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Broadcasts from the Crescent

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Broadcasts from the Crescent

Broadcasts from the Crescent is the newspaper thread for the Dominions of Metztlitlaca and will be split mainly into 3 newspapers. The first newspaper and will be the most commonly used is the Capital Paper. Founded in 1843 by the Archpriest at the time, the Capital Paper is a nationally run corporation managed directly by the Teopac of Finance and the Teopac of Culture and Religious Life. When the Unified Republic of Palu first came to power after colonialism, the Capital Paper was renamed to the Palu Papers and then used to propagate propaganda across the nation. The Limonaian Republic after used the Palu Paper under the same name as their own propaganda company. The Kingdoms of Metztlica and Acolica attempted to shut down the Palu Papers due to it's controversial history, but was eventually allowed to continue to exist as long as they returned to their initial branding of the Capital Paper and remained a nationalised company. Although the Capital Paper declares itself to be politically and culturally neutral it's perspective on stories are often bias towards the government and the economy. The Capital Paper is also one of the few Newspaper companies which repeatedly addresses global issues as well as major headlines from other nations, giving it some rather powerful political influence over the public.


The second newspaper is the Truths of Metztli, a more culturally right-wing newspaper that primarily sells in the Azlo and Faloki communities with a strong bias towards LAANN and Metztli Nationalist and against Il Domineo and the greater wurld community. Although Truths of Metztli has the economic capabilities to go out to other nations and report on major headlines, besides LAANN they rarely talk about the wurld outside of Metztlitlaca. Despite their name, take what they say with a grain of salt. The Truths of Metztli is relatively new, only beginning to print in 1999 but has soared in popularity within the Faloki and Azlo due to it's anti-oppressor attitude and anti-globalist ideology (not counting LAANN, of course). Several times in the 2000s and 2010s the Teopac of Culture and Religious Life took the Truths of Metztli to court over perceived hate speeches. In the end the Truths of Metztli prevailed as they never explicitly broke any laws pertaining towards hate speech.


Lastly is the Vocal Voice, a culturally and economically left-wing company that often works alongside the Teopac of Finance. Founded in 1948 the Vocal Voice was initially the national newspaper of the South Palu Confederation but was shut down once the Limonaian Republic annexed the nation. In 1988 the Vocal Voice was re-established with the help of the Teopac of Finance 40 years after it's initial closure. The Vocal Voice is most prominent in the Yatotlan, Tapelt, Pekatekan, and Xinmetztli Dominions due to leaning more towards left-liberal then the rest of the nation. Nowadays however, the Vocal Voice is known for it's more scandalous and less-than-mature writing compared to the more passionately written Truths of Metztli or logically typed Capital Paper. The Vocal Voice is far more secular then it's two competitors, and rarely reports on religion/faith-based news stories unless said news story impacts the whole nation greatly. The Vocal Voice may not fact check as much as the Capital Paper, and so it can come off as just as bias as the Truths of Metztli - albeit in a completely different direction.


One thing you might notice about all three logos is that none of them possess any text, as iconography is far more important to the Metztlitlacans then text due to the numerous national languages within the country - most of which blend into one another at tribal and ethnic borders - resulting in a bureaucratic nightmare for any company. If text is used, it usually printed in Standardised Naxua, the Yatotlan Dialect of Cristinese, and the Faloki Dialect of Huang all written in the Aroman alphabet along with Standard Anglish and the Salxa Dialect of Salvian in the Acolica Dominion; Tapelt Naxua if in the northern half of the Yatotla Dominion and Tapelt Dominion; and Pekatekan and Anglish in the Pekateka Dominion. Therefore the easiest thing to do is to have a recognisable logo if your company exists beyond your local community.

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The Capital Paper

"Murder on the Montagna Express"

Last night at 1am, two men were wounded and another man killed by a man wielding a knife whilst on the Third Montagna Express. The perpetrator, Fabiano Acciai, was caught stabbing two men on the train as it was entering the Pōcatep mountain tunnel at 1:02 AM. A man by the name of Otaxo Moyauh attempted to apprehend Fabiano Acciai but was stabbed in the chest. By the time the train had exit the tunnel, the security guards onboard were able to restrict and disarm Fabiano Acciai until the train reached the nearest station - Tihua station - to be arrested. One of the first men stabbed is currently in critical condition in hospital with the other only suffering a minor injury. Sadly, Otaxo Moyauh had died from blood loss before the emergency services could arrive to the Tihua station. Whilst Fabiano Acciai awaits trial, it is unknown which country he will be tried in as the Montagna Express' had passed the border into the Kingdom of @Eulycea when arriving at the Tihua station and arrested. However, the murder and assaults had occurred within Metztlitlaca territory, with Acciai himself coming from Metztlitlaca from the town of Jā O'icxoitlim in the northern reaches of the Tapelt Dominion. The train is maintained by the Montagna Company situated in Eulycea.



Third Montagna Express leaving the Dominion of Xinmetztli, picture provided by the Montagna Company.


Fabiano Acciai stated he attacked the two men due an ongoing cartel war in the northern Calpullalis of the Tapelt Dominion, with the other two men part of a rival cartel group. Acciai also stated that he "had no intention of killing Otaxo Moyuah". No illegal drugs or similar contraband was found on Acciai upon his arrest.

The first Montagna Express first made it's treacherous 518 kilometre long journey from Xinatlahuimiz to the Elycean capital of Brisa over the Tapatepetli Mountain Range in 1904 after thirty years of construction. The railway was first designed to carry light cargo from the colony of Mezzalunia controlled by the then Limonaian Empire over to the Kingdom of Eulycea to cut down travel time significantly. With the formation of the Unified Republic of Palu and then subsequently the Soul Palu Confederation the first Montagna Express was decommissioned and the railway closed. The Montagna railway's tunnels were often used by anti-fascist liberators from the early 60s up to the mid 70s as their bases of operations, with the famous Mountain Top Headquarters of the Cuatlacuil Armed Forces made into the highest museum in Metztlitlaca in 1981 at four and a half kilometres from sea level. The railway was reopened in 1988 with two trains running the railway. The Second Montagna Express was similar in size to the original with five carriages, four being passenger and the fifth a restaurant and bar. The Third Montagna was significantly smaller and only runs on the off-season when tourism is significantly lower.

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The Vocal Voice: Cartel Bust by Bust of Archpriestess' Bust!

The Cartel plague that likes to show up it's head every now and again has come out wearing clown make-up as a gang part of the Wāxicayauh Cartel up in the peaks of Acolica had their main hide out raided by armed police with all members inside successfully arrested. How? Because one of the low level grunts decided to steal a statue.

Last week, high up in the Tapatepetlis, a temple called Zin O'atlahuimiz hosted a regionally important jade stylised sculpture of the historic and only ever Archpriestess of Metztlitlaca (except for the current Archpriestess of Metztlica, Letzitlioho, of course!) Moyoluani. No one wants to admit it but like the lady of power herself, the personal sculptress of the first Archpriestess certainly was captivated by the feminine form! The statue was prominently the historic Archpriestess' chest, arms, and head. Such statues of only sections of a person are hard to come by nowadays after the had Azlo finally made their three hundred year long journey down to Palu and killed off the old inhabitants. No need for small statues when you have half a peninsula


The quaint village of Onoyoluan - where the temple can be found - was shaken to it's core last Tuesday after a ruthless gang stormed Zin O'atlahuimiz and stole several priceless artefacts - one of which was the Moyoluani statue. Adding another priceless historic depiction of an Archpriest to the long list of stolen goods - most of them by Yatōtlaca[1]. This hasn't been the first encounter with gangs in Onoyoluan as cartel activity is high in the region where hard illegal drugs are often created or grown, but the residence of Onoyoluan's most recent encounter have set those living there down a new course; revenge.

Three days later, come in the Onoyoluan police force, who get a tip from an anonymous civilian who saw a young Xochimican man in his mid twenties carrying something suspiciously bust-shaped wrapped in a white plastic bag. The civilian stated they saw the shady looking man enter an old house on the outskirts of the village which previously has been suspected of illegal activity in the past but was otherwise suspiciously empty. The brave police men and police women stormed the residence after another man had been seen entering the house from an old beaten car. The police were able to successfully arrest fifteen people within the premises and two other men who were foolishly coming down towards the house in an old Yatotlacan car with several of the stolen art pieces from the temple in the trunk. Deep within the house and hidden under a dirty white plastic tarp was the statue along with several packages of cocaine. It is unknown who the packages were for but the locals suspect our neighbours in the far north have been busy!

The statue was thankfully recovered safe and sound along with the stolen goods from the temple. Within the house and by accounts from the gang members, it was revealed that the gang worked for the infamous Wāxicayauh Cartel. So far all of those within the household and the two gang members in the car are held in the local city's prison and going on trial.



[1] - Yatōtlaca, a common nickname for Shffahkia

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The Capital Paper

"LAANN Survey Team states The Capital is 'Woefully Underprepared' for natural disasters."
"City of Takukoraki in protest over recent Wildlife Protection Bill."
"Fabiano Acciai to be tried in Metztlican Courts"

LAANN Survey Team states The Capital is 'Woefully Underprepared' for natural disasters.
Since early 2020, LAANN-based Seismologists and Geologists have partnered up with the Metztlican National Geography Priesthood to study the recent tremor-patterns in Altepetl Tekaken as well as producing a comprehensive list of major population centres and their current preparation for potential disasters such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes from the Tapatepetli Mountains as well as large storms and tsunamis from Marenesia. Their research has found that although major coastal cities have the necessary infrastructure, cities further up north have astonishingly underequipped relief systems and proper infrastructure in case of a natural disaster, with the Capital specifically outlined as "woefully underprepared". Many have pinned the increasing slums around Altepetl Tekaken as the main reason for why the city as a whole is classified as underprepared, however those within the LAANN survey team and the MNGP have also put criticism to some of the recently constructed skyscrapers at the heart of the city.

The MNGP has sent a proposition to the Teopac of Collective Intent and the Metztlica Dominion Government for potential solutions and ways to prepare the city's infrastructure and people against potential disasters. A minister from the Teopac of Collective Intent had been recorded stating that "The safety of the people of Metztlitlaca are our highest priority and these shocking reports are being given our top priority.". When asking for his view on the matter, a Fulgistani Seismologist had been reported on saying "Flooding, earthquakes and mudslides are responsible for hundreds of deaths and millions of tonnes of ruined crops in Alharu annually, take this ████ seriously".



An Oyusard and Metztlican Geologists near the peak of Saint John, named in 1947. Picture provided by Metztlican National Geography Priesthood.



City of Takukoraki in protest over recent Wildlife Protection Bill.
Last night, protestors and wildlife activists have begun to crop up in the streets of the city of Takukoraki within the Eastern Dominion after a new bill was passed in the Eastern Dominion Government near midnight on the 9th. The bill was reduce the area for conservation and protection by 12% - primarily in the western rainforests of the Lakautolo - and for the new land to be put under 'managed logging'. This would result in several thousand squared kilometres of rainforest to be legally logged by national and private companies and be partially used for farmland, although the land cannot be repurposed into urban structures such as factories and planned cities. Many Lakautolons have been actively against the bill as it would further reduce the natural wildlife and diversity of the rainforests, and that the system used for determining what counts as managed logging is 'corrupt' and 'incompetent'. So far the Eastern Dominion Government has not made an official statement on the matter outside of the deployment of riot police in case protests turn violent.

Due to Metztlitlacan photography laws, photos of the protest cannot be shown.


Fabiano Acciai to be tried in Metztlican Courts
Fabiano Acciai, who in late May of this year murdered Otaxo Moyauh and injured two others whilst on the transnational Montagna Express, has begun his trial in his hometown Jā O'icxoitlim within Metztlitlaca. Due to the act of murder and multiple cases of assault, if found guilty, Fabiano Acciai will be either sentenced to life in prison with no chances of parole for the first twenty years.

Due to Metztlitlacan photography laws, photos of the court process cannot be shown until the trial is complete.

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The Truths of Metztli


Tonight's Headlines:

"Celebrating the life of the Mad Archpriest."
"Hedonist Nation flirts with fire."


Today marks the 500th anniversary of the historic crowning of Archpriest Axayac, first to hold the name, also known as The Mad Archpriest "Latocawauh o'Wāwuip". He began his rule at the age of seventeen in 1520, ruling over the glorious Crescent Empire "Inetztlīk" until 1575 when he died of old age at 72, ruling for 55 long years. Many cities bear his name in honour, such as Xaxayac of the Chalica Dominion or Īnaxayac Lhom of the Metztlica Dominion. This great man's works have impacted the cultures of southern Palu as much as the Great Founder Archpriest Tapilchuacotl and Archpriestess Letzitlioho, yet his name is seldom taught to the children of our nation despite forwarding the biological and geographical sciences of the region and his excellent mastery of politics. Therefore here at Truths of Metztli we have decided to dedicate the front page for the rest of this week to the life of Archpriest Axayac, where he came from, who he was, and what he has done for The State.


             Painting of the Axayac the Mad

Sadly much of Archpriest Axayac's childhood is shrouded in mystery and the unknown, perhaps by his own request. What is known, however, is that he was born under the name of Anoxtl to a wealthy aristocratic family in the capital which allowed him to have some of the best education in the empire. His spark for his eventual obsession of biology and the natural world around him most likely came from his personal tutor, Inētecon of the Welanic tribe, who was the previous emperor's botanist for several years before being replaced then took up the role of tutoring young aristocrats. Axayac has been quoted stating that if it was not for Inētecon's enthusiasm, he would not of tried to enter the competition for the next Archpriest. This particular event is well known for having almost all of the challenges and trials take place in or near rivers. With his victory, Axayac chose to have his name be changed from Anoxtl to Axayac , meaning Face of Water in Azlo.

Axayac had inherited an empire that was sliding down into obscurity as the great golden age of the Crescent Empire had begun to stagnate, so most of his time in the courts were spent shoving other aristocrats and generals to perform their duties, always dangling carrots and whacking with sticks to get business moving within the empire. He maintained links of equal trade with the other powers of Alharu and the Northern Continents to ensure their support of his rule. Archpriest Axayac had attempted numerous wars against western barbaric tribes of Mesothalassa and pushing the borders of civilisation westward. His most notable achievement in combat was the reaching of the northern coast of the Palu Peninsula and successfully subjugating the territory of Iskaisuyu. The full extent of his conquests and triumphs can be found here as a book currently being written by our wonderful historians, along with a biography in development by the same writers in collaboration with the always wonderful Wēcatoc Priesthood.


 Artistic Rendering of the 2nd Battle of Iskaisuyu
                         Painted in 1921

Now onto why this great leader was given the epithet "o'Wāwuip", meaning "of someone mad". When Axayac was not busy leading armies for the empire or keeping his council and aristocrats in check, he could be found in his gardens and zoos at his temple in southern Chalica. Whilst there, Axayac took notice on how interbreeding certain plants or animals together who were known to be immediate family members often produced defective offspring more often then those who were bred with non-relatives. Nowadays we know this due to something called "genetics" which act as temple scriptures for our bodies to be built and maintained properly, but in his times such knowledge was not known so he came up with his own idea that when two or more Teyoiliti ("souls") have children, the children will have a Teyoiliti incapable of producing more children with the original Teyoiliti. After testing his theory on birds and sloths in his zoos, he proposed and passed a law that no one can have romantic relationships within their own Calpoyauh (commune/extended family). He also believed that this rule also held true to the world, trying to prevent rivers near his temple and the capital city that came from similar terrains from merging, similar forests from mixing, etc. The Archpriest was also stated to be "stricken with constant fear" by his aristocrats of the Wēcatoc prophecy of the destruction of the 6th world, demanding to always be told of any forest or bush fires in his empire and often made great journeys to these locations to oversee what was being done to stop them.  Eventually many came to the conclusion that he had gone mad with some sort of curse, and he was declared "o'Wāwuip"His odd behaviour never directly impacted his rule as an Archpriest, however, so he was never deposed by his councils and aristocrats. Numerous small journals and scripts by Axayac also show a deep understanding of geographic landscapes and formations, and also speculation on 'fire rain' that caused rapid eroding of rocks, which we now know of as 'acid rain' caused by toxins and smoke in the air. Scanned documents of the journals can be found in the same place as the books above (link).


 Picture of what remains of Archpriest Axayac's home temple in
  the province of Welanic, Chalica. Now a popular local tourist
                                    January 3rd, 2020

Eventually Archpriest Axayac died on the 12th of November, 1575, at the age of 72 from a failing heart and old age. He was buried at his home temple, and his body later transported to the Temple of Archpriests several months later. Since then his skeleton has been laid to rest in a tomb at the Archpriests Temple alongside the many other great Archpriests and leaders of The State. His legacy may not be remembered as much as other Archpriests of the time, but his contributions were significant and potentially saved lives with his active smothering of wild fires and advancement in what we know as genetics and geography. May his Teyoiliti possess something great in the modern times, or be close at Coyoxāwauh's side.

· · ·

Tensions rise in the Adlantic as the infamous heathenistic of Calahindā continue their assault upon Alometlaca's pride. Historically, Calahindā has been only a nuisance on the cyber-stage of Eurth with their infamously epileptic songs and poor fashion sense. As of recent, however, the island nation has begun an unrelenting petty attack upon the historically calm and collective Alometlaca who our great state has had relatively calm relations with. The conflict began just over a month ago with the publication of the song "Eat It!" by Alyiah Arotica, involving an uncanny look alike of the Alometlaca's leader on a leash, being held by Calahindān leader Yiu Amistacia. This was no doubt in the mind of the heathen leader's mind that this was as much of a political move then just your 'traditional' Cala Genre stage performances. Since then, the Cala leader Amistacia has given an official statement of no more than the words "Die mad about it.". 

As of this month, there has been no official statement by the Alometlacan government on the issue beyond rumours of talks between Tagmatium and Calahindā's master, the Kingdom of Sēlos.

Due to the explicit nature of the "Eat It!" stage performances, no pictures will be provided of the music video. However an image of a Cathedral similar to the church the Calahindāns recreated for their footage will be put below, which was vetted beforehand with Alometlacan advisors.. We here at Truths of Metztli, recognising some of our less flattering articles in the past, at least try to be respectful to those of different cultures and religions in the modern era.




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The Capital Paper
"Standing Committee has announced an emergency meeting after 'unrecognised annexation of Fearannteth'."
"Halpapōca protests increase as prototype fertilisers are tested on national lands."


Standing Committee has announced an emergency meeting after "unrecognised annexation of Fearannteth"
An urgent high-level committee meeting is to take place twenty four hours after the announcement of the illegitimate takeover of the Kingdom of Fearannteth by the Europan Kingdom of Anglia. The announcement was first made public this morning through Oyussard channels. Currently Metztlitlaca has not recognised the imperialist annexation by the Europan power, however the Minister of Naval Logistics has made a public statement that the "unrecognised annexation of Fearannteth should not and will not be ignored by the Dominions of Metztlitlaca" as well as the Archpriest's public announcement that sanctions are likely to be discussed and imposed upon the Kingdom of Anglia and the illegitimate "Commissariat of Mesothalassa". 

It is likely that the Ministers and Priests of the Temple of the Warriors and the Higher Priesthood will also make an appearance at the meeting. Lieutenant General Tonato and two other generals of Sitallo have officially announced they would also be at the meeting tomorrow, confirmed by the take-off of private airplanes at Sita ti Fitoria Capital Airport towards central Metztlitlaca. An unnamed Seylosian and Kasekan representative has also been confirmed to be at the meeting due to disclosed information on the part of the Kasekan regional government.


Halpapōca protests increase as prototype fertilisers are tested on national lands.
The largest group of protestors congregated at the city of Činčay last night in protest of recent tests of new types of chemical fertilisers on the Halpapōca Dominion's national lands.
National lands are territories directly owned by the Metztlican government, primarily made up of ex-Archpriest territories or farm land confiscated from convicted criminals, that can be used for any purpose the government wishes. Much of this land is leased out cheaply to government-sponsored and government-approved corporations. Many of the protests began as several acres of farm land around Činčay - which were national lands - were repurposed as sites for the Metztliximic national company for the testing of new experimental chemical-based fertilisers. Protests rose as tests began on the 25th and 27th of May.

The current demands of the Činčay protestors are for the withdrawal of the Metztliximic test sites and the return of the national land as arable land. The CEO of Metztliximic, who is to remain anonymous, stated that it was a "shame that the people of Činčay have fallen to selfish short-term interests over the success and strength of the nation as a whole, and that the new fertilisers will aid in the growing independence of Metztlitlaca.".



Halpapōca Goat Herd near the city of Činčay. Picture provided by Metztlican National Geography Priesthood.

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The Truths of Metztli


Tonight's Headlines:

"Seylosian Imperialism: Kaseka Treaty is temporarily abolished."
"Economy officially in recession: government submits to Europa"


Three days ago the Standing Committee held a highly confidential meeting about the arrival of the imperialists of Anglia onto the shores of the Palu Peninsula. Last night the Standing Committee published and legalised a controversial paper; that the Kaseka Treaty - which has protected us from the overbearing tentacles of Seylos - has been temporarily abolished. The Kaseka Treaty was established by the South Palu Confederation on January 15th 1975 as part of a collection of treaties signed by South Palu and the Seylos to halt Seylosian imperialism, but it appears that the government thinks that to defeat an imperialist one must align themselves with another imperialist, one that still controls territory on our borders and puppets around the brainwashed minds of fallen 'Kasekan' Azlos. Now with the treaty nullified for an unknown duration, Europan Seylos can now station more than one military warship in our territorial waters and put our own naval protection at jeopardy. The nation is open and bare to the Anglos of Seylos and Anglia, it is almost certain the two Europans will attempt to assert their own claims on our sacred land, as many have done in the past, and attempt to set up their own colonies.


                     Photographed Seylosian Warship, 1954


It was also confirmed that the butchers of Sitallo: Maliano, Tonato, and Palisi, had been invited by the government to wipe their blood ridden hands on our nation by inviting them to speak directly with the Standing Committee, despite their constant human rights violations against their own populations. It is unknown what sort of unholy agreement was signed by the parties involved, however Maliano's private plane was seen leaving Altepetl Tekaken's airport a day into negotiations. Knowing the brute, most likely kicked out for his apeish behaviour.

More on Anglian Imperialism:
Anglian forces march on Fearannteth.
Fearannteth officially dissolved: Imperialists take power.
Anglian representatives located in The Triple Commonwealth.

· · ·

After 25 days in a row of the economy decreasing by more than 0.1%, the Temple of Finance has officially declared a recession which had begun since mid-May. This recession is most likely caused by the removal of the Sunset Sea Islands from the global economy, Anglian expansion upsetting economic trends, and rising tension on the western border with Sitallo. The result of this recession has led to the government submitting towards lesser Europan powers in a bid to set up new geopolitical relationships, this is most obvious with the recent announcement of a join partnership with the socialist nation of @DPR Velaheria, a side-ally to Fulgistan. Although exact deals are unknown and how exports and imports shall be conducted due to the controversial actions of Velaheria in the recent past, through leaks from the eastern refineries that Velaherian and other Europan states have begun to purchase sponsorships of now-defunct Sunset Sea Island aluminium and titanium mines. It is odd why our glorious nation would be wishing to conduct with such barbaric pseudo-socialists when The League has proven itself to be a capable economic bloc with potential new members who qualify to join LAANN.

It is likely that this unnecessary reliance on globalisation will continue to grow as the economy fully detaches itself from the Sunset Sea Islands.

More on Globalisation and Sunset Sea Islands:
Tagmatium and Metztlitlaca sign agricultural agreement
Embassies established with Delamaria
Sunset Sea Islands undergo hostile coup.

· · ·


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