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An RP about Europas past

Phil VII

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well, i am interested in starting some sort of historical RP, as i thnk it owuld be an intersting experiance to have RP's without the massive mussiles and WMB that so dominate matters nowadays. The problem is that in order to play out part of europas past, we all need to agree what time frame we are looking at, what sort of technological age we are in, and some indecation of where we are going.


Some nations may want to play out a particuler event, others may just wish to start at a time with a nation, and see where we go from there.


I suggest that all people intersted in a 'europas past' RP topost in a new thread i will create with any ideas they have about it, as we will all have to agree on a theme for the RP to work.


people, pleae post here with any ideas you masy have on how to work this.

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Well, I saw that in the Europe Region (with "e") they have an special subforum called "Europe 1850" and is the same idea of Phil IV.


The idea is use kingdoms or duchies and the politicies of this ages: monarchy.


I think that the technology of the age must be the real technology of the age (ie, if we are in 1850, ours troops must use muskets; if we are in 1400, ours troops must use swords or arrows).

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I support Meteorola's idea. My nation is pretty new (I didn't give a long history, it's a more "modern" construction, like Germany), so I'd prefer to play the Civil war in the early 20th century.


Since others seem to have a much longer history, it would be best, if the first post in a new "Historical RP" explained the setting and tech-level.

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yes, if we get this off the ground it shoudl get its own subforum.


The problem with all our nations is that some, like mine and Burgundy brabant, have long histories, but others have very short histories, only spanning back to the begining if the 20th century, such as tamurin. so if i start an RP in the 1500's, myself and burgundy brabant culd take part, but tamurin couldnt, this is the problem with historical RP's.

This would likly result in a setting up of many little small RP's that only a few nations can partake in as only a few were around or active in that period of time. Maybe we could have a war between two of the larger, older, more imperialistic nations who had an empire, and those newer nations could form part of either sides empires to fight for them or somthing, its an idea, bt not a great answer i fear...


i'll go and have a look at Europes RP section at some point to get some ideas, i have seen the section in North Pacifics forums, and they have an RP section where different peopel take control of different(real life) forces and countries during the 15-1600s and fight out wars that way.



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I agree with Tamurin on taking over a past nation. Or even possibly, that one could take over as RPing the indigenous faction if the nation was created, such as Australia, by an imperial colonial power. This could have some merit. For example, Reaction to foreigners, reaction to them declaring Terra Nullius and stealing their land, or even with treaties signed and clashes. Just a thought

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Would it be best to split it up into several different time-periods, with set technology, such as Medieval, with swords, bows and the like, Napoleonic, with blackpowder weapons dominating, early 1900's, with that period's weponry, and so on. The problem with that is describing the periods with words which don't mean anything to Europa.

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hmm, its an idea, but how about if we just start off an RP with us all deciding who we are going to be playing as, what kind of tech level we are at, and what, in general, will happen. That will allow us to play somthing out, with some sort of purpose, but that isnt completly drwn out from the start.

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Well, I could start with the civil war.


The setting would be: 1903-1911;

Technology: First-generation machine guns, aircrafts, subs. Dreadnought-battleships, big artillery guns; soldiers equipped with carabines, pistols and grenades. No tanks, very few motorized vehicles, much cavalry, troops highly dependend on trains.


Nations: (so far)


Imperial government (constitutional monarchy)

Republican rebels (fight for democracy)

Maybe some foreign nations or other factions


Interested? I could work it out a little more in a couple of days...

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sounds good, i'm going to have to start looking at my own nations history to work out what I was doing at around that time.


Count me in though, i will probobly be a forign power seeking to help out the Imperials, as King Phil II embarks on a campaign to help out his second-cousins-nephew-twice-removed-on his mothers side in their campaign to keep the Imperial power in Europas mainland!

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yeah count me in as well,

My line of thinking thus far is that Niederoestereich is a colony from some other nation, just gaining independence, so... If Niederoestereich was to join, it would be as a newly formed military in support of another foreign nation.


Or i could RP as sum faction, doesn't really matter

But sure, sounds all good to me

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At this stage Grand Duke Albert Giovanni IV, Burgundy-Brabant's own mad king, was ruler. He had the entire population of San Marco decimated (hence the strongest Republican feeling being there), and got us involved in many pointless wars. If Tamurin was having a war, old Albert Giovanni would definately join in...

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The setting would be: 1903-1911;

Technology: First-generation machine guns, aircrafts, subs. Dreadnought-battleships, big artillery guns; soldiers equipped with carabines, pistols and grenades. No tanks, very few motorized vehicles, much cavalry, troops highly dependend on trains.

out a little more in a couple of days...

Don't forget zeppelins and clubs. wink.gif

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Allright, this would be:


Me (as the Republican rebels and the Imperial government)

Phil IV (as Phil II, right? Foreign power)

Kant (as the young nation of Niederoesterreich, foreign power)

Our cartographer (as Byzantinum Nova, foreign power)

Senator Gaius (as Burgundy-Brabant, foreign power)


I will work on it this week and present the "start conditions" soon.



Zeppelins...right, I must've forgotten to write them down, I thought of them...strange...


Clubs??? Man, how ancient do you think 1903 was??

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