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[Academy Submission] Esonya Weekly Tales

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From Sleep to Sugar Rush

In a sleepy farming town in the valleys of Juraba Province, a great divide has been struck between the local community of Viroveli and the loved chocolate company ‘Kao-Kao’; who has desired to build massive cacao plantations in the area. Kao-Kao on the 27th of March purchased large tracts of land with the approval of the local authorities of the town - stating that the company has the intention of creating new jobs and helping with the development of the town, also trying to attract cityfolk to come live and work in the town. “This place needs a shake up” one passionate Kao-Kao representative has stated to EWT journalists. “We've been looking at the rundown places like Viroveli in Juraba for quite awhile, and the potential they are wasting” he continued telling the media. 


After local farmers and businesses heard of Kao-Kao moving in and their plans for the small community, they went up in arms. Demanding the local authorities to retake “their land” and protect local business, despite Kao-Kao reassuring them that they had no intention of hurting local business with their venture. The local council received several letters of complaints from farmers, local business owners and families that were going to be affected by this decision - But the local authorities remained silent on the matter and told the dissenting townsfolk that their potential losses shall be relieved and given new homes if needed. 


EWT journalists at Viroveli asked the local authorities why they took up the offer. One local representative told the media that it's for the greater benefit of the town to allow companies like Kao-Kao to come and help with employment. “We believe a lot of good will come out of this agreement” he told the media. “It will add new income to the town and allow us to join the wider economy” he continued.


The decision enraged local businesses and farmers being very unhappy with the decision, resulting in a start of an aggressive town-wide activist campaign against Kao-Kao on the 3rd of April. EWT interviewed some business owners, farmers and affected families, asking them for their opinions on the matter and why they are doing this campaign against Kao-Kao. Many said that ‘“this was blatant gentrification of the town”, explaining to the media that this threatened many residents incomes and businesses; also continuing to say that with the town’s council and Kao-Kao’s intention of bringing in cityfolk, it threatened the local culture and Viroveli’s way of life; despite once again Kao-Kao reassuring that they had no such plans. 


The campaign against Kao-Kao managed to garner support from other angry residents who wanted to protect the town from what they called “predatory’ conglomerates” like Kao-Kao. A recent poll on the 11th of April by the known Esonian research and data firm ‘Esostatics’ showed that approximately 67% of the 15,483 residents interviewed agreed that Kao-Kao should leave the town. While 23% said they don’t know while 20% actively encouraged Kao-Kao to build the plantations and help the town prosper. With this data collected, the hostile leaders of the anti-Kao-Kao campaign gave the local council an ultimatum stating, to either comply with resident demands or face protests. 


However, the local authorities stood their ground and continued to assure everyone that Kao-Kao was going to stay and help the town grow and prosper; calling the group out as ignorant and refusing to change and modernise for the betterment of the town. Kao-Kao was thankful with this decision, but the enraged residents weren’t. EWT once again interviewed residents after the decision, with many falling to conspiracy calling the local council as “corrupt”’ and believed that “shady business was going on behind the scenes” with little evidence.


On the 16th of April big protests sparked on the streets, marching towards Kao-Kao’s farmlands that were still under preparation with new infrastructure being under construction. This halted the town’s productivity and many innocent residents not involved in this also became affected by the disturbance. Police were called upon to keep peace during the protests, but things were escalating. A counter-protest was organised only a day later against the anti-Kao-kao protestors, mostly made up of young people who supported the company. But unfortunately even though the police’s best efforts to maintain calm, conflict broke out. An enraged farmer from the anti-Kao-Kao protest threw a molotov cocktail at the construction site which caused a tragic explosion killing 12 construction workers.  


The event shocked many across the nation after it was reported by media outlets for the whole nation to see, and this formerly local event became a focus of national attention. Violence persisted after the horrible explosion with the hostile anti-Kao-Kao protestors and counter protestors fighting against each other, blaming each other over what happened and how it could have been prevented. Local authorities became divided over the matter and a few town representatives came out against Kao-Kao saying “it was the reason for causing such disruption to the town’s peace”. But many still supported Kao-Kao and continued calling out the violence. Juraban authorities have also been called upon to help deal with the issue and potentially calling in rioting police to end the protests.


As of the 21st of April, the protests are still ongoing and Juraban authorities still are thinking about the solution to the issues in Viroveli. Some have said on the internet that the situation in Viroveli is “representative of many similar problems other towns and villages” are facing over “gentrification” and the “invasion of city culture into the countryside”, but little supported evidence suggests that. 


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A Thirst for Games

A man in Esonyaveli attempted to rob a local video game store in the Maimedo District called ‘Game On’ on Friday morning at 13:37 AM. The man in question, who shall not be named, has reportedly walked into the district centre at 10:30 AM half naked, wearing no trousers. Threatening passers-by with a wooden stick.


“I was very perplexed” one women told who had said she was threatened by the man, telling  her that he needed her child for reasons that remain unspecified. “I have never seen such abrupt behaviour in my life!” she continued telling EWT journalists. The man kept on with such behaviour throughout the hours before the attempted robbery at the Game On store. Confusing many, threatening locals with either giving up something or buying him a specific game. He reportedly demanded people to buy him the latest building simulator with cute animals called ‘Ikogomi’ focused around developing an island paradise. “He looked utterly  unhinged!” another passer-by said to EWT journalists. Strangely though the man wasn’t reported to actually hurt anyone during this time. Except a few suspicious physical interactions such as thigh touching which some called assault.


Eventually the police were called by a few locals to finally end the man’s shenanigans; though the police ranked the case non-severe which meant this situation wasn’t as important as another situation happening currently during that time. So the man continued bobbling on the streets before finally entering the ‘Game On’ store, storming it. The man has been shown in the footage to wear a plastic transparent bag in a laughable attempt to hide his identity. He threatened the employees at the cash registry with his stick to give him the video game ‘Ikogomi’. While other customers looked at the man dumbfounded and slowly started leaving the store. 


The employees could tell that the man was in a complicated mental state and likely under the influence of recreational substances or alcohol. So they told the man to stay at the cash registry while someone went to get the game. The man complied and waited patiently. But the painful truth was that one employee in fact went to call the police to take the man away immediately. But unfortunately for them the man overheard the phone call in the other room behind the cash register and got enraged. He started trying to whack the employees with his stick which left red marks on some employees present during the event. The man then reportedly ran to the aisles to get the game he was looking for. But unfortunately for him, he ran into one aisle which then collapsed onto him, nearly crushing him, but finally ending his clownery. 


The man a few minutes later was taken away by the police to the hospital to be checked for any damages and any sign of drug use; which returned positive. After the events, he was assigned to weekly therapy sessions to stop such behaviour from ever happening again.  

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