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A Changing Crop

Guest Theo

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Technology evolves faster than us humans, at some point I feel left behind.  Growing up on a Cotton farm in the desserts of Socorro, I remember my grandfather in astonishment at how we pumped water and fed the hungry cotton plants, in his day, all they could grow were figs, and few of those at best.  Yet things change, and my farm has adapted at breakneck pace, and I have to change with it.  Now, our cotton plants sit atop waterbeds filled with Tilapia, they grow much faster, and use less water.  They sit in massive greenhouses, heat from the sun beating down on them.  I am maybe the last farmer to adapt to this.  I rode the train from Socorro to Al'meria.  Looking out at the hills all I saw were greenhouses filled with crop.  The fish taste good I guess, and it's good, uses less water.  I'll be damned if my daughter doesn't learn how to till a field.

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