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Sky Bison News Issue 4

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Year 2020 / Issue 4

"News from the Council"

Fellow brothers of the Air Nation, last winter was a tough one but we endured it like we always did. Our closeness with the Spirits proved it is exactly what we needed to survive the winter. The summer solstice is on our way and we shall celebrate when it arrives, we must also need to prepare ourselves for when the next winter comes.


However outside our small sanctuary the world is changing yet again. Information reached us that the nation of Melztlitlaca is lacking food supplies in several of its regions. They have also been hit by a plague due to the lack of medicine in the region. 

The world needs to regain balance. We have always strived for the betterment of Eurth despite our size. That is why we ought to help the Melztlilacians at their time of need. It has always been our duty for a thousands years to aid others and help them achieve the same spirituality and lust of peace as we do.

Volunteers are to present themselves to Monk Tang at the Western Tower by the end of the week.

Keep trying to achieve balance to the world

The Council of Elders


"Annual Skybisons Festival Approaching!"

Attention to everyone, the Skybison Festival is in 4 days, prepare yourselves!

The organisers informed us that this years festival will stick to the tradition as always. Everyone is waiting for the Annual Air Glider Race. This year we shall have 50 contestants racing for the title of the Skybisons Rider. And as always after the race we shall have the Annual Spring Feast filled with all sorts of plates, from Potato Lapings to Monk Tarfu's famous onion and banana concoction! The Firework Show will be coming right up after the Feast! What a great time we shall have!

However our weatherman Monk Kelsang warned us about the upcoming Air Glider Race.

" The weather is not yet stabilised and definitely not safe for the Air Gliding Race to take place. We should cancel it just in case. " said Monk Kelsang

We shall inform you for any change of plans, but for now count down the days until the Festival and cheer up!



"What do we celebrate?"

" In 4 days we will celebrate the Skybison Festival, but we must always remember the history behind the Festival." says Guru Fung, the Grand Keeper of the Air Nomad's Temple Library and Historian of our culture."

Our folk used to be a nomadic pacifist nation that roamed around the lands of Eurth. They were coexisting peacefully with all the other nations. But then, balance stopped and wars broke out. While running from the face of war , it is said that our ancestors met the legendary skybisons. Legend says the Air Nomads followed the skybisons which lead them to the lands we inhabit now. It is said that the skybisons taught our people to love heights and to gave us the idea to build our civilisation up in high mountains, protected from the rest of the world and in peace with nature. This is said to have hapenned apporximately 10.000 years ago. Some say its just a legend, nontheless its our roots and nature. The skybisons symbolise our peoples love for heights, for freedom and peace. They also symbolise our need to roam around which we never got rid of, even today many of us travel to the whole world of Eurth and go as volunteers at other countries that need help, thats who we are.  And we shall remember the tradition and keep it for the next to come" says Guru Fung.



Skybisons wall painting, located at the Northern Tower. It is said to be 2.000 years old.


"The Weather"

Winter seems to be a thing of the past. Spring has finally come, however we still seem to witness several signs of remaining winter. Monk Kelsang can tell more.

"Winter hasn't yet left our lands, the northern mountains are still covered with snow. Temperatures shall remain low for atleast 1 more week. However after that we will propably enjoy the spring for good. Nevertheless it is still dangerous to fly with gliders, let alone participating in a race". 

That has been our weather report.


Current state of the Northern Mountains.


Advertisement Sector

Person needed for librarians position. If interested contact Guru Fung at the Temple Library



Need 2 people to help me with nuts gathering. Better to be strong enough and aware of the techniques. Contact Guru Raf at the Southern Tower.










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