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National Citizen Aptitude To Galahinda

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Greetings fellow members of Eurth! As we all know Galahinda is a nation like no other, and as such visiting may be quite the culture shock for the average tourist of your nation. In order to combat the worrying number of visitors experiencing Cascadia Snydrome, we have developed a completely accurate, algorithm based survey that utilizes machine learning, Vibe Checks™, Voight-Kampff data analysis, and predictive equations in order to determine how likely it is one of your nation's citizens would experience symptoms. After completing this survey the National Board For Galahindan Tourism will provide your results within 24 hours*

The form can be found here:https://forms.gle/1FUsEYQYcUutTVxS8 

Symptoms of Cascadia Syndrome include (but are not limited to):
Anxiety, fatigue, depression, pearl clutching, vague sense of dread, extremely specific sense of dread, nausea, heartburn, overstimulation, hyperstimulation, blood clotting, ringing ears, sore eyes, headaches, and abject terror. If you or a loved one has experienced one or more of these symptoms within an hour of arriving to Galahinda, immediately report to your nation's nearest foreign embassy. Galahinda is not liable for any missed events, vague sense of ennui, or general boring personality that may result from leaving Galahinda. Ask your doctor and local government if Galahinda is right for you. Response times may vary. 

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