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NationStates: New World Assembly Secretary-General!

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The Election is over! After four days of stump speeches, tense back-room negotiations, and political deal-making, we have a brand new office-holder: Congratulations to WA Secretary-General @@JGConfig::nice_name("kuriko", 2)@@!

This Election saw the introduction of Running Mates, so for the first time we also have a nation ready to step forward should the situation demand it: Vice Secretary-General @@JGConfig::nice_name("the_salaxalans", 2)@@.

I have to say, this was an amazingly positive and good-spirited campaign period. Well done to everyone who participated, whether you ran for office, boosted for a candidate, or just tossed in a vote!

And thank you to outgoing WA Secretary-General @@JGConfig::nice_name("Caelapes", 2)@@, who, you have to say, didn't put a foot wrong during a fine four years in office.

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