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[RP] Citizens, Officials and Tourists

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This is information that the Indostan Government do not want being seen. They deny this ever happened and there is very little evidence left to support that it did. Captain Arjun vanished from the forces a week after the events before re-appearing 8 years later as a crazed Aaryarlivatraguo terrorist who blew himself up in the Northern Provinces. Some information from his diary entry on this day has been erased or lost in the transference to our base which we know to have been caused by some double agents and also the weather. What we have saved is on this document, typed up by someone who is most definitely dead from the hands of the regime, all we can hope now is that reforms are made or the Emperor is assassinated.

You'll probably never see my name or hear of me because by the time this goes public, I'll be dead as well and my name erased from existence by the order to protect my family.




In my 25 years of serving on the Indostan Police Force Hasheiv Regiment, I never experienced what I had today.

I woke up thinking it would be an average day. Stop some kids from littering, give directions to some people, help in the arrest of a drunken tourist who got their hands on some Libiza Absinthe and then go home. But the day was far from that. I was on patrol in sector 2 of the city keeping an eye on a group of six people who were wearing masks and bandannas, they weren't doing anything that broke the law but they looked extremely suspicious just standing on the corner of the street. Before I clocked it, there were more of them walking around. Some with complete body coverage, others completely naked and then it started. 

I couldn't see who but one of the group members started throwing rocks at us, the rest began chanting [DELETED]. We took cover behind our vehicles, and I used our megaphone to demand they cease their actions and go back to their day whilst my colleague radioed for riot control. Whilst we waited for riot control to arrive, we were forced to use our tasers and pepper spray on some of the hooligans who were throwing rocks and trying to get close enough to us to fight us in hand to hand combat. Then it went from bad to worse. One of the pr*cks threw a Molotov at one of the officer's cars creating a fireball, blasting some of the rioters and officers back. I'm cursed to say that one of my closet friends, Officer [LOST], [LOST] in the blast. Disgusting b*stards took my friend's life. 

Riot control arrived and things only escalated, buffoons went from throwing rocks to damaging, destroying and injuring. Riot control had no mercy. They opened fire with their airsoft guns and began beating some of the criminals down to the ground with their batons and staffs. Many were [DELETED] in the long hours that followed, mostly from [LOST]. 

Come the time of 22:37 the streets were engulfed in flames, covered in [DELETED], [DELETED] and rubble. I couldn't count how many officers were [DELETED] both in riot control and on our regular forces. The screams, explosions and chanting will haunt me forever. It was strange, even though they took my friend, I felt [DELETED] for them. I actually agreed that reforms were needed, but I didn't want the Emperor's death. That's what these criminals wanted. Revolution. 


The events ended around 2:18 am when the riot control dragged the remaining hooligans hiding among the rubble and debris out into the streets and [DELETED]. After it all, the Sargent of the riot control turned to us and said we should return back to HQ and rest there until further notice, he congratulated us on helping put down heretics before rushing off to probably give a report to the Congress. 

By the time we returned to HQ the remaining officers broke down, none of us could even fathom what had happened to us. 



The rest was lost in the transference to us. We may never know who Captain Arjun's friend was or what happened to Arjun during his 8 years of disappearance for him to become an insane terrorist, but we know his existence and this diary entry will help us in later progress.  

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Dàha - The peak of southern climbing


Hey you! Yes you! 


Trying to plan a trip to Indirìhya but don't know how to see all it's magnificence? Don't worry, you can always come again and again but we here at the National Parks Associations think that, if this is your first time coming to this most beautiful nation, you should witness the power of nature by visiting the captivating Dàha mountain range which lays between the Marahrastra and Hǎiret provinces. 


These misty mountains are famed across all of¬†Indir√¨hya for multiple reasons from their formation, which you'll have to come find out, to their religious importance. In in¬†SvńĀnism and Hinduism they hold connection to deities with it being believed¬†that¬†Hanuman, or Sun Wukong as he is called in SvńĀnism,¬†briefly¬†resided there to help others seek enlightenment.¬†

The Mountains are also pictured in many paintings from ancient dynasties, on pottery and mentioned in old stories and poems, some of which talk of a lost treasure yet to be found and others of a hidden fountain said to give unrivaled knowledge to those who drink from it. 

The range is also home to such sites like the 'Grand canyon of Dàha' and the 'Stairway of deathly peace' infamously named after those who were on pilgrimage to find enlightenment but were unfortunate whilst climbing the stairs.


- The Stairway 

We hope we have convinced you to pay us a visit here in Dàha, and if not, then maybe the 5 star hotel at the base of the mountain range will, or perhaps the unmatched natural beauty. We hope to see you here soon and remember, there is no such thing as mountain spirits. 

 - National Parks Association 


Warning: National Parks Association can not be held responsible for any disappearances or deaths within the mountain range, tourists are warned to remain on the path marked on maps at all times and advised to ignore any feelings of unease or sounds of distress within the space between Zones 3 and 5. Any and all lawsuits can not be acted upon due to protectionist law #24/a and all claims of mountain spirits, savages and otherwise are seen as nonsense. 

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