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Hospital blunders. MRSA now in free circulation.

ARENDSBURG - A hospital in Arendsburg, the Willem-Hart Hospital, has made a big blunder in their protocols regarding the MRSA bacterium. As a result, the bacterium is now practically in free circulation.  The Medical Council has placed the hospital under quarantine; patients who had appointments at the hospital are referred to other hospitals in Arendsburg and the surrounding area. The Medical Council will also start an investigation. Patients and medical staff in the hospital will have to stay there temporarily and will not be allowed to leave the premises. Only extreme cases may leave the premises. An airlock has been installed to provide the hospital with food, medicines and other supplies. Several patients have died from the consequences of MRSA, these were patients with already a weaker resistance. The hospital refuses to appoint a number of them to the press. Several hospitals are ready to receive patients from the Willem-Hart Hospital, if they are transferred, that decision lies with the Medical Council.

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