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Kingdom of Koku

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biggrin.gif Greetings All Head of Europa Nations,

It is our pleasure to join Europa. We are tiny-2day nation that has just settled in this prosper region. Tiny as we are, but yet so proud of our peaceful society, yet strong economy.

Although we are striving amidst industrial revolution, we nurture green parts of our country. Our scientists are working on DNA codes of Elephant, our preserved specie animal. So, I, Koku, am both the King and the elephant sitter..

We are learning what's best for our national potitics/economic, and would like to be a part of the success of Europa.

We are also a new member of the United Nations and is looking forward to be politically active. Telegrams and endorsements are appreciated.



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Top Posters In This Topic

laugh.gif Many thanks to you all ; Byzantium Nova, Tagmatium_Rules, enchantress, Haken, Senator Gaius, Meteorola, Europa, and Kant..and others who are writing wellcome note. I am about to get a space on Europa map now!! rolleyes.gif

Whoever "Cheesefish" is, I am alert now! Again, thank you so much for a warm wellcome and do telegram me whenever you think I can be of some help.. or even just a chat.

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Many thanks for all wellcomers!! laugh.gif

Phil V, thanks for apple and sultana... really get my appetite!!!

Thank you to Tamurin, and you have a good time too.

Any friends and neighbor, please feel free to telegram me at any time.

Your comments and issues got my interests! Im not a chat personality, but really like exchanging ideas on legislative policies, and also the strange/challenge issues facing one's nation. Appreciate your friendship extended.. all of you!

Koku - the King, and the elephant sitter. biggrin.gif

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blink.gif Hi there, Phil IV and Orioni...

I'm not a soccer fan.. sad.gif But I watch some big match, like World match.

I like Brazilian style.. cool! lol

I'm more of a gamer...

My true kingdom is the Kingdom of Thailand... i'm a Bangkokian (not Phuket, safe from Tsunami..)


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You are most welcome Koku. I wondered if you liked soccer/football (winks at Phil) because I know an international player with almost the same name like that: Cocu.

Anyway, it's nice to see someone from Thailand around here. smile.gif We are a friendly bunch, just beware of the smurfs.

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