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Metztlican Teopan of Foreign Affairs

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As a binding addendum and amendment to the suggested cooperation agreement the Zero Circle, under the advisement to the Throne and my authority of as Advocate of the Empress, so the Sovereign Imperium shall agree to the offer thus sent by the Standing Committee and the high council of the Teopan of Culture and Religious Life.

In honor of our deal to be made, the Sovereign Imperium shall thus consider no territory of the Metztlitlacan people to be of a concern or an area of territorial expansion. In the concern of aiding military growth via joint training and the proliferation of technologies, this also has been approved as a boon towards the trade relationship that will blossom, even in a carefully cultivated garden hidden from view for the time being.

We advise that such trade be sent to North Korninon, so as to disguise said shipments destination and so forth. It is a multi-national port, and trade does come to it from elsewhere. A controlled environment such as it is, and newly annexed territory nearby, it's an easy path to the homelands for such. A front company would do well to setup there. 

Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos
House Vlos
Senior Councilor
Advocate of the Empress
Senior Minister of the Zero Circle
[Haru Intelligence Security Services]

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