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Dark Tide (Halloween 2020)

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The following is a non-canon post. If anyone wants to throw in a post for fun to show your nations horrible experience during the dark tide go for it. It's all in good fun.


October 31st 2020

The war room had been buzzing for the past several months as the conflict with the Sentists in Ceris had continued to drag on. The pressure was being felt all over the region, with Seylosian and allied military resources being stretched to their limits as the hordes of Sentist recruits flooded the battlefield. A young analyst had been hard at work in the vast converted palace ballroom, sifting through dozens of intelligence reports when he came across something he could have never expected. He stood up quickly, tablet in hand staring around somewhat frantically and made the quick walk over to his supervisor, but before he made it he saw General Pàdraig slightly in the distance. Something in him made him change course and head straight for the general instead, walking up to him and sheepishly holding up the tablet he had brought with him.


General Pàdraig turned around to the sheepish analyst behind him, “Yes Lieutenant…”

“Lieutenant Aster sir, I have something I think you really need to see.”

 “I appreciate the enthusiasm Lieutenant Aster, but I think you should follow the chain of command. Why don’t you pass this through your superior first?”

Aster shook his head, “No sir, I really believe this needs to go straight to you. Maybe even the king.”

The general stopped what he was doing looking at the lieutenant, “Alright then, give it here.”

Pàdraig took the tablet and looked at it for a bit and gave a slight chuckle, “Alright, I’ll give it to him. Let the colonel know this was pretty good.”

The analyst held his hand up and tried to stop the general, but he had already walked away with the tablet in hand.


 Aidan was sitting in the conference room alone after a particularly laborious meeting when Pàdraig walked in chuckling to himself. Aidan looked up, raising an eyebrow, “What’s got you laughing General?”

“Oh this,” Pàdraig said, handing the tablet over. Aidan took it and played the video he had watched.

“Jesus,” Aidan said, having watched the whole clip, “This was from whom again?”

“Some analyst on the floor? Wait you can’t seriously think this is real… Your Majesty?”

“I don’t know…” Aidan said looking over the screen again, “Something about it doesn’t feel faked? You know?”

Pàdraig took another glance at the imagery on the screen, “Well I suppose, for such short notice this is actually quite impressive…”


November 1st 2020

“This can’t be real.” An officer said, sitting at the large conference table in the war room.

“It is,” General Pàdraig said, “I… couldn’t believe it myself first seeing it.”

On the projection screen was something nothing short of astonishing. A recorded video from what seemed on top of a short hill overlooking a Sentist stronghold. Below, in the light of dusk, some sort of dark shadows swarmed the camp. Flashes of light erupting across the camp, slightly piercing the dark shapes before it all ended. The video continued with the darkness disappearing and what seemed like normal activity resuming in the camp. The woman filming turned the camera towards herself muttering something incomprehensible with the video quickly ending.

“This was a confirmed stream from an agent in the field near a Sentist outpost, she stopped transmitting suddenly. We thought at first… this was some sort of joke. But we’ve confirmed the loss of contact with several allied forces on the Sentist front and the loss of contact with the Third Infantry Battalion in Esnos. The entire battalion.”

Silence dominated the room, with Aidan finally breaking it asking the question that was on most people’s minds, “Has… The Speaker contacted us?”

Pàdraig nodded, “Briefly sir, he only left the message ‘We have been abandoned.’ As far as we can tell, his forces have disappeared from our lines. We’ve had scattered reports of chaos in the Sentists lines. We even have unconfirmed reports of several units in Tagmatine and ICEB territory disappearing…”

“General,” Aidan said, his voice low, “This isn’t a Halloween joke is it?”

“I… don’t know sir. But all I can tell you is that through some sort of… act. We’ve lost contact with thousands of allied troops across all fronts. And the Sentists seem to be suffering the same if not massively worse.”

Aidan took a second taking it all in, “General… order a general evacuation to the coasts. We’re facing something we can’t even identify right now. I don’t know how we can fight this.”


June 3rd 2021

The HMS Argos was traveling away from Llalta hoping to arrive at Seylos soon, to drop off their nearly five hundred passengers that had been stuffed into nearly every available piece of space on the ship. The only area on the vessel that hadn’t been filled to the brim with people was the bridge where Captain Katherine Hammond stood at the edge of the room looking out the wide windows at the sea. Nobody on Eurth had seen an eruption of this scale in centuries, and she was worried, while the Argos was traveling away from Llata, the HMS Maelstrom was trying at its best speed to make it to the island to pick up as much of the remaining population as it could.

This was just in a series of devastating losses for both Seylos and the rest of the world. Only a few months after the first reported sightings the island of Ceris had gone completely dark. Reports had spread across Argis and Alharu of entire cities falling to some sort of unknown foe. The last Hammond had heard the only nation left standing in both the east and south of Alharu was Fulgistan, throwing as much of its people against the tide as it could. Even they couldn’t truly identify what they were fighting. Seylos has been lucky, the king had ordered the navy to fall back and create a solid naval blockade between Seylos and Ceris, not before half the ground armed forces disappeared in just a month.

In the middle of his thoughts Hammond was interrupted by the sight of a deep black plume erupting from the bow. The sight consumed the entire horizon, and soon after a shockwave slammed the ship, shattering half the windows on the ship. Crewman outside grabbed their ears in dismay and the captain staggered back stunned by what he had just witnessed.

“Jesus Christ what just happened? Hail the Maelstrom!”

The communications officer stiller rubbing his ears spent a few moments trying the controls, “No response ma’am. Nothing at all, just static.”

Just then the ship moved up sharply but gently came back down. Most people would have thought nothing of it, but Captain Hammond knew what horrors this simple bump in the ocean would bring.


March 3rd 2023

You are entering a secured area. Please prepare the appropriate documentation and secure any weapons on your person in the provided containers. Entrance into the Norfolk Green Zone requires a minimum two day quarantine.

Daniel glanced up at the speaker while it continued its announcements. Looking beyond it was the pale grey sky shrouding what he presumed would be the entire world. He briefly thought back to when he first saw the ash in the sky two years ago, little did he know that it would be the all consuming reality they were all faced with. He unholstered a small handgun that he had with him and placed it in a container that was nearby. A large amount of people were crowded within the maze of chain link fences that wound its way through the check point into the city proper.

“You think we’ll be able to get it back?” a voice beside him said. He turned around and saw a young woman doing the same as him. “These were pretty useful out there.”

Daniel shrugged, “I don’t know. Can’t say we’d need them anymore right? Green zones are supposed to be safe. It’s not like I’m going back out there again… The north coast is long gone anyway. What’s there to go back to?”

He made a weak gesture back behind them, the grey landscape shrouded in a light haze. He was right of course, there wasn’t anything left to go back to. Half the vegetation on the island was long dead and the only places left to get new food were the major cities.

Before the woman could reply she was interrupted by the sound of helicopters rushing past. The procession carried on for a minute before they disappeared amongst the city lights of Norfolk.

The woman looked out towards the city before turning back to Daniel, “What do you think all that was about?”


Aidan stood at the edge of the helicopter pad with a few other officials while the helicopter touched down. It was an exciting yet somber moment as the meeting that was about to take place would decide the fate of an entire people. As the helicopter blades began to wind down the rear hatch of the helicopter opened, revealing a group of Fulgistani officers that began to file out of the aircraft.

As Aidan approached, Secretary Almas stepped out from behind the group and walked towards him. The two met shaking hands and exchanging a quick hug. “I hope the journey here wasn’t too dangerous?”

“You’re lucky Aidan, Seylos seems to be one of the few places still safe from those things. Well… mostly safe.”

“Occasionally we have attacks, but they’re small enough to put down. How long until the rest of your people make to Norfolk?”

Almas sighed, “A few more days. I’ve heard we were not able to get them all out in time. The last port fell while the transports were still being loaded.”

“You mean Fulgistan…?”

“It is gone, yes.”

Aidan stood in silence for a moment. The last of Alharu was gone now, they had scattered contact with other nations like the Gallambrians and the Tagmatines but it felt like every day the Eurth was growing smaller. “Were you able to get it all?”

Almas nodded, pointing towards larger cargo helicopters that were landing nearby. “Enough ore that can be refined to power several reactors over many years.”

“I don’t suppose I want to know how you managed to acquire so much?”

“You do not.” Almas replied, turning his gaze out to sea to the massive constructs near the docks. “Which one is ours?”

“On the farthest right, with so much of our people working on them all, the Arcs are on course to be completed soon. It’s all we have left.”

June 8th, 2025

--The following is a record of a SecureCam device. S#46623A--

A hand pulls away from the camera which appears to be located on the user’s head. It come back up briefly to adjust the image which now shows a massive loading bay. Soldiers flank the sides of the platform guiding lines of people in.

Welcome to Arc Conservator, please follow all instruction to be guided to your cabin.

-Headcamera Soldier-
You heard what’s happened to Selbourne?

The camera turns for a moment to reveal another soldier standing next to him.

-Soldier 1-
They got their Arcs out?

-Headcamera Soldier-
That’s what’s coming down from up top. I heard right as they were pushing off the whole city went dark. Not a peep from the place.

-Soldier 1-
Jesus, it’s all gone then?

-Headcamera Soldier-
Looks like. Sergeant, what’s going on?

Another man approaches from the front having just finished speaking on his radio.

Don’t say a word. Yellow Zone is gone. They’ve pulled everything back to the Arcs.

-Soldier 1-
They abandoned the Green Zone line? The whole place will get overrun-

That’s what the f*ckin Arcs are for. Just get these people in, alright?

Video continues for another twenty minutes with the user assisting in moving people people in.

Gunshots are heard in the distance with faint screams. People in the camera’s field of view begin to visibly panic. The user run up to the edge of the platform with his weapon raised. A view beyond the crowd of passengers can be seen. Unidentifiable dark figures can be barely made out in the distance.

-Headcamera Solder-
Go! Go! Get in now!

Gunfire now surrounds the user and panicked screams can be heard. The user open fire towards the shapes in the distance.

Attention all personnel, emergency departure procedures have begun. All security to action stations. Outer doors must be sealed immediately.

The heavy ramp begins to raise with people jumping on the edge to climb in. The user rushes forward to the edge and attempts to help others onto the ramp. The camera is now looking down on people below the ramp trying to climb on.

-Unidentified Female-
Grab him grab him please!

A woman and what appears to be a young teenage boy are shown in the cameras. She is trying to push the boy higher. The user’s arm is seen grasping downwards eventually grabbing the hand of the boy.

-Headcamera Soldier-
Grab my arm! My arm!

The boy grabs the user’s outstretched arm with his other hand and the user’s voice can be heard straining as he pulls the boy upward. The user falls back down the ramp into the loading bay with the boy seen pulling himself over the edge of the ramp, now mostly upright. The boy is seen staring out over the ramp. Gunfire is still heard but the previous sounds of general chaos has abruptly stopped.

-Headcamera Soldier-
f*ck my arm. You alright kid? You alright? What did you see?

Recording Ends


Log Entry June 9th, 2025 12:34 AM
His Majesty, King Aidan Redmond
--Classified Material--

We pushed off just in time. The same thing happened in Selbourne. Whatever was out there they must have finally figured out what we were up to. But the Arcs have been a success. From Norfolk we have managed to launch all five Arcs. Ten thousand Fulgistanis, ten thousand Cerisers, and thirty thousand Seylosians are on board. Another two made it from Selbourne, which makes another twenty thousand Seylosians. All in all sixty thousand people. Five years ago we used to be thirty four million.

We’ve gotten word from Galahinda that the same thing happened to them. They managed to launch an arc from Cascadia before the city fell. We don’t know about the rest of the world. We can only hope they weathered this storm.

We’ve set course for Antargis, it’s the only place left that we know for sure doesn’t have these horrors on it. We kept close contact with the Prymontians that had relocated to their arctic base, we don’t know exactly how many will be coming, but we’ve had engineers working with them for the past few years to get infrastructure ready for our arrival.

Until then, the Arcs can give us everything we need.

It can’t be only us left can it?


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