball constitutes into the sky, creating a fiery inferno visible from miles around. The Carlisle sways as waves created by the explosion ripple away from it. The captain is visibly injured as is everyone on the bridge and the deck.

”Captain! Are you ok?” Shouts Richards.

”I’m fine, leave me go and check on the guys on the deck.” The captain says, bleeding from glass.

”But sir you’ve got blood all over you.”

”Go! I’m fine it’s just a few cuts, go and help I’ll contact Labrador.”

”Yes sir” Says Richards as he runs down the stairs to the deck.

”Labrador this the Carlisle we need immediate assistance over.”

”Carlisle this is Labrador what is your situation.” The base responds with an urgent tone.

”The Bodmonton has exploded, we’ve got damage on our starboard, I don’t think our boarding crew survived, We don’t know how many injuries yet over”

”Carlisle I will contact the first fleet, they are 55 nautical miles out, over.”

As the base replies the captain sees a small black speed boat speed away into the distance.

Pritchett House. Labrador. Two hours later.

”Good Morning Madam President” says the President’s secretary as she enters her office.

“Thank you Sue, have you seen Ingram anywhere?” The President replies.

”The Secretary is in your office waiting Ma’am.”

”Oh ok.”

As she opens the door, she can sense the urgency in Ingram's presence.

”Is everything ok Carl?”

”Ma’am this morning a small patrol was attacked in the Dolch, it was supposed to be escorting an oil tanker, however the tanker exploded killing everyone around it.”

”Oh god, why didn’t anyone tell me before.” Said the President both concerned and confused.

”We originally thought this was an accident but they saw someone fleeing from the scene, now it could be pirates, Sentists, we really don’t know at this time.”

“Ok, so what do you recommend we do?”

”The Defence council meeting is scheduled for 4. General Frankford and Admiral Hayes will be there to advise of any further action.”






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