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NationStates: N-Day 5: Lessons of History

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Nuclear conflict: Are there any winners? I mean, yes, there are. We have a leaderboard. But what about the 549 out of 574 Factions who failed to finish last year's N-Day with a positive score? That's a lot of nations who wound up as radioactive dust.

I think the lesson here is that for most people, nuclear war is brief and fatal. You can do your best and still wind up flattened because larger forces decided to swat you. Something to ponder. Not here, though! Here on NationStates, your citizens are only temporarily annihilated when some madman decides to extinguish millions of lives. So that's different.

Nuclear resolution begins in:

Click/tap here for your local time: @@JGConfig::time_ago(1601186400)@@

@@JGConfig::parse_nscode("https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=874170", 2)@@

Vault 41 discussion forum

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N-Day5 is over! And it was an incredibly tight battle this year, with three Factions closing things out within a nuclear whisker of each other. In the end, Augustin Alliance couldn't be stopped from marching to their third N-Day victory, beating out An Alliance of Potatoes and Ba Sing Se.

Final Leaderboard

In time-honored tradition, last year's winners, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, were everybody's favorite targets, finishing in last place with a world record-breaking amount of radiation (821,369). In fact, I believe that's 4.4 times more radiation than the previous record, which just goes to show: If a lot of people want to nuke something, it can get really nuked.

On the other hand, Ba Sing Se deserves special credit for not only finishing 3rd overall, but doing so with zero radiation.

1.Augustin Alliance287,4885,375 NationsAugustin Alliance
2.An Alliance of Potatoes284,8475,938 NationsThe Potato Alliance
3.Ba Sing Se275,8324,853 NationsThe City of Ba Sing Se
4.CRAB107,9702,979 NationsCRAB
5.Fuster Cluck Coalition44,956633 NationsNorthern Ocean
6.Second Best Test29,19425 NationsBig Farma
7.RAILGUN18,531265 NationsThe Flyin Miniverse
8.Antinosean Army8,8029 NationsAntinosean Card Farm
9.Alnobian Nuclear Defense Alliance8,2901 NationAlnobia
10.German Nuclear Force6,2365 NationsMG Puppet Storage

Global stats:

  • 475 factions were created.

  • 38693 nations joined a faction.

  • 4,359,585 nukes were targeted.

  • 3,715,752 nukes were launched.

  • 1,800,098 nukes were shot down.

  • 1,916,864 strikes occurred for 1,536,382 radiation.

And for the record, and in a confusingly slightly different format, here are Highest Scores Per Nation (with a minimum of 10 nations):

FactionRegionScoreScore Per Nation
Second Best Test Big Farma 29,194 1,167.8
Gholgoth Gholgoth 4,817 133.8
BAD Corps BAD Auxiliary 1,825 121.7
Neon Dreams Teremara 2,397 109.0
Fuster Cluck Coalition Northern Ocean 44,956 71.0
RAILGUN The Flyin Miniverse 18,531 69.9
Ba Sing Se The City of Ba Sing Se 275,832 56.8
Augustin Alliance Augustin Alliance 287,488 53.5
An Alliance of Potatoes The Potato Alliance 284,847 48.0
CRAB CRAB 107,970 36.2

Thank you for participating in N-Day5! And remember: Several people in the world today have the power to plunge us into a nuclear conflict at the press of a button. Have a nice day.

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