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Blessed be Indostan


Indostan. The land of fertility, opportunity, progress and glory. Those under the 'Flag of righteousness' live in a country free of racism, sexism and religious segregation. A country where the needy are not left behind, where the sick and elderly are not forgotten and unemployment levels are next to nothing, yes it safe to say that everyone in Indostan is able to obtain their destiny. 


Under the loving and mighty gaze of Indostan's police force, crime and corruption are dealt with quickly and effectively, leaving no place for rogue behavior to lure and grow. People here are proud and loving of the state, expressing their fondness through sheer acts of kindness and embracing not only their culture but other cultures as well. On all patriotic days, the national anthem can be heard in every city and town either through speakers or being recited by the people who will go on to dance, sing, eat and laugh for the rest of the day. 



Even the men and women who defend our nation are loving and proud, making effort to enjoy life as much as they value and fight for it. It is them that many of the younger generation look toward for inspiration.


The Heaven's have truly made Indostan the nation of unity and progress


Jai Indostan

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