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[ACADEMY SUBMISSION] President Bernard Beaumont Reelected to Third Term

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            Following a tense election, the Red Coalition has gathered a razor-thin majority in the Parliament, thus ensuring the reelection of President Bernard Beaumont. Following some scandals that rocked the nation earlier this year, it seems that the Red Coalition may be losing hold of power in Fravina, losing many seats in Parliament, which the Blue Coalition took for themselves. 

            The 68 year-old president and leader of the Socialist Party has been highly popular throughout most of his presidency. Beaumont has strengthened ties with Fravina's foreign and domestic allies, and unified the Fravi left with reform to all sectors of Fravina. He brought back Fravina's economy from a terrible depression with reforms and the reintroduction of small-scale capitalism in small businesses across the nation. However, his record as president is not completely free of controversy. Just earlier this year, four of his cabinet ministers (Minister of Finance Louis Capet, Minister of Industry Camille Constantin, Minister of Trade Julien Demanche, and Minster of Education Tristan Gilbert) had to be arrested for abuse of power, extortion, and sexual harassment, with Bernard Beaumont's role in this scandal still pending investigation. He is also responsible for the deaths of 4 protesters in Port de Sang, following an order of his to release the military against the  protests which followed a controversial vote in Parliament.

            President Bernard Beaumont is expected to retire after this term, which sets up a difficult position for the Red Coalition in the 2025 elections, as the Blue Coalition is gaining on the Reds. The Red Coalition of the Liberal, Socialist, and Communist Parties lost a significant number of seats in Parliament this election. Of the 576 seats elected this year, the Reds won 308 and the Blues won 268, a significant loss for the Reds, who, in the 2015 elections, won 381 to the Blues' 195 seats. While political analysts didn't predict such a big upset this year, a loss in seats for the Red Coalition was to be expected.

          Such a big win for the Fravi right may affect how Beaumont runs his third administration, as he will have to compromise more than ever with his counterparts who believe in blue. Others hypothesize that Beaumont an his coalition will govern like his last 2 terms, with very little compromise amongst the Socialist and Communist Parties, with the Liberals willing to compromise and making the Red Coalition lose major votes in Parliament in the upcoming 5 years. Will this be the term that defines Beaumont's legacy, or will this just be another page in history? Only time will tell.

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