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I've got a couple of minor tweaks, if possible.

First, would it be possible to change the canal and the border to something more like the image attached? A straighter canal going through the shortest route from sea to sea makes more sense. The border can then reflect that and take less of a bite of the neighbouring country.

Secondly, could "Isthmeia" have its name changed to "Sporsia"? That's going to be the name of the country in Phase II of my expansion. I'm currently writing more of an in-depth piece for it which will be posted for critique and comments in the next week or so.


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Third, since it kind of makes sense - and I don't honestly know how this may have been made redundant by the canal - but can I get a port added? Historically, I imagine that this would have been the main Tagmatine port onto the Raga Sea and there would be major rail connections to it, too.

It may well have seen economic devastation when the canal was opened a few years ago, but there we go.

Can it be called "Dymafos"?


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