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A light in the dark - (Esonian story extract)

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Sanomi was heading down towards the Maimedo district over the Kamagewa river to satisfy his starving stomach, craving food. The Maimedo district had the only fully functioning commercial area in Esonyaveli; it was just partially devastated by the war that raged over Esonice. The district itself was very fortunate to only be partially destroyed because of its close proximity to the capital’s beating heart and residence of the nation’s royalty and government. It broke Sanomi’s heart every time he had to cross the Kamagewa river. He dreaded crossing it. The reason being was that of his tear-inciting memory of the once breathtaking Botanical bridge that stood upon the sparkling waters of the river. The botanical bridges of the capital were architectural and colourful marvels to gaze upon that stood on south and north of the city’s centre; from their once blinding golden railings and mouth-jarring tall towers. The artistic patterns and botanical gardens on the bridge weren’t a laughing matter either. But the mesmerizing glory of the ancient bridges that protected the heart of the metropolis, were now nothing, but a distant memory. A massive heart-tearing pile of rubble drifted away by the blood-filled river amidst a civilisation in ruins. Sanomi knew that like the burned traditional buildings before him, those old things that symbolized Esonian glory were forever gone into the books of history and fairytale.


The only way to get across the two rivers were now simple temporary wooden bridges that replaced all the exterminated bridges. The wooden bridges in question were constantly filled with hordes of people, desperate to get across from one side to another to their destinations. Sanomi made his way without question though, he has long stopped caring about anything and anyone around him after the war. Every inch of ground reminds him of his and many other fallen soldiers' failure, failure to defend the Serene Empire. He thought because of his failure, now the entire nation was suffering in the suffocating grasp of poverty and political turmoil. Under the foreign feet of the so called ‘good guys’ that claim to bring freedom and prosperity, but so far brought to the nation humiliating national tragedy. Nothing but a sword that pierced into the once zealous pride Esonians once had, that and their families and homes. To Sanomi’s mind the ‘good guys’ were nothing but hedonistic parasites, thieves and barbarians that came to annihilate his glorious bastion of civilization. And all this was because of his failure to defend his homeland.


During Sanomi’s torturing thoughts, he arrived at the wooden bridge that was the gateway to the Maimedo district. Sanomi observed as the massive animal-like hordes were trying to get on and off the bridge at the same time. Unlike a lot of people else, Sanomi didn’t hesitate to forcefully get his way through to get to his destination. “Unmannered dog!” one furious woman shouted at Sanomi as he pushed her out of his way, causing her to collapse and drop her basket full of goods. He didn’t waste much of his attention on her outrage, not caring and just going on.


Among the large stampedes, was a young girl standing with a basket made of straws, full of bright yellow flowers in hand. The yellow flower represents happiness and youth within Esonian culture.


The young cheerful girl chirped joyfully into the speeding crowds and ignored her. 

The girl in question wore a vermillion rich skirt and a white collar t-shirt, she had up to knee white socks and black shoes. The girl was just looking all around the place. Sometimes even directly into the depressing ruins of the botanical bridge asking if it wants a flower. Is she blind? Something doesn’t feel right about her, Sanomi thought to himself as he was going past the energetic girl. Trying to ignore her obnoxious display and trying to resist his curiosity. The girl among the people just stood out, how could she be so happy among all of this sea of despair around her? Even with his best attempts to ignore, the girl made Sanomi happy in a way, happy in that someone was at least positive out of all of this and maintained a happy joyful presence. Sanomi then went on, but suddenly the girl squeaked in fear.

“One yellow flower for only a few coins-!” 

The girl got knocked onto the hard filthy wood beneath her; The flowers raining down all around her. 


This caught Sanomi’s attention right back and angered him, immediately looking back at the now panicked girl in front of an enraged old towering man. Flowers from the basket settled themselves all around the girl, now getting stomped by the passing masses. Having their rich sun yellow petals crushed and torn apart, darkened beneath the feet of the uncaring stampede rushing by. Also ignoring the girl’s misery.

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