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Niederoestereich Siezes 113

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A notice to all nations


Niederoestereichian troops have landed under the cover of dark to claim plot sanctioned 113 in the name of the United Commonwealth.


This land will act a relay stopping point for aircraft refuelling, expanding trade with nations more abroad then our nation, serve as a new destination for population to till and reap the benefits of living in Niederoestereich. Of course if any natives are found to be in the land area, they will be treated with due respect in accordance with our constitution.

The new colony port has been named Sussex Inlet and serves as a means of bringing in material until the appropriate facilities can be constructed


If any nation has objections to our right to claim a new colony, then by all means, come to Ranke to see and hear from our politicians.


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From: Meteorola

To: Orioni

Cc: Niederoestereich

Re: Plot 113


We formally ask Orioni to drop objects to this move by Niederoestereich. Allowing the Commonwealth to expand into this area will allow tensions to difuse over the Baltirow-Woud government crumbling. It will also allow for pasification of part of the island and place less strain on the troops of Orioni and Phil IV. What is your motivation for your opposition?


Hurricane Eric



From: Meteorola

To: Niederoestereich

Re: Plot 113


We have now displayed more allegiance to you and your cause in plot 113, than is typical of Meteorola on the world stage. We would appreciate if the gesture was returned.


Hurricane Eric

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As this is reducing, by roughly a third, the area having to be contolled by both Phil IV (or V?), surely this can only be a good thing? As such, the Holy Empire would also like to know the reasons for this oppostion for what appears a legitimate expansion of territory, especially after the collapse after the old regime.


Euginius Wilson, Tagmatine Minister of Foreign Affairs

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(wow, just noticed the masses of free land around my nations area...)


Phil V officially supports the Niederoestereich expansion, since the decline of Vanarambain, there have been hoardes of refugees fleeing into our country over the boader, we will back any plan to bring these areas back into stabilisation.


If her royal highness Empress Orioni still has worries about the Niederoestereich motives, we propose that Phil V ourselves take area 112, and Orioni takes area 111, this combined expansion will bring about stability in the formally Vanarambain island, and the three way pact will ensure that we each keep each other in line.


I will takwe the central 112 section in order to be a peacemaker between the opposing and distrustful physiologis of Orioni and Niederoestereich.


I propose this, and await a response from Niederoestereich and Orioni on the matter. I will support an expansion into the island due to the unstability created and observed there by the break down of Van.

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FROM: Orioni

TO: Phil IV

SUBJECT: Expansion?



Greetings Your Royal Highness Phil V of our mighty and honorable neighbour,


We respect the message of peace coming from your nation and believe it is one of wise intent. We however must insist that this is not a matter of expansion we are trying to achieve. The main goal of our formal objection is to be sure that expansion is halted untill it is absolutely sure that Vanarambaion had ceased to exist forever. (Direct contact seems to be the best way.)


As you will probably know, the peoples of Vanarambaion and Orioni have known eachother for a relatively long time which makes our relationship one of ancient importance. And given the geographical proximity, we believe it is our honored duty to make sure that nothing goes wrong and the chaos is limited as soon as possible.


Furthermore, we would like to stress that we still have not forgotten the stance of Niederoestereich during the recent war in Tamurin. We feel it is extremely important for our national security that we do not allow the nation of Niederoestereich to expand up to front door, and kindly remind our honored neighbour of this recent incident.


With utmost respect,


The Central Orioni Government




- HRH Empress Orioni, universal sucessor

- Dr. Chandra Pristo, chairlady of the council

- General Bruiser, supreme commander of the armed forces

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We appreciate your concerns dear Orioni, but as it is, the Man Van has been inactive for a good while now. Although he may have some ulterior reason for the sudden departure and subsequant abandonment of his lands, we feel that there must be some end point to the defending of his former lands.


If you do know him as you say, maybe you can get some information on when he will be back, if he is at all. We feel that if he stays away for too long, we will be forced to move into the areas ourselves for security and to provide some form of relief and stability from the relentless flow of immigrants from the Former Van Lands.


We will give you a week to convince Van to come back, if he ever will. Due to the unwarned and the nature of his departure i cannot see him coming back any time soon, and so am preparing to move in to stabilise the region. We are still willing to let you control 111 if you feel our presence there is too much for you.

We will pull out of the occupied lands if Van ever returns, as we are only there to provide economic and political stability for the Van region as a whole, and if the Van Man ever coems back, he is elcome to retake his own lands back.

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TO: Kant, Niederoestereich

FROM: Orioni

SUBJECT: Proposal


We would like to propose a deal regarding your colonisation of area 113. We will cease our opposition if you support our initiative for the Wildlife Reserve in area 111. You needn't worry about any financial matters, we only ask that you let the animals live in peace. Maybe you could even send some komodo dragons to the area.


What do you say to this?

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From: An undisclosed location

To: The nations of Orioni and Kant

Re: A small warning


While the nation of Vanarambaion has apparently ceased to exist for the time being, and all loyal inhabitants have seemingly "disappeared," this situation may not last forever, in which case Marshal Tinsman is prepared to throw out any nations claiming sovereignty over his domain. You claim territory in that area at your own risk.




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To:The Nation of Orioni and the Nation of Niederoestereich

From:The Tribal Tribunal

Subject:Wildlife Reserve


We have heard of your noble goal to establish a massive wildlife reserve in a region of the former nation of Vanarambaion. We wish to commit a portion of our Environmental Department's resources in a multinational effort to make this project a reality.


However, our intelligence sources in the area indicate that there is a significant threat to this plan. We have agreed to offer any information we can provide pertaining to a suspected presence of former Vanarambaion military personell. We will await your reply before we will formally commit to this plan.


To the rulers of Niederoestereich, we hope that this will be one of many instances where we can come together peacefully, that our peoples will live on together in a better tomorrow.

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OOC: It seems I can't leave for long without major problems. rolleyes.gifbiggrin.gif I guess I'm back for a while.


Mid-afternoon on March 2, the old Vanarambaion information channel flickered back on for everyone in the "old" Vanarambaion territory. All of the old mechanisms of the state started functioning again, as if some switch had been flipped...except there was no government visible. There was, however, an ominous - and enormous - rumbling coming from all around the Niederoestereich and Orioni bases and establishments in "old" Vanarambaion territory.




Early that evening, a man presents himself at the front gate of the main Niederoestereich base. Asking to be let in, he was denied entrance, probably because of his peculiar uniform. Black pants with cargo pockets, a black coat with a gray stripe across the chest, and a mask similar to a ski mask, also black, along with black gloves and boots. After giving up his attempt to gain access peacefully, he declares, "I'll be back. I suggest you talk to your superiors about letting me in when I do come back." With that, he wheels and leaves (common sense - following him would be a bad idea). After he has been gone about an hour, the rumbling stops.

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Cpl. Gardiner had just denied a seedy looking man, access to one of Niederoestereichs newly formed military bases when Capt. Ansell drove up the checkpoint.

"Corporal, what did he want??

"Sir, he demanded to speak to C.O. Said he will be back and if we know what?s good for us, to allow him entry. Also said that soon enough the gods will show their mercy, just a local nutcase I think"

"Hmm, strange, reports have just come back from patrols of increased activity in the woods nearby, something is brewing, better warn H.Q of possible compromise of base security"

With that, the Captain drove at once to base H.Q. with a message to Gen. White


"Man demanding access to facility to speak with senor officers, made threats at gate of possible hostile actions if refused again, recommend increased patrols and crackdown on security and civilian contractors"


Captain Ansell DHQ




At 1543hrs, Gen, White issued NIF statements of possible base compromise, therefore to increase armed patrols around establishments. Shortly after, a coded message was sent to Field Marshal Hennessy in Ranke


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At 0800 hours exactly, the man returns to the front gate. None of the patrols picked him up, he just walked up to the gate. The guards seem surprised at this. The man does not. "You should send those patrols out further. They're doing no good there. But I suppose if you went out that far, they probably wouldn't be heard from again. Oh well." With this, he pulls off his mask. It's an older looking man, with a scar across his jaw line. "I'm General Van Helsing, father of Marshal Tinsman, and former Emperor of the country of Vanarambaion. You are in violation of international law by impeding on sovereign Vanarambaion territory. I demand an audience with your CO."




At exactly the same time in the city of Thule, there is a huge commotion. The Emperor Tinsman is seen driving down the streets in a tank, with full flying column of tanks in tow. As he raises his hands in th victory sign, the crowds gathering to see the commotion go wild. Apparently Vanarambaion is back. The Emperor enters his old estate, and the column takes up defensive positions around the city as more troops arrive hourly.

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"Let him, but keep under close guard. If he even lifts his hands to scratch his face.... well u know, take him straight to General White" With that, Gen. Van Helsing, was loaded into the back of the Landrover.



Meanwhile on the outskirts of Thule, a voice transmission from Pvt. Edwards was received at staff HQ.


"...I repeat...tank column proceeding down main street, troops moving east towards abandoned estate...over"

"Private, how would you rate the situation"

"... Tensions rising...possible coup d'etat from extremist groups on our hands... advise reinforcements to quell disturbance"

"Understood, look for them in 3hours approaching from the north west"


As the transcript was handed to General White, a landrover pulled up outside.


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To: Vanarambaion

From: The S.S.S.S.

Re: Helsing


Dear trusted ally, we must warn you that you are dealing with a man that would sent out children if he thought it would win him a war. He is very war hungry and almost feeds off of violence. We are your ally and are fiercly loyal to our allies and would fight side by side if need be but we must advise extream cation when dealing with this man. Do not take his word for anything, he is only interested in his own gains and would rather kill you than make you a deal. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.



President Pot

of the Mighty S.S.S.S.

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