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Eurth's Annual 2020: A Tale of Two Cities

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Yes, I know: December is still a loooong way off. But with the first half of 2020 over, it would seem like a good time to start collecting nominations.

We don't always remember in December what was written in January.

So why not use the Summer lull to open up the discussion. No need to share your complete list. You can always amend it later in the year.


Nominations are open up the community. You can nominate more than once. This is an opportunity to tell everyone about that great story you wrote that went unnoticed. Are you feeling low on nomination inspiration? Have a look at the topics in "Our picks". Here are the categories we'll re-use. When nominating you can use the numbers as reference.

  1. [Pax Eurthica] Which nation is the most peace-loving nation in the region?
  2. [Big Stick Dick] Which nation do you think is likely to declare war on you at the drop of a pin?
  3. [The Pushitzer Prize] Which news agency have you found to be the most realistic?
  4. [Bron Urgundy Award] Which news agency do you get the most giggles out of?
  5. [Fully-Diplomatic] Which well-written diplomatic event do you think has made a significant impression on the world?
  6. [Business Cat] Which well-written event or series of events do you think has been the most significant in global trade?
  7. [Moving the Goalpost] Which well-written cultural or sports event do you think has been the most entertaining?
  8. [Leading the Green Scene] Which event or resolution do you think has had the best results for our environment?
  9. [Ms/Mr Congeniality] Which RP character do you find to be the most likeable?
  10. [Lex Loathor] Which RP character do you like the least?
  11. [Notable N00b] Which member that joined in 2019 deserves our special recognition?

Do you have an great idea for a 12th category? We'd love to hear it!

Previous editions


The actual deadline is sometime in December.

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  1. [Pax Eurthica] Abstain - just can't think of any.
  2. [Big Stick Dick] 2020 is filled with firsts or unconventional inflicting of pain and as such I feel my nomination ought to go to The Sentists of Ceris. They take no issue in laying waste to get their way in Ceris.
  3. [The Pushitzer Prize] Abstain - just can't think of any.
  4. [Bron Urgundy Award] Abstain - just can't think of any.
  5. [Fully-Diplomatic] Aroman Holiday gets my vote.
  6. [Business Cat] Abstain - just can't think of any.
  7. [Moving the Goalpost] Abstain - just can't think of any.
  8. [Leading the Green Scene] I can't really think of anything green other than The Third Antargic Council.
  9. [Ms/Mr Congeniality] When it comes to these polls, usually its an RP character of great importance or power. With my nomination and in the spirit of 2020 (for better or worse) I would like to nominate Galahinda's Ambassador to Tagmatium, Vyktoria Parker. Not exactly the highest up on the totem poll but someone all around that you can relate to and has a seemingly level head.
  10. [Lex Loathor] We all know who we want to nominate so I will get it out of the way now so we can look at others: Yiu Amastacia. They really be out here looking for a fight where we don't need one smh.
  11. [Notable N00b] This category is always a difficult one merely because there are always some great new people that we bring in here. Put a gun to my head, but please don't pull the trigger so I'm not dead, it would have to be Esonya. They have done a wonderful job building themselves out and once I get my act together is someone I hope to interact with in collaboration IC and OOC. I think in nominating them, it is also worth noting that Anatea, Grenesia, and Yeosan stick out in my mind and worthy of consideration.
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“Pax Eurthica”
2020 has certainly been quite the dramatic year for Eurth, most peaceful I would actually give to Andalla for attempting to connect the many nations of Eurth together. Whether or not it’ll succeed in the end… Well, I hope it does.


“Big Dick Stick”
Gallambria, the eternal wooden paddle that’ll stop LAANN from doing anything too devious.


“The Pushitzer Prize”
A suddenly new contender has arrived within the past week, being Theaca with their shockingly realistic News Blog academy post. Can an academy nation be nominated? I dunno.


“Bron Urgundy Award”
Oddly enough, Tagmatium’s Announcements of Arhomaneia. Probably because this has been the only newspaper to get a chuckle out of me, as one of very few newspaper threads that were active this year.


Aroman Holiday takes the cake and ran with it. But Orioni’s attempts at ̶e̶x̶p̶a̶n̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶i̶n̶f̶l̶u̶e̶n̶c̶e̶ growth of the EOS should not be forgotten.


“Business Cat”
Grenesia, for their incredibly well made fake desktops for their Voda Operating Systems.


“Moving the Goalpost“
Don’t think there has been any sport this year, sad.


"Leading the Green Scene"
Going to have to agree with Oyus and go with the Third Antargic Council


"Ms/Mr Congeniality"
The man, the myth, the legend, the collar-wearing sub, Kommodos III.


"Lex Loathor"
Yiu Amastacia may be one of my most favourite characters on Eurth, but in the wise words of Oyus: "They really be out here looking for a fight where we don't need one smh.". Tbh "Lex Loather" should really be the character we "love to hate" or "hate to love". "Like the least" feels like an anti-award.


"Notable N00b"
Esonya. Has anyone else actually passed the academy this year?

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“Pax Eurthica”: Andalla is doing their best to avoid an international war, unlike some people.

Big Dick Stick: As much as it would be in character for us to throw tagmatium under the bus for the conflict in ceris, there’s nobody that truly stands out for this award beyond the sentist forces

Pushitzer Prize: I don’t read much of the news unless I’m in it ( :

Bron Urgundy: see above

Fully Diplomatic: The fantastic bit of diplomacy that is ahroman holiday has already been nominated.

Business cat: unfortunately I didn’t get to my goal of a full scale corporate conflict this year, but we set the scene with the introduction of DAUFA. 

Moving the goalposts: unfortunately there were no physical sports this year, but the mental gymnastics and 4d chess games don’t really count either, so i’ll have to skip this one.

Leading the Green Scene: The climate gang’s work within the climate map department meant that a considerable number of nations were more lush with greenery, and the tectonic plate map meant that galahinda gets to utilize geothermal power, reducing emissions across the board!

Mx congeniality: Our nations favorite punching bag, Kommodos III. Who easily could have glassed Cascadia if he really wanted to.

Lex Loather: Yiu A. lready know who it is! Yiu Amistacia, because every story needs a good (and sexy) villain ; )

Notable N00b: The academy has seen plenty of new and interesting concepts, but my personal favorite is whichever nation actually passed. I genuinely cannot think of a nation that has. 

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