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[IDEA] Piracy in the 4 Seas

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The Blue Flags pirate fleet has grown notorious victimizing cargo and passenger vessels operating in the Verde, Sakspati, Mediargic and Ygros Seas. Affected nations must unite to end this international maritime menace once and for all. We can do this by finding their secret pirate bases and destroying/capturing them.

we can then do whatever we please with the captured pirate bases.

I envision that we can have the structure as follows: 
1. Prologue - participants write up about the problem generating tension and creating cause

2. Act 1 - Establish Joint Op and survey the pirates

3. Act 2 - joint op goes bad

4. Act 3 - Redemption

5. Epilogue - what happened to the piracy and the bases captured

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A good int'l roleplay idea!  @Limonaia@Iverica, @Girkmand are the nearest nations who have the most motive in this.  Countries like me, who are engaged in heavy trade in the area, would also be motivated to contribute at least a little - the only one I definitely know who is like this is @Tagmatium Rules, but there are certainly more.

Although saying that, the latter group would probably just reap the benefits that you sow... so perhaps this is just a local effort.

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There would be very close interest here. Its literally in the mission statement on the Armada's wiki. 

Given the real economic danger of pirate presence: bad insurance climate affecting trading companies, suspension of freight, slowed transits whenever a military conducts extensive counter-priacy... Iverica would have reason to be in on this :)

Its convenient that we already have the Saksapti in a regular course of patrol :P


Eager to hear out how we can initiate this.

One point of consideration that might help planning:

  1. Since there would logically be a lot of economic interest in the area, patrols might be regular, or at least semi-regular.
  2. Therefore the pirates would have to find some opportunity to conduct ops efficiently to whatever end they set. Spitballing some possibilities:
    1. They have tacit sheltering from an NPC organisation (either private or a NPC state)
    2. Their bases are very remote and they therefore only prey on the peripheries or close-to-shore zones of the seas.
  3. If they're organised; they'd need a strong cause or financier putting them up to it. If they are not organised (like Somali skiff gangs), then they lack competence and proper equipment (meaning that they are effectively skinnies on skiffs with AKs and RPGs)
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I've planned to claim the land south of the Prymontian Rus shortly for the Canamo Canal so that would make me an interested party in this. I was going to say that due to other RP activities I didn't really want to get involved since I'd be too busy to dedicate some time to it, but then a certain @Iverica said this

47 minutes ago, Iverica said:

They have tacit sheltering from an NPC organisation (either private or a NPC state)

I'd be interested in getting involved in the capacity of the pirates being sheltered in the Prymontian Rus. It's already a dodgy country and that only adds to the questionable antics. Perhaps the pirates could find a safe haven in the Prymontian Rus as long as the government receives a share of the stolen goods. Of course, any involvement would be denied by the government but it allows the angle of a bad guy in the RP, which I'm happy to assume.

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