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10,000 POSTS!!!!!

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Well guys, today we have hit our 10,000 post on the boards.


*Walks over to EE and smacks him with a large fish, maybe a trout*


good job guys! thanks to EE, BN, Phil, O, Van, Me and everyone else who has posted something. TR, Meteorola, Tarium and all the other RPers have made the RP boards alive and kickin so thanks to you guys too!




...phil... i hope thats not your hand... *shivers*

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phil, youre a sick, sick dude but thats why we love ya! and hey everyone, did you hear? Meteorola's buyin the rest of the drinks tonight! enjoy!


and i didnt thank everyone because everyone helps! but thanks to Karpathos, Kant, CJ, Argenland, Spyder, cheesefish, SG, San Ba, Klostopia and whoever else i didnt meantion. smile.gif

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Nice. smile.gif This forum is a great place and I always enjoy being here.


I believe that 10.000 posts is an awesome number, but it pleases me more to see that these posts come from everyone. You guys make the forum, everyone should get a personal congrats.


On to 20.000 now! biggrin.gif

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