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Extending the hand of friendship across the Ocean

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FROM: Diplomatic outreach, EOS Headquarters, Deseti island, Orioni


  • Mrs Yumi Kochi, Ministery of foreign relations, Esonyaveli, Serene Kingdom of @Esonice
  • Foreign relations department, Xincheng, Holy State of @Heiheguo
  • Ministère des Affaires étrangères, Auvergne, Federal Republic of @Acadia
  • Secretariat of foreign affairs, Aulon, Confederal Republic of @Little Flau
  • Diplomatic sorority, Arrakeen, Theocracy of @Kaitaine
  • Mr Marco Luti, Secretariat of foreign affairs, Maurotopia, Most Serene Republic of @Mauridiviah
  • Chief of Foreign Affairs, Wanaveraʻa, Monarchy of @Selayar

Esteemed representative of your proud nation,

For more than 14 years, the Entente of Oriental States has paved the way towards economic, scientific and security. cooperation. Great progress has been achieved in the interest of a long-lasting peace, protecting sovereignty and furthering good relations between neighbours.

I am honoured to extend the hand of friendship, and would like to humbly invite you to join the Entente as member state. As a nation bordering the great and vast Oriental Ocean, you are already entitled to take up a position of observer status.

Please take your time to debate and consider this formal invitation. We look forward to your reply.


Mr Tobiya Wayanor

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To:  Diplomatic outreach, EOS Headquarters, Deseti island, @Orioni

From: Yumi Kochi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Serene Kingdom of Esonice


On the behalf of the people of Esonice and his grand serenity, Serene Prince Sanomi. We are glad to announce that we are indeed interested in accepting the invitation of becoming a member given to our nation to join the Entente of Oriental States (EOS). Many of us believe it will be not only to our great benefit - but also to the benefit of fellow member nations of the EOS.

We are hoping; if the EOS does accept the Esonian nation into its family; it will create many new economic opportunities for fellow members and Esonice to invest, help develop and grow each other's nations and allow the people from across the EOS to reap the benefits of the alliance bringing Esonice in. And also allow a greater understanding of each of our cultures - allowing for cultural exchange and a taste of what other cultures have to offer to each other. We are greatly hoping that Esonice will be able to bring a plethora of our brightest minds to the table, to accelerate scientific advancement in the alliance as well. 

We are also positive that our neighbourhood in our part of the wurld will be more connected with each other, allowing for friendly relations and cooperation among other diplomatic opportunities. 


Esonians welcome the EOS with open arms to its doors. And we wish all the best for the future following this historic occasion. 


Yours sincerely, minister Yumi Kochi of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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To: Diplomatic Outreach, EOS Headquarters, Deseti Island, @Orioni

From: Secretary of State, Marco Luti


On behalf of the people of Mauridiviah, we thank the member nations of the Entente of Oriental States for extending us such a gracious invitation and shall take it into consideration promptly. President Polo has used his constitutional authority to put the matter up to a referendum because of economic concerns, and as a result we will not be able to reply to the invitation at this time. Our official response should arrive by the end of August, as the tentative date for the vote is set at August 14th. We have that if the outcome is in the negative, the nations of EOS will continue to have amicable relations with us, and we further hope that if the result is in the affirmative, the nations of EOS will welcome us with open arms.

I will continue to keep you apprised of the situation.



Marco Luti, Secretary of State

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(Backdated to July 2nd, 2020)

To: Yumi Kochi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Serene Kingdom of Esonice

From: Mr Tobiya Wayanor, Diplomatic outreach, EOS Headquarters, Deseti island, Orioni

Greetings esteemed Mrs Kochi.

Your answer to the previous proposal has been received most positively within the Entente. For many years it has been the goal to bring peace to both sides of the Oriental Ocean. At least, it seems this is almost becoming possible.

Moving forward, we would like to outline the agenda to proceed. Right and charges are outlined in the Charter of the Entente of Oriental States of which you will receive a complete copy. To begin, please dispatch a permanent representative to participate in the organisation's activities.

With Kind regards,

Mr Tobiya Wayanor

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To: Diplomatic Outreach, EOS Headquarters, Deseti Island, @Orioni

From: Heptuin Neber, Chairman of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Hemahat

On behalf of the Hemahatik State and her people, We are greatly pleased to hear of your invitation. We would be glad to accept and hope the other members of the Entente of Oriental States accept us into their organization.

President Heptuin Aymed has gotten the approval of the Ayadad to apply as a full member, accepting all sections within the Charter of the Entente of Oriental States. It is agreed that our acceptance into the EOS will provide great economic and diplomatic opportunities for all parties involved. We also are thrilled at the prospect of cultural interactions with the EOS member states, as our fellow Orientals [sic] are a diverse pallet of cultures, and our exchange of cultures could help to bring about a greater understanding of the wurld. 

We hope that the EOS will accept us as a full and equal member of their organization. 


Heptuin Neber, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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TO: Tobiya Wayanor (Mr.)
Diplomatic Outreach,
EOS Headquarters,
Deseti Island, @Orioni

FROM: Luís Tomás da Costa (Mr.)
Minister of Exterior,
Plaza Portalegre, Sintra
Feluguese Republic

Dear Mr. Wayanor,

Ref: Mutual Friendship Foreign Relations: EOS & Feluguese Republic

As representative of the Feluguese government, we are pleased to convey Cortes Gerais' voice that the Feluguese wishes to become a full member of EOS.

We believe that the charter of EOS is indeed in line with our foreign policy.

We are in great hope that if the EOS does accept the Feluguese into its family; not only it would establish economic opportunities for other state members within the alliance, but also strengthen diplomatic relations, defense and resilience of the sovereign state. In addition, we would broadly expand the aspect of education and research, technology and culture for better, healthy and harmonious wurld.

Should in the near future a letter of approval for the acceptance of EOS full members is issued, a decree from the President of the Feluguese Republic will be immediately issued and officially signed for engagement and links with the Charter of EOS


Yours sincerely,

Luís Tomás da Costa
Minister of Exterior
Feluguese Republic

(Cortes Gerais: the legislature in the Feluguese Republic, similar level to National Assembly or Parliament)

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