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Request: Esonice

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Nation in Europa: Esonice




Capital name: Esonyaveli

Capital location: Close to the ocean, ideally in a bay and flat lands.


Factbook link:  https://iiwiki.us/wiki/The_Serene_Kingdom_of_Esonice (Will be changed a lot)

Newsroom link: (will be canonised) 


Culture: A mix of Polish and Japanese cultures including some French, Chinese, Greek among other minor mixed elements. Though Esonice leans quite a bit to Asiatic. Arikaism (native beliefs of Esonice) is a mixture of Shintoist and Slavic pagan concepts and beliefs.


Climate: Ideally a climate similar to Japan/Southern China with humid conditions. Also the ability to grow cocoa. But I don’t mind a more wouldn’t mind a more tropical climate as long as it's humid and fertile and not a complete rainforest. (potentially a big island?)


Location The big island next to Giokto I am quite interested in, but i don’t know its size or its climate (I do have 2-3 other locations in mind)





(Quick map showing how Esonice will be if I get the location)

History: (Just important parts, Esonice’s history will be divided into Japanesque periods in the future) 

  1. first Esonian cultures (Velisians, Emisians, Alodians) 3000 BC
  2. Rise of agriculture and sedentary lifestyles, early logographic alphabet 2900-2000 BC 
  3. Rise of city states, clans and first warring states period 2000-1200 BC
  4. Rise of the Aranai dynasty (and dominance of Velisian culture) 1200-800 BC
  5. Sakiyomo Sakiyone plague and collapse of the Aranai 800-600BC
  6. Rise of new clans and second warring states period 600 BC-1 AD
  7. Unification of beliefs (Arikai) and idea of one nation by Liyana 1-100 AD
  8. Wars of beliefs - 100 - 400 AD
  9. Beginning of the 3 Hirugo Periods (Early Hirugo Period) 400-500 AD
  10. Third warring states period,Hirugo philosophy, beginnings of Modern Esonian language and culture (Early to high Hirugo Periods) 500-940 AD
  11. Wars of Esonian Unification (High Hirugo Period) 940-1010 AD
  12. Prosperous time focused on cultural development and trade, beginning of Esonian syllable alphabet (High to Late Hirugo Period) 1010-1150 AD
  13. Some clan revolts, throne squabbles, further cultural development (late Hirugo Period) 1150-1250 AD
  14. Decentralisation of power, weak monarchy because of powerful clan (1320), First isolationist period (Hirugo Period ends in 1300 AD) 1250-1500 AD
  15. Esonice falls into clan anarchy as monarchy weakens completely, fourth warring states period, Slavic cultural influence from trade(1500-1700 AD)
  16. Esonice reunifies under a new clan, foreign influence continues 1700-1800 AD
  17. Return to cultural development, Andallan missionaries, early modernisation, war on Christianity 1800-1910 AD
  18. Second isolationist period, Thalassan war and Sunset invasion of Esonice 1910-1950 
  19. Formation of democracy(1950), mass industrialisation, rise of financial sector, becoming a developed country (1980)
  20. 2000-2020?


(a lot of things may change)
Stats chosen - 1 2 1(preferred) or 2 2 0

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