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26 charged with domestic terrorism, Shengren Hei Jingyi approves death penalty sentencing.

President Chen Jiang applauds the State Peacekeepers for their excellent work in detaining these dangerous enemies of the State.

LI SHUN  | 28 APRIL 2020

Heiheren prison cell
The 26 men have been detained and sentenced to death by the Shengren, Hei Jingyi.

At 8:00 AM today, the State Peacekeeper Force (SPF) released a report detailing the crimes of 26 terrorists, and said that they are now under custody and awaiting sentences. The sentences came just 4 hours later at 12:05 PM, as another report was released, with Shengren Hei Jingyi's stamp of approval to sentence all 26 men to death by hanging.

While the charges for each criminal deviated slightly, all of them were charged with slandering the State and plotting the upheaval of society. The SPF says in their report that all of these men were conspiring to overthrow the President, the Shengren, and dismantle the entire government.

In a press conference later in the day at 6:30 PM, Li Feng, a spokesperson of the SPF, revealed that the men were apprehended late last night. He also revealed that these criminals have been under surveillance for several weeks now, and they are confident that they have captured all of the conspirators.

We reached out to President Chen Jiang to get his thoughts about the crimes and sentencing of these terrorists. This is what he had to say on the subject:

"These recent attacks towards the government is also an attack on Heiheguo itself. Our way of life is being attacked here. The detainment of these criminals fills me with relief. As for the sentencing, it will be a greater mercy for these men move on to their next life than to rot in a cell."

The families and close friends of these men are currently under investigation for aiding in their conspiracy. We will keep you updated with any further developments in this story.


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Grandmother of 35 reminds us what it means to be "Heiheren".

"Everyone I meet says that I remind them of their own grandmother."

LIU QIANG  | 1 MAY 2020

Wang Ying, pictured above, is a grandmother of 12 children and a total of 35 grandchildren.

What does it mean to be "Heiheren"? Maybe you could ask Wang Ying, a 82 year old grandmother of 35 who seems to show off exactly what it means. A loving, religious, charitable widow who does her best to be there for her family, community, and country.

"I go out every Friday to serve my community in any way I can. I give out fish and bread to my neighbors and even to random strangers I've never met. Almost everyone knows me nowadays, though. Everyone I meet says that I remind them of their own grandmother."

She's become famous around the Maoyishi Governorate for her Sayadia and pita bread. She says that her secret ingredient is love; isn't that just adorable? Not only is she so giving to others, but she also is a devote Heihe follower.

"Oh yes, I give my share to the church every week. I pray and fast and give sacrifice to the Gods. It's only right, after all that they've given me."

And what haven't they given this sweet old lady? She has a large, loving family, something all of us should strive for, and lives in a beautiful house with her oldest son and daughter-in-law.

"I'm so grateful to have a son like Wang Chao. He reminds me so much of his father, bless his soul. I know he'd be proud of where his first-born is today, with his wife and four children, proudly continuing the Wang family name."

Her other eleven children, seven sons and three daughters, all live close by. I know I would too, after getting a sample of her famous dishes! But she isn't just blessed by the Gods to give all of us a little smile in the morning or to serve us food. Wang Ying has something to teach everyone (even us men!). That a positive outlook on life can really get you far.

"I always say: 'do to others what you want done to you'. It's a simple rule that I live by which has gotten me to this old age, and I'm sure will keep me going for years to come."


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Classic Heiheren dishes that will leave your family asking for seconds.

Five easy dishes you could make at home for the whole family!

LIU QIANG  | 3 MAY 2020

Kushari dish
A mouth-watering Koshary dish (pictured above).

Ladies, it's time to head to the kitchen, because we've got some delicious recipes for you to make tonight! We've got three easy recipes that just scream "Heiheren cuisine." Make these, and they'll leave your family asking for seconds!

Koshary, above. Basically the staple dish of Heiheguo, this recipe is a must-know for all of you stay-at-home mothers! Even without any meat, it'll fill up your husband and kids no problem! And, for a more authentic, ancient taste, add about a tablespoon of garlic.


Fava Beans, specifically in tahini sauce! This is a dish that goes great with some traditional Heiheren pita bread. You can even add a dollop of yogurt to give it a sweeter taste if you desire!


Lentil Soup. A hearty soup that's great for the winter time. The recipe linked here has no animal fats, but you can put in whatever matches your taste buds! I'm a big fan of when my wife makes it with some lamb fat. It gives it that authentic taste that, without it, doesn't taste as Heihren to me.


Heiheren Rose Leaves. Some delicious rose leaf cookies for your husband or loved ones. One thing that's important to note about this recipe is the amount of rose water required. I would recommend doubling the amount in this link, as it can lead to an even stronger rose taste!


Om Ali. Another delicious dessert to make after a delicious meal, this is one that really takes the cake. Or rather, takes the pudding! Many say that this dish is similar to the bread pudding, but there's a lot that makes this dish uniquely Heiheren. For one, it originated here! As for what you can do to give it that authentic ancient flavoring; nothing!


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Thirty dead and over fifty injured after a major railway accident.

The Heiheren Railway Authority is currently unsure of the cause, but say that Peacekeeper forces are currently investigating into the incident.

WANG SHUN | 9 MAY 2020

A general view of people by the wreckage after two passenger trains collided close to Gungkoshi. Reports state at least 30 people were killed and many more injured when the two trains collided head on.

Two passenger trains collided this Saturday, the 9th of May 2020, just outside of the major port city of Gungkoshi, killing at least 30 people and injuring about 52, according to two medical officials. A statement by the Heiheren Railways Authority (HRA) said a train traveling to Gungkoshi from Xincheng crashed into the back of another train, which was waiting at a small station in the Fenlie region, just North of Gungkoshi.

The stationary train had just arrived from Port Gungkoshi when it was hit, according to the statement released by the HRA. The statement did not say what caused the accident, saying only that the SPF would be investigating.

Video footage from the scene showed mangled train coaches on the tracks as hundreds of onlookers and victims' relatives gathered around on both sides of the tracks. Ambulances were standing by and Peacekeepers were deployed to keep the onlookers away from the scene of the disaster.

Today's accident was the deadliest rail accident since 2010, when at least 40 people were killed when two commuter trains collided near Xincheng.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims of this awful accident.


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UPDATE: Peacekeeper authorities release information on Saturday's deadly train crash.

The conductor of one of the trains says, "the brakes just stopped working." However, Peacekeeper investigators say that the brakes were tested and worked fine.

WANG SHUN | 13 MAY 2020

Spokesman Li Feng, pictured above, at SPF Conference 10052020-01.

Following the railway accident last Saturday, the 9th of May 2020, State Peacekeepers have been sent to investigate the cause behind the deadly accident. Today, spokesman Li Feng has announced the findings of the State Peacekeeper Force investigation.

The conductor of the stationary train claimed that he had been at the station for about ten minutes before the second train came and rear-ended his. However, the second conductor, who is currently in critical condition, claims that the train had suddenly stopped right in front of him. After video evidence proved that the stationary train had been stopped for about nine minutes before the accident, the second conductor, Liu Changpu, claimed that the brakes on his train just "stopped working," and that he couldn't slow down in time. Disproving him yet again, the SPF investigators showed Liu Changpu that the salvaged brakes worked fine.

After this, Li Feng reported that Liu Changpu confessed to be "meditating" when the accident happened. He has been charged for "domestic terrorism" and will be put into a State prison as soon as he recovers.

Despite a mechanical malfunction being ruled out, President Chen Jiang announced after the SPF conference that he would be putting forth a new act to increase the budget for the Ministry of Transport.

"Even if Saturday's accident wasn't caused by a mechanical malfunction, it is undeniable that State's railways are in a sorry state. We must increase the budget to the Ministry of Transport and modernize our holy State's infrastructure to ensure accidents like these never happen again."

The total amount to be allocated to the Ministry and how it will be used is currently unknown.

Shengren Hei Jingyi also commented on the recent disaster, letting the country know that the victims of the accident have all passed on to the afterlife. He then also said that, all of the currently hospitalized who faithfully believe in the Church and State shall be healed very soon.


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President Chen Jiang gives an official statement on the conflict in Ceris.

Currently no definite word on whether or not the State will be sending aid towards the people of Ceris. President says "if we can, we will."

WANG SHUN | 30 MAY 2020

Damaged house in Ceris
(Pictured) War-torn houses in Ceris in on-going conflict.

After several months of deliberation by the State, President Chen Jiang said the following in a Presidential Conference:

"Our hearts ache for the people of Ceris, hearing the suffering they are all going through. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to officially support the people of Ceris, but we will do everything in our power politically to lessen their suffering. Also, at this time, the State does not officially recognize any claims on the island, as the political landscape is constantly changing, and we want to ensure we are supporting the government that will support the people of Ceris. I will be answering questions now on the State's stance towards the current conflict."

One of the questions asked by one of our correspondents, Liu Ru, was whether aid was being considered, even if it wasn't possible at the moment.

"If we can, we will. The State would like to support all those who are suffering, but we must look inward and help our own people before we can go outward and help others."

Another question from a correspondent of the River Flows news agency asked President Chen Jiang if any troops would be moved from the northern border to assist in the conflict of Ceris.

"Like I said, the State is not recognizing any claims on Ceris at this time. Sending our troops in would mean either supporting one side, or becoming our own side. Also, we still must protect our own border, as the Beifang-Diren are armed on our border. Leaving would mean the end of the State."

The questions then took a turn towards the Beifang-Diren border, such as whether or not the State would be going to war with the Diren to secure the north.

"We have no plans to declare war on our northern neighbor. We are currently in talks the Prime Minister to sort out this border trouble and get our troops back to their loving wives and families."

After this, President Chen Jiang ended the press conference and refused to answer any further questions.


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