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Red Tide Haunts Fish Market


The price of most saltwater fishes have skyrocketed this October. The most notable increase occurred to the prices of tuna and sardines. According to the Federal Strategic Market Administration (FSMA), the average national prices of tuna reaches as high as 90.15 ARK per kilogram from the usual 40.6 ARK, while prices of sardines increased from 23.8 ARK to 45.85 ARK per kilogram, both the highest prices ever seen since 1994. Shrimp and crab prices have also increased from 13.35 ARK to 20.1 ARK per kilogram, while freshwater fish prices like salmon, eel, and trout saw very little to no increase in prices.


These outrageous price increases are believed to be caused by the sudden red tide that appeared in the Aruthean Sea. Jayak, a local fisherman, said that the tides appeared around one week ago, “My fishing yield has decreased by more than a half thanks to those damned tide.” he said, “Me and my friends’ fishing operations have to be suspended, since they won’t be worth the fuel to sail. We just hope that the tide will disappear soon.


Responding to the red tide, the Minister of Fisheries, Helvi Nubara, said “We are very much concerned about the red tides that occurred in the Aruthean Sea, and since fisheries is an extremely vital industry to our economy, we are doing our best to minimize the damage caused by the tides.


It is exactly unknown how these red tides appeared. The most accepted theory is that they are naturally-occuring algal blooms, caused by algae concentrated in one area following the ocean current. Though, some environmentalists argue that this algal blooms did not occur naturally, instead it might’ve been caused by industrial wastewater dumped directly into the sea. Regarding the allegation, Yiras Husera, the Minister of Environment said, “We have opened our investigation regarding the possibilities that illegal wastewater dumping might’ve caused the red tides. If yes, the company responsible for the dumping will be heavily fined and the factory that dumped the wastewater will be closed down immediately.” 


If the allegations are true, there will not be any compromise for the perpetrator”, closed him.

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