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[Academy Submission] Stats and Factbook.

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The Union of Anarchiae Magna


            Stats Information:

 - Population: Low [0], 4.42 million citizens.

 - GDP: High [3], 30,952 GDP. 

 - Land Area: Low [0], 17,999 km².


               General Information:

 - A small tropical island with a curious an exoctic history. Mostly neglected during colonial times by the metropolis, the island soon became a base for pirates and smugglers, a shelter for minorities and escaped slaves, as well as being the home of the few colonists that arrived and the natives already present. This cohabitation of different peoples created a unique culture proper to the island that remains to this day. The island's mostly flat terrain with minor mountains, as well the tropical climate, made it a prime location for cash cropping, most famous being tobacco, sugar, cocoa and dyes, and the production of luxury goods like cigars and chocolate. The financial sector is also gaining prominence and tourism has started to skyrocket recently thanks to the island pretty liberal laws combined with the unique and exotic culture and traditions as well as the beaches, making it a perfect tropical paradise.



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