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    • By Metztlitlaca
      Part 1: The Collective Intent
      Time Period: Sunday, 25th of August, 1974
      Location: The South Palu Confederation, Altepetl Tecipanoāni, Teopac of Collective Intent
      It had been over forty years since the monarchies reigned over southern Palu without checks or balances, and thirty nine years since the rise of the South Palu Confederation. When Fulgistan and Shffahkia first caused the destabilisation of the Monarchs of the Crescent Kingdom, it was quite clear they had hoped for the complete abolishment of the monarchy and for a true socialist state to be propped up. Although first several months of socialism in southern Palu had been promising, the red monarchist counter coup in 1934 had left everyone both in the government and out with an unsatisfying and unstable compromise; both monarchists and socialists had to share the nation, whilst in most countries that would only lead to a civil war, the commune-feudalist ideology of the monarchists before the socialist revolution was compatible with Syndicalist Fulgistani Communism framework, leading to Paluvian Communism, the genesis of Metztlitlaca's modern day state-capitalist model of economics.
      However, all of that is a story for another time. This story is instead about the formation of the League of Alharu and Aurelian Native Nations from 1974-1981.
      The room was immense, a large hexagon prism shape with six different imposing paintings on each of the white concrete walls. The oldest of the paintings, above a set of large wooden doors, was dated to the 1500s. A Yellow Empire merchant's depiction of the very temple the room was found inside, a crimson red and basalt black brick hexagon-based pyramid with geometric designs and patterns with three large sets of stars at equal distance intervals around the hexagons base. Suddenly, the door underneath the painting rumbled, followed shortly by a man in his mid thirties bursting through the doors. A much younger man around early to mid twenties trailed behind the man, holding a reddish brown paper folder.
      "Archpriest Anoxtl, you must understand that Fulgistan has a complex relationship with monar--" But before the younger man could finish his sentence, the older man raised his left hand, causing the younger man to immediately fall silent.
      "That was the case under Bozaan and Tunyaz, but Tongbin has shown himself to be a more rational and open minded individual to our government." The older man stated, continuing his walk further into the room. To his left was a large desk with numerous finely placed stacks of papers and other reddish brown paper folders. To his right, a large bed and lamp side with several books stacked neatly on top of one another.
      "Tongbin has been in power for less then two years, it would be wise to show our hands now rather then in the future, when he may be less... Malleable." The older man continued, finishing his walk to the opposite end of the room, staring up at another large painting opposite to the one above the doors. The painting was the newest, only a couple decades old, and was of the previous Archpriest. The previous Archpriest, if the painting was accurate, had a large jet-black curly beard, unusual in Aslo society, with salt and pepper hair trimmed short and possessed piercing green eyes. Anoxtl couldn't be further from his predecessor: a dull beardless face with dull brown eyes and dull black hair done up into cornrows and a dull ponytail. Although Anoxtl's predecessor was twice his age when the painting was done, his scowl and determined outlook remained powerful and imposing even when done up in brush and paint. The younger man finally caught up with the older man, glancing upwards at the painting before averting his gaze quickly to Anoxtl.
      "Archpriest, I am unsure if talking about our long standing ally like that is bene--" Once again, before the younger man could finish his sentence, Anoxtl lifted his left hand up again, causing the younger man to go silent.
      "Fulgistan is only a long standing ally to the Teopac of Collective Intent. O’zennuewauh was a long standing ally to myself, my predecessor, and to the soul of our nation." The old man specified, continuing to look up to the previous Archpriest's painting. "Sadly," He said, "The government of '33 had the soul of O’zennuewauh buried in a unmarked ditch in God knows where, so Fulgistan is a close second."
      The younger man squirmed uncomfortably.
      "But what was done was done and we cannot change history, Fulgistan has been great aid and a great ally to us and our civilisation since." Anoxtl stated, a twisting smirk plastered on his face. "You may tell the Teopac of Collective Intent that my desire to visit Fulgistan has not wavered, despite your best efforts, and that my cabinet and I will be coming to the meeting on Wednesday to finalise who will be going to Fulgistan." Anoxtl declared.
      "Yes Archpriest." The younger man stated, saying no more and hastily making his way out of the room, making sure to close the doors but also not let them slam as he left. Once Anoxtl was sure he was alone, he quietly trudged from the painting to his large desk, pulling out a half empty bottle of Kohlca Sweet Cactus Wine and poured himself a half-pint glass of the stuff, quickly downing the whole thing in only a couple chugs and finishing off with a sigh.
      "I swear, at this current degradation of the state, this country won't last another thirty years." He muttered to himself, shaking his head and taking a seat at the desk as he began to read through a document he snatched from the top of one of his many neatly organised stacks.
      "And God I hope the wine and stress will send me to Koyoxāwauh before then..."
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