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The Generic RP Starter Pack

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5 Beaten-to-Death RP Settings

Based on my memory, not in any particular order. Done to death, but practically impossible not to do at least once in an RP.

1. The Airport Arrival Posse

President Bob stepped out of his super cool jet. Surrounded by voracious journalists. A generic greeting party of some ministers and leaders awaited him. Fancy drinks in a car, something something politics…


2. The Busy Busy Briefing

Prime Minister Joe walked briskly down a hallway (that or is in an executive vehicle of sorts), his train of sycophants following not far behind… “Where are we with the Orinese?”, he asked. A young, attractive genderless secretary moves in-stride with him and hands him a dossier…


3. The Weirdly Dramatic One-on-One Meeting in a Fancy Office

Premier Ivan laughed cooly, high and aloof, as a mountain might. But President John was nonplussed. He was totally secure with his masculinity, and knew that his 1000 hospital ships could easily flatten the Premier's 2 Million Power Armoured Legionaries with ease… plus, he had just banged some 14 young interns in this very office. Something something back and forth my leader is more manly something something, we get it you have a big cock.


4. The “Hello, fellow Humans”, said your Leader Scene

In which the national leader is doing something decidedly ordinary and unimpressive but in a manner that is equally fancy, dignified, and better than your leader would do it.


5. The Electronic Communiqué which is like some weird snapshot of a computer screen that no one else should be seeing but is seeing anyway.

Beep boop <things in code brackets> [Beep boop] computer things mynationisveryadvanced {beep b00p} Military codes I made up ==Boop Beep== </end>



No, I'm not taking a shot at you. I have probably done all of the above at least once.

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