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National Citizen Aptitude To Galahinda

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Greetings fellow members of Eurth! As we all know Galahinda is a nation like no other, and as such visiting may be quite the culture shock for the average tourist of your nation. In order to combat the worrying number of visitors experiencing Cascadia Snydrome, we have developed a completely accurate, algorithm based survey that utilizes machine learning, Vibe Checks™, Voight-Kampff data analysis, and predictive equations in order to determine how likely it is one of your nation's citizens would experience symptoms. After completing this survey the National Board For Galahindan Tourism will provide your results within 24 hours*

The form can be found here:https://forms.gle/1FUsEYQYcUutTVxS8 

Symptoms of Cascadia Syndrome include (but are not limited to):
Anxiety, fatigue, depression, pearl clutching, vague sense of dread, extremely specific sense of dread, nausea, heartburn, overstimulation, hyperstimulation, blood clotting, ringing ears, sore eyes, headaches, and abject terror. If you or a loved one has experienced one or more of these symptoms within an hour of arriving to Galahinda, immediately report to your nation's nearest foreign embassy. Galahinda is not liable for any missed events, vague sense of ennui, or general boring personality that may result from leaving Galahinda. Ask your doctor and local government if Galahinda is right for you. Response times may vary. 

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    • By Costa Madora
      Hello, people of Eurth,
      After all the questions I got on my Q&A, I've decided to switch it around and ask you questions.
      There is a survey located here, which has been prepared for everyone to answer.
      Should I answer it?
      You don't have to participate, but it would be great if you did.
      What is it about?
      It begins with you listing your nation's name, the title and name of your HoS and HoG and other basic info. Along the lines, we also have other information you may list.
      Adiós and good luck,
      Republika Kosta Madora
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      Hit or Miss: Rhava addition
      *Isabel Smith is a famous vlogger from Europa, who has over 4 million subscribers. Previously she has visited countries in Argis, and this trip will be her first trip to Alharu.*
      Hey Vlog, its me Isabel. Today, we will be travelling to what is called the crown jewel of the Eastern Alharun islands, Rhava. At 6:30 am I arrived at my airline at the airport. The flight in question was a straight flight across the Adlantic on Sakura Air, the official airline of Rhava. I will be flying business class, and so I was immediately brought to the airline lounge. The lounge was spectacular. Each chair was cushioned and could recline, and you had a straight view of the runway. While I was there I snacked on some cheese, and edited my travel plans. Then my flight was called and we headed to the gate, me grabbing a couple cheeses for the flight lol. When I arrived on the plane the polite people showed me to my seat, which was curtained off from the rest of plane. I stowed my luggage in the carry on and preceded to raid the seat compartments. I found some slippers, a blanket, and a eye mask. I was rather disappointed when I turned on the tv and all that came up were R-Dramas in Nhai, so I spent most of the flight trying to sleep, and boy was it easy. When we were about halfway through the flight the flight attendant came and gave me some champagne fresh from the central region, and I think what they said was called Nem Nuong. The pink meat on the stick was to die for, the sweetness and the texture were wonderful. However, as we entered Rhavanese airspace I felt a bit woozy because apparently Rhava was going through a hectic month with deadly hurricanes. There was a lot of turbulence. Now, you may be asking where was I planning on landing. My flight was to Lãng Ri Sumat INT airport in Chow Chó. I chose this city because I decided to start from the south, and drive up north. Then, on my flight back I would stop in Mandura City, and the fly home. The flight into the city was reasonably clear, and as I looked out the window I watched as the city grow before me. The thrill I felt as the plane passed over all the little towns surrounded by mountains, before landing next to the glistening waters of the Jaang River. I grabbed my carry ons and we were shepherded to the front of the plane, where we walked into the airport. The airport was a lot cleaner then most places in Europa, and I was happy to see all the people getting off the plane in aw. I quickly went through customs and then left the airport. The sweltering heat was a lot to handle, my god it was hot. 35 celcius, wow. The Rhavanese summer is wonderfully hot. One of the things I was able to check off immediately on my checklist of things to do was ride a tuk tuk, though it was not as wonderful as I thought it was. The tuk tuk driver was not the kindest person saying I was too heavy and that I needed to pay extra. And we waited in 30 degree weather in traffic, while I inhaled exhaust. On top of that the driver dropped me off a block away from the hotel, and I had to walk the rest of the way. Not cool man. I walked to the Anatamin hotel myself, and the people there were very nice. They helped me to the room, and asked if I needed anything. Anyways, after I got settled I went to the Concierge to ask for places to go for dinner. The Concierge recommended this famous restaurant called Rhava Citron, and it was extraordinary. They had this huge bowl of simmering Phở Đặc Biệt, and these traditional spring rolls made with rice paper called Chả Giò. They also had this tradition southern desert called Jê Múng, directly translating to jelly paste. It was a group of multicolored gelatinous cubes flavored passionfruit-mango, rasberry-lime, and kiwi-guava. They were to die for, they were very easy to eat, tasted wonderful, and were cold, which was good for the heat that had only slightly gotten less humid. I also met up with my friend Qui, and me and him talked for a while, then I decided it was time to go home. This time I just called a taxi and drove home. I ended up going to sleep watching the lights turn on in the city. 
      To Be Continued...
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      The Complete Cashar Tourism Package

      In today's hard-working, nose to the grindstone world, you need a place where you can truly relax and be you. And not just you but the best you possible. Eating the finest foods and drinking the finest drinks, staying at the finest resorts, wearing fine clothes, seeing the wonders of the world, and living the life you want to live. Enrich your life with a cultural experience and education like none other. Experience the exotic. Come to Cashar.

      The Alkmirt Caverns - Step into ancient history. The Alkmirt Caverns boasts some of the most interesting and dramatic cave paintings drawn by our earliest ancestors! 

      The Tree of Stones - Behold the twenty-two feet high Tree of Stones - this painted megalithic structure served as an ancient Ketek culture worship site which is still regarded as holy by our own community of Tabrodists today.

      The Ruins of Kridshar - Come see where the mighty ancient capital of the Amir Empire once stood. Rikkes Academy is in the process of restoration. The Kridshar Stadium has been restored to its former glory. If you sign up for the premium package, we'll even schedule you in to see the mock gladiator fights!

      The Zefaire Zoo - Want to see the exotic wildlife of Cashar but it's too hot to go on safari? Come see the animals at Zefaire Zoo. We boast an abundance of wildlife in their natural habitats - camels, elephants, lions, oh my! See Cashar's national animal - the desert magpie pull a few thieving tricks! Naughty, naughty! Are you a premium package member? Desert magpie isn't just our nation's animal; it's our nation's delicacy! For a simple, no extra-fees added, one-time price, you can eat any of the animals you see at our zoo! Or if that doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps you'd like to take one home with you? Haven't you always wanted a pet lion?

      Malmega City Tour - Enjoy our country's tallest and prettiest skyline. Take in those city lights while you go clubbing and living it up on our nightlife scene. Shop till you drop at Malmega Mega Mall, the largest mall our country has to offer. It comes with our country's biggest water slide, shop alongside our guest Zefaire Zoo animal, adorn yourself in Cashari jewelry and the latest Cashari fashions. 

      Yednisvo World Park - Dawn your Fancy Feathers' crest cap and enjoy a weeklong vacation in Yednisvo World Park - the most joyous wonderland on Eurth! Meet all the Yednisvo characters you've come to love: take pictures with Yednisvo royalty, shake wings with Fancy Feathers and the gang, get fun prizes at our games, ride the rides, and eat fun Yednisvo-themed food to your heart's content! Premium package members will get to be entered into a raffle to stay at the Yednisvo Palace instead of the Happy Hotels! 
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