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Troubles for the Emperor


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From the Epoch, a leading daily newspaper:


The Emperor suffered a humiliation last night when the Senate overruled an Imperial Decree. The Senate voted 13-4 to reject the Emperor's proposal, the minimum votes necessary. It is the first time in Kano's twenty-one year reign that this has occured. The Decree in question was a minor amendment to patent law.


Emperor Kano's desire to overturn Amnalos's ancient policy of isolationism has long been resented by the conservative section of the populace and none have expressed this feeling of discontent than Senator Wellard Frey. The conservative parties currently hold the balance of power in both houses of parliament.


It is possible that the Emperor will attempt to save face by allowing the Senate to regulate foreign affairs, rather than face a series of embarrassing overrulings. If this occurs, the conservatives will seek to limit Amnalos's involvement in the Europa cummunity.

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A friendly warning to the Government of Amnalos. Recently, across the region, the right-wing elements of several countries' population has risen in an attempt to over-throw their Government. This has happen in Tamurin, leading almost to Europa-wide war, and is happening in Tagmatium as we speak. It may lead to civil war. Thus, keep an eye on the right-wingers in your government and general populace, as they may be plotting revolution or insurrection.


Eugenius Wilson, Minister for Foreign Affairs

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To: Senator Gaius, Eugenius Wilson

From: Emperor Kano IV

Subject: Many thanks


I would like to thank both of you for your concern. This gesture of goodwill leaves me with no doubt that my intention to involve Amnalos in the Europa region has been the right one.


It is possible, however, that you have misunderstood the nature of the threat to my position. I assume you learnt of my troubles from the article that appeared in the Epoch? I find that publication to be clunky reading and seldom informative. Wellard Frey is a malevolent obstructionist who would like nothing more than to rule in my place, but the possibility of civil war is very remote. No, I believe that it is Frey's intent to reduce the Throne to a mere figurehead and rule from the Senate. I will not allow this to happen. I have been caught off guard and suffered a slap to the face as a result, but I can assure you that I will not stand for this. I'll say nothing more for now.


Finally, Mr. Wilson, it has saddened me to learn of the insurrection in your country. My sympathies are with both the leaders of Tagmatium and the innocent people who have been caught in this dreadful and unnecessary war. May the perpetrators of these crimes be brought to justice swiftly. Wars, or so I am given to understand, produce fuel shortages both during the battle and during the recovery. Because of this, I have decided to present Tagmatium with a gift of a substantial quantity of Amnalite oil to aid in defeating the rebels and repairing the nation. I give you my word that the Senate will not block me on this.


Yours sincerely,

Kano IV

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To: Emperor Kano IV

From: Commodus James, High Chancellor and Acting-Emperor


Such a move by your noble and honourable Empire gladdens the hearts of loyalist Tagmatines in our troubled times. We apologise for our slight mis-understanding, and hope our developing diplomacy can become a well-developed relationship between our nations in time.

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Selected from articles and editorials in today's Epoch.


The Emperor has given away 1.5 million barrels of oil to the distant, war-torn nation of Tagmatium, whose government is struggling to defeat a powerful rebel army. Four tankers departed Raga Amnalos harbour shortly before this paper went to press. <basic information about Tagmatium omitted>


After declaring to the Emperor, in effect, that international politics is off-limits just three days ago the Senate has accepted this perplexing generosity without putting it to a vote. It is unlikely that the Senate would put aside its strong isolationist agenda aside for the benefit of a country many Amnalites have never even heard of. We must question how the Emperor managed to bully the Senate into abandoning its principles, or risk a tyrannical ruler running a puppet Parliament and allowing foreign interests to dominate.


(OOC: 1. The Epoch is a typical conservative rag, not balanced reporting. It is slightly anti-Emperor and fanatically anti-Foreign-Nation.


2. I don't actually know anything about oil, but I did some googling and I think the amount I mentioned is in the right ball-park but feel free to correct me if I'm talking crap.


3. I haven't got a spot on the map yet but I'm eyeing plot #103)

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To Emperor Kano IV

From Gaius Reman Valiani, Dictator of the Serenissima of Burgundy-Brabant


It is pleasing to see there are still regimes out there that are unharried by this spate of uprisings. Many have died in our civil war, which still rages in the remote mountains of the north, but we are dedicated to bringing down dangerous right wing rebels. Should such a problem occur in Amnalos, we will support you just as we support Tagmatium.


Honours to your House!

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Another article from the Epoch:


After extensive research, the Epoch can now reveal the methods employed by Emperor Kano to slip his gift to Tagmatium through the Senate, which had just days before demonstrated both the power and willingness to oppose just such an action. His subversion of democracy is both devious and underhanded, but one cannot help but admire the Emperor's subtlety. The timeline for Friday goes as follows.


12:00 (approx)- The Emperor is assumed to have promised aid to Tagmatium in a confidential message.

12:30- Sells a large, unused, estate in the province of Darillac.

13:00-15:00- Uses the money to purchase large amounts of shares in several large mining corporations. The purchases are performed from the Emperor's private jet, en route to the mountains where the major mining corporations are located.

16:00-21:00- Uses his large shares percentage to force extraordinary board meetings in these corporations. Convinces the boards of the benefits of international trade, citing the strength of the Crown and ore prices in other Europan nations. Announces at these meetings his intent to open trade lines to Europa by his gift of oil.

21:30- The powerful mining lobby, which provides campaign funds to at least five Senators, declares its desire to trade internationally.

21:45- Emperor Kano informs the Senate, via telephone, of the gift. Senator Frey, realizing he no longer has the numbers to block a Decree, does not insist on putting it to a vote. The Decree comes into effect at midnight.

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(OOC: Bloody Hell! Your damned clever to do all that! That is way too tricksy for my mind!)


To: Amnalite Government/Senate/Emperor Kano

From: Tacitus Smith, Minister for Trade


In light of recent events within the government of Amnalos, and with the sending of the large amount of oil to us, the loyalist faction in Tagmatium, in the current civil war here, we would like to offer you a trade agreement. This will be debated within the proper environment. We accept that Amnalos may not be ready to accept such a move, and that the civil war in the Holy Empire is not over yet, and any move on your part would cause bad relations if, God forbid, the Conservative League of Tagmatium won the civil war. Please look at our trade agreement with the Holy Empire of Abyssio Abyssio Ministry for Trade for how this might look.

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