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RAS CC Despatches

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**G-1 ONLY**


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OOC: For RP reference of Iverica's military actions. All dumped here so as not to pollute with multiple threads.

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8 JUNE 2020 | 2200 Romeo Time

CC to Terminal



-POSTION: [ 55°20'56.67"N |   68°48'52.92"W ]



ORD: UPDATE PATROL MISSION; Assume Counter-Piracy Posture

-7-CAPGRU clear to conduct AIR RECCE and VBSS- at GRU LDR discretion

-STBY for further orders

ATTITUDE: ALERT-2; Presume hostile armed vessels are present in AO

-Retain speed to last confirmed heading

-All ahead slow and await orders approaching last heading point


-Confirm with 2FLT HQ prior any operation.





Number 7 Capital Task Group, flagged by the Amphibious Assault Ship-turned-Light Carrier, VRI Bonifacio, received its orders the night following the attack on BMV Santo Joao.

Though ship intelligence had already been aware of the situation given the radio transmissions exchanged on the civilian band and had tracked the Belearean (@Beleareas) naval operation using the available OSINT AIS, the group held its routine patrol pattern and awaited orders from Number 2 Fleet Headquarters, Office of Armada Operations as was the norm. Attempts to offer assistance would be futile, given the distance and not within the Armada Iverica's area of responsibility. Instead, Bonifacio raised its alert level, dispersed its escorts in a protocol mandated formation, and sent intelligence to Fleet HQ.

That evening, Bonifacio's CIC recieved the above encrypted response along with a data packet detailing known intelligence and a number of new mission protocols to be assumed at the Group Leader, Vice Almirante Alberto Dei Costas', tactical purview. Given the number of unknown variables, this meant that any operation would be almost entirely in the Vice Almirante's hands.

Given clearance, the carrier Bonifacio immediately launched one of its two SUA-20E aircraft equipped for maritime surveillance. Alternating flights would continue regularly over the shipping routes closest to the group--largely to reassure and dissuade maritime authorities from declaring a moratarium on commercial acitivities. Under the justification of the recent pirate attack, part of the Bonifacio's escort, three guided-missile frigates, held boarding teams on standby to deploy via RHIB. They were to conduct visit-board-search-and-seizure (VBSS) operations on suspicious vessels in the area.  

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08 MARCH 2021 | 0700 Alpha Time

CC to Terminal



-POSTION: [  76°19'35"N |  19°54'51"E ] ABP EXPLORATOR




-TF-EXPLORATOR; DDG-444, FFG-023, T-AOE 056; to weigh-off as soon as capable.

-FFX-225 must remain at ABP Explorator.

-Muster Task Force Officers for Tele-Briefing at 0800 Alpha Time.

-Intelligence and Coordinate Packets attached; Nousphera Key: [||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||]



-Underway; establish comms protocol with HMS ARDENT ( @Seylos)

-Attempt VLF Contact with 141-SUBRON; disregard if unreachable. 


-IFF Handshake and sync with HMS ARDENT.

-Assume ALERT 1.5 attitude. All alert protocols apply.

-Persistent AEW Patrols essential.


-T-AEO 056 to attempt underway replenishment and service of HMS ARDENT

-Assume the designation of JOINT TASK FORCE upon rendezvous

-Maintain STANDING PATROL posture at AO.

ATTITUDE: ALERT-2, ALERT-1.5; Presume hostile armed vessels are present at RV Point Alpha

-Tactical Action at TFLDR discretion.

-Speed Essential.






This is part of: 


Stats for nerds: The slowest ship in TF Explorator (a T-AOE) can cruise at 26 knots and flanks at around 30. Distance to RV point with Seylos is around 1.2 thousand nautical miles (2200+ km). At full speed, the TF can get there in 52-60 hours. For this case, I'm adjusting that to around 72 to account for caution around icey parts. 

Armada light task forces like this one, if not presently engaged can go aweigh and underway in a matter of hours.  Their slowest ship is already a fast-supply ship. In this case, I'm assuming muster and Pre-departure checks will be careful and will add a few hours before they go aweigh.

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20 April 2020 | 0300 Kilo Time

CC to Terminal



-POSTION: [  5°51'36.16"N |   129°57'17.25"W ] ARKHAVN TRIDENT BASE




-All 1-CATFOR elements proceed at best speed to grid [||||||||||||||||||||||||], designated NAV ALPHA.

-Maintain Standing Patrol at NAV ALPHA.

-Standby. Await EXCOM contact.


-Peacetime ROE applies

-Air Elements are cleared for recce ptrols; FLAG discretion.






Imagine being in the middle of the tightest screw of your life, enjoying every undulation, contraction, and wrong-name calling when the door of the half-star motel you're crashing in gets broken down by a trio of great bloody oafs with a big sticks. All of whom are wearing sunglasses, indoors, at 3 in the morning. Now imagine being told, with your pants still a bit sticky and in the backseat of an MRAP sandwiched between a guy blazed out of his mind and another projectile vomitting purple stuff out the window, that the great big nudist colony down south has finally gone over the deep end; likely because someone inserted the double-A batteries up their silicon buttholes the wrong way.

In the wee hours of the morning, various hotels, bars, and fem-boy brothels in Arkhavn, Andalla were subject to incursions by sharply dressed Armada Iverica personnel. Indeed, the pretentious fellows on Bat-man duty swaggered in wearing Reybans, their Sea-Grey combat uniforms, plate carriers, and high-cut helmets. The Signal Papa was raised—ordering all personnel back to their ships.

It took precisely 120 minutes for the bat-men to cattle-prod everyone on shore liberties into pre-departure checking the entire Carrier Task Force and readying the squadrons for what looked to be a contingency posture off the cost of said nudist, bisexual, body modifying island country. The ships of 1-CATFOR "República" were all rapid response ships of the Expeditionary Command-Thalassa's capital formation, lead not only by their fleet flagship, but by the flagship of the entire Iverican Armada—VRI República. As a Carrier Task Force, the formation was equiped with aircraft, amphibious infantry, special operations forces, and submarine elements; rendering the formation ready for nearly any scenario.

At 0500, the ships slipped their moorings, unberthed, and made waves underway for a grid between Andalla and the Sunset Sea Islands.




OOC: No, its not an immediate invasion. But a country with nearly 1 million nationals living in another country about to go into whacko-coup mode should be suitably prepared. Also without SSI having a real navy to monitor very far out into the sea, it is likely that this manoeuvre will not be detected and percieved as a threat. It is merely a contingency. Also if you haven't clicked the link above, the Armada has had a Thalassan patrol route for the longest time. Specifically with 1-CATFOR explicitly assigned to it. It should come as no surprise that we were already in the region to begin with.


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27 April 2020 | 2000 November Time

CC to Terminal



- Ferrefaaierhafen TRIDENT Base





CAL R. A. Ortis, GRULDR, 25- AUXGRU,

As outlined in the briefing given on 02 MARCH, 2021, you are being issued this memorandum in preparation for Phase 3 of Project Adlantis-South. Prepare to on-load prefab, heavy equipment, and personnel which are due to arrive on-base in approximately 72 Hours. As stated, no. 25 Auxiliary Group is to follow the predetermined navigation plan and proceed to HMGS Tangemoana, @Gallambria, where 25 AUXGRU will await rendezvous with  civilian Gallambrian element [|||||||||||||||||||||||||] before proceeding to Diego Gracias Island ( 14°10'44.67"N |  15°56'40.35"E) to offload cargo and oversee the project groundwork.


-End Message-



27 April 2020 | 0700 Alpha Time

CC to Terminal



- ABP Explorator





CAL L. E. Valdess, GRULDR, 22- AUXGRU,

As outlined in the briefing given on 02 MARCH, 2021, you are being issued this memorandum in preparation for Phase 3 of Project Adlantis-North. Upon receipt of this message, 3rd Fleet, no. 22 Auxiliary Group will officially be under the command of Expeditionary Command Adlantic. Encicomande Armada has seen it fit to enforce this temporary transfer until 22 AUXGRU's role in this project is complete—an estimated 4 months (approximate; project time table may extend). Upon completion, 22 AUXGRU will await return orders from 3rd Fleet Headquarters. Prepare on on-load prefab, heavy equipment, and personnel which are due to arrive on-base in approximately 72 Hours. As stated, 22 AUXGRU is to follow the predetermined navigation plan and proceed to Yeetersson Reef ( 67°36'23.74"N |  35°54'31.98"E) to offload cargo and assist as ordered by ALM T. S. Martires. 22 AUXGRU will then proceed to lighthouse island, South Corinium and begin operations.


-End Message-




OOC: you might be able to tell we're preparing to build some stuff. Might make an OOC post about this if it ends up requiring one (probably will for niceties sake)

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04 May, 2021 | 2100 Oscar Time

Over the Qing Ming Sea


At 2100 Hours Oscar time, a tri-engine aircraft marked with the livery and colour of the Fuersas L'Aire, Special Projects Division took off from Ferrefaaierhafen TRIDENT base in Variota. 8 hours before that, the Iverican quarter of the base received a special air-delivered unmarked cargo container. Iverican air command on the base went dark in the next hours up till flight schedules were suddenly changed.

The tri-engine, a military variant of the S-1011 Trestrell, was prepped and launched with the highest priority. On its belly was the special payload.

Rapidly climbing to its ceiling altitude over the Qingming Sea, several TA-201 stealth fighters that had swept alongside it peel back. The Trestrell, a special Astronomo variant, reached its zenith, much higher than the ceiling of most aircraft of its span and class. The payload separated and ignited, filling the night sky with a white-hot glow.

Undisturbed by the jammers, the data-link and sat-guided payload streaked along the Kármán line, the thin barrier between air and space. The first stage separated, leaving a pod to correct itself with quick bursts of RCS gas. In a matter of minutes, it would deploy ICARO.

The small microsatellite was equipped with spectral and other imaging sensors. Just after its pod put it on a trajectory to intersect with the space above the Amnalos Sea,  the satellite   completed its separation and cruised at low-eurth orbit.

ICARO trained its austere, blank lenses towards the waves below it and searched.





05 May, 2021 | 0400 Echo Time

CC to Terminal



-POSTION: [  36°41'8.34"N |  24°57'35.64"E ] ADLANTIC OCEAN






-SSN-056, SSN-057, break from SQN

-Rendezvous with SSAN-01 at [ 36S ] [ 37°35'37.10"N |  37°25'49.85"E ] for submerged resupply.

-Proceed at quiet to objective Grid Zone.

-Plan for 168 (min.) to 336 (max.) hours endurance.

-Review Intelligence and Coordinate Packets attached; Nousphera Key: [||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||]



-Nav Points Alpha Through Golf assigned and attached.

-SSN-056 and SSN-057 to update hydrograph and seafloor charts at each Nav Point with LIDAR. 

-Target Grid Zone [ 43R ], Grid Squares ANGLER-1 through ANGLER-15 designated.

-Patrol and collect acoustic SIGINT.

-PRIORITY TARGET: Acoustic Intelligence (signature, propulsion noise, cross-section, powerplant anomalies, cavitation, displacement/turbulence) of @Great Anglian  No. 2 Submarine Squadron believed to be operating at low-depth in the objective grids.


ATTITUDE: Recommended, QUIET-1 nearing [ 43R ]

-Peacetime ROE applies.

-Testing of new masking system is recommended.





In the wee hours between 2100 Oscar and 0400 Echo time, an ICARO microsatellite had been sent at the prompting of an anomaly detected by WARD's satellite, PANOPTICON-3. By some fluke, a silhouette had been observed in the Amnolos. Further IMINT suggested that one of the Anglian Navy's SSNs had surfaced briefly in another area of the sea, leading Armada Intelligence to approximate that multiple submarine units were likely present in the area. Referencing updated photos of departures from Plumuth Submarine Yard, intelligence surmised that no. 2 Submarine Squadron, composed of 2 SSNs and 1 SSGN were deployed simultaneously.

Anglian submarines noises were largely enigmas, making them all the more priority targets. Sonar relied on a database of noises to identify a target. An unprofiled sub was as dangerous as it was disorienting for crews.  

The dispatch of the ICARO satellite pinpointed minor surface scars and Bernoulli humps which gave Armada Intelligence the data to approximate where they might be in the next few days. Though the opportunity was too good to pass up, it would be perilous, as Iverican submarines Ruptoro (Shipbreaker) and Resaca (Undertow) would be playing a very silent and extremely risky game of undersea cat-and-mouse with a volatile quantity. A single tin dropping could easily start an international incident.

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01 July, 2021 | 0900 IST

Meeting Transcript:

Special Briefing, SSO West Argis Detachment (AD- West Argis)




Briefing given by Callsign "Shearwater" Detachment Chief of Western Argis Operations of the Special Security Office







This came in from Swallow. Taken last night at approximately 2300 Quest Time (ref: military Quebec Time -4 GMT) at Burgetounaz Port in Koudiland.


This is Suverina-registered MV Rezina, a container ship AIS reporting name: Grixono Rezina, code: TCOF 8 27100815. It is owned by Grixono Shipping, a company that DAFT (Division for Analysis of Foreign Threats) categorises as a shell company, a front for covert transfer of assets. In other words: They ship black market. Or they used to, anyway.

Cyber Action Division has it that Anglian Imperial Office seized Grixono's registered parent company last month and requisitioned all its assets. DAFT has reason to believe that Grixono is now shipping undetermined Anglian assets to state-actors they have been cosying up to. OSINT pieces have been fairly clear who these state-actors are. Our satellite intel has also been keeping tabs on Anglian-sphere shipping and all indicators lead to a probable case: Rezina is likely part of the "rumoured" shipments as ENN puts it. A review of our AIS watchlist puts several more of Grixona and similarly flagged vessels inbound from Western Europa.

A scenario wherein both states are colluding in blackmarket commercial profit is unlikely. What is more likely is that the shipments contain either finished military hardware or components for developing military infrastructure. It is also likely that Anglian personnel are aboard; these could range from technical consultants, intelligence officers, or unit advisers.



Out of all probable scenarios, motive, risk, and method suggest that the cargo is hardware that could potentially shift the regional balance of military power towards Koudiland in a timeframe useful to Anglia, say... 1-2 years lining up with their breakneck pace so far. The Anglian goal of this scenario is likely to run interference in Argis leading to eventual annexation or suzerainty over some of the continent's influentially weaker states, starting with Koudiland. We can only guess at specifics until we get ground teams to collect and verify better intel.

Ladies and Gents let's be clear: Everything in Anglia's playbook so far shows us that this will likely lead to a serious commitment of resources, boots, or both. Every movement of assets they made; from SDC, to Suverina, and to parts of Azania has been followed up with a serious commitment be it martial or diplomatic. This is no preparation for a mere tripwire force, this is most likely preparation for expanded ops in the region—there are no concrete guarantees of their operational goals but we can assume that whatever they may be, the goals are enough to trigger a flashpoint in the region.

Thus ladies and gents, expect to enter a fait accompli scenario. 



ExecMin and the Junt-Capos need a Crisis Action Plan and they need it soon. Strategic considerations in the Mediargic are shifting and we need revised data sets that we can base our wargame models on. In these coming months, we'll need to milk our Koudish assets for whatever ever juice that godforsaken nutsack has got. It goes without saying that this op is eyes only for everyone in the room, the Koudish don't know, our allies probably won't know either for some time. Keep it off the official books, keep things OpSec, yeah? It goes without saying that any field work we do there falls under the disavowment clause if you are compromised—you are on your own if you get made.

Grim notes aside, the Office of the Primo has given us a green light to activate embedded Blue and Green Assets in Koudiland. Our detachment has carte blanche to operate in the region. People, you have 48 hours to prep Foreign Activities Division and put OPLANs on my desk. Dismissed.




OOC: Avoid metagaming. I've done my best to make this post ignore any information released in the recent "Anglian Machine" post. All the premises the SSO is acting on is based on intel from our prior RP'd actions and Open Source Intelligence from ENN. I expect all participating in the Anglia event to do the same and not metagame using Seylos' post as a signal that intel was leaked. 

P.S "embedded assets in Koudiland", Koudiland is a belligerent and the defeated party of the Argic War(s). It makes sense that the SSO keeps tabs on a country they occupied after engaging in a continent-sized total war with. For those not in the know, Koudiland is a in-progress NPC I am working on with Vostau. I didn't include a map because it is fairly recognisable as the ball-sack landmass dangling from central western Argis.


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What's this: this is happening in the North Oriental Ocean. MCM (Manille Comande Maritima) approved a Concept of Operations Plan (CONPLAN) from "Glacia" callsign of the CO of Northern Command. The message alludes to the nature of the mission being a survey operation with express notice to avoid being all within one grid at the same time- likely to prevent the appearance of sabre rattling. Oceanographic and Hydrographic surveys with new equipment are the main objectives of this operation. IRL MGRS is used for grid references (03R, etc), transposed 1:1 on the Eurth map.

The coverage area stays purely behind the eastern side of the Antimeridian, just in case this alarms some to my west :P


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OOC: 27-MOSGRU is rebased to Blackport Naval Station, Delamaria. Squall is the callsign of the Group Leader's station referring to Squall Actual, the admiral leading no. 27. STRATPLAN or strategic plan is an internal designation used to refer to Strategic Plans, or non-combat operations that involve the movement or placement of assets.

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Context: In the aftermath of Operation Whaler, the SSO team presents a thesis claiming that the WMD threat is a ruse to bait hostilities between the State of Greater Koudiland and the Republic of Iverica. The thesis claims that the strategic missile parts are intended to falsely confirm Iverican presumptions of Koudish hostility. The Anglian aim is interpreted to be the initiation of another Mediargic Missile crisis. The thesis leads to the cancellation of initial plans to pre-emptively strike and destroy suspected Koudish weapons development sites by strategic bombing. 


Instead, the SSO cultivates its Koudish assets, engaging Anglia in a cold war for Koudish political influence. In the months between February and June 2022, Iverica and Anglia trade diplomatic salvos with increasing intensity.


In April alone, the FedCom issues a public demand for Anglia and the OCA to cease the exchange of weaponry in Koudiland. Anglia condemns Iberic interventionism citing the Goodwill Accords as a tool for Iberic post-colonial suppression of native Argic political freedoms. In response, Iverica initiates a trade war, moving the FedCom to announce a policy of escalating sactions with a pledge to totally embargo Anglian goods and Anglian shipping. Anglia responds by enacting a similar policy. Public demonstrations in both Anglian and Iberic public spheres lead a mutual closing of diplomatic missions. The FedCom consulates are withdrawn from the OCA and from Anglia. Only the Iverican Embassy in Azanopa, Afropa remains active after a pledge of protection from President Pierre Panza.


Undeterred, Suverina of the OCA refuses to crack down on weapons shipments to Koudiland. Within Iverica's military command, Corregidor, senior decision makers are finding it more difficult to accept the shipments as bluffs. In June of 2022, the Chiefs of the Armed Service move to take direct action against the shipments.





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No. 8 Capital Task Group, Apolinario Mavini will make preparation to be underway within 48 hours of receipt. The group will call upon several ports on the way to onboard personnel and equipment before ultimately making station at Aroer, Bashan. No less than 2 Auxiliary Groups will be trailing 8-CAPGRU.

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