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Esonya Weekly Tales

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Esonya Weekly Tales; or EWT for short is Esonice's number public news broadcaster and number one best selling news source and by far the most trusted and read across all the Serene Kingdom. EWT also owns many TV and public broadcasting channels in Esonice; all of which are only available in Esonice (as of currently). Some examples are - EWT News which is on all TVs that are found within the nation. And Kid Tales or Ikotairu which is an educational kids cartoons channel that regularly shows learning programs and shows, and also cartoons from Esonice’s animation industry which are considered child-friendly by Esonian standards. EWT is also often cited by foreign sources as the primary news talking about Esonian internal and external affairs, and offering different perspectives. 


EWT gets its funding from the Esonian government so it often gets the latest news relating to Esonian state affairs earlier than the majority of other news sources. EWT also partially gets funded from public donations.


History of EWT

EWT was founded on April 29th of 1938 as a newspaper by a group of independent journalists advocating for freedom of the press, freedom of speech, democratic values and institutional and governmental reformation; which during the time were major issues shared by a large percentage of the population. The newspaper was often heavily clamped down on by mainstream Esonian sources, and the Esonian government, for causing public disturbances and spread “Foreign lies” against the civilisation of Esonice. But despite that, EWT pushed ahead and became the leading news source for activists against the government and it managed to go on radio in 1944. After 1950 when Esonice officially was turned into a young democratic state EWT slowly started dying as its core issues had been dealt with, but in 1957 the new Esonian government bought EWT, transitioning it from a private to a public company to help the new government. And in 1960 it received a TV broadcasting license which allowed EWT to once again strike up into popularity and ever since grown to be Esonice’s leading news source. In 1987 during Esonice’s first decade of being recognised as a fully developed modern state EWT started expanding creating many new TV channels such as Ikotairu (Kid Tales) for children the opportunity to learn from things they watch, competing against private Esonian animation businesses. And in 2001 EWT started going onto the internet creating a news website for both Esonians and international readers. 


Criticism and bias

Because of being publicly owned, EWT is often criticised as being too pro-current government and often showing bias against groups the mainstream intellectuals dislike. EWT also often gets criticised for being too corporate and its journalism ethics are repeatedly questioned by untrusting readers. 



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