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NationStates: New Thing By Guy Who Made The Site

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People often ask me, "Max, why don't you stop writing novels and just work on NationStates full-time?" And I'm like, "Uh, that's kind of offensive. Writing novels is my passion. It's what I love to do." But by then they've wandered off because they don't really care unless there's a web game.

But guess what? This time, there's a web game!

Play the Providence Battle Simulator

It's no NationStates. I'll be honest. But you might find it a fun diversion during these turbulent times.

There's also a book. You might have heard of Providence from the ads on this site. It's about four people on a spaceship who are trillions of miles from home and have to fight aliens who spit black holes.

Providence by Max Barry

“★★★★★ Extremely smart... This is Barry’s masterstroke... page-turning anticipation which pays off beautifully.” —SFX

“Brain-bending adventure” —Newsweek

“★★★★★ Easily the first, best book to beat this year” —Bradley Horner's Book Reviews

“A light-hearted thriller with a superb dark, existential sting in its tail.” —The Sunday Times (UK)


United_States_of_Americat1.png United_Kingdomt1.png Canadat1.png Australiat1.png New_Zealandt1.png

Learn More • Buy Now • Reviews

If you're looking for a good book, or a way to support authors who make satiric web games in their spare time, give it a look! Thank you.

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I was thinking of picking it up.

The book Company was pretty good and I was working in the office of large multinational at the time, so it felt like the same sort of culture.

Machine Man was a bit mediocre.

Lexicon, however, was f*cking great.

What is holding me back is that I don't want to give money to Amazon and buying it seems a bit spurious right now.

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