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Request: Grenesia

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Nation in Europa: Commonwealth of Grenesia

Capital name: Karlitch

Capital location: Marked on map below with yellow star


*if possible: The brighter the red, the more desired area - and I'd rather be on the north, if the coverage is still too large. This map could also be my expansion plan in further future.

Factbook link (IIWiki): https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Grenesia

Newsroom link:

Culture: Yasic, partly Catholic, partly pagan, pacifist, traditionalist. Could be compared to Slavic/Nordic.

Climate: partly temperate, partly Mediterranean

Location: Marenesia Major (look map above). I'm considering relocation if the mods say other factors don't match.

• first mentions of a Grenesian ruler - 1005
• Kingdom established - 1285 (Grenesia embraces Catholicism)
• Renewed Kingdom - 1489 (Grenesia breaks apart in 1453, unified by Yarovit III Karlitch)
• First Commonwealth - 1581 (Grenesia embraces direct oligarchic democracy, religious freedom)
• Second Commonwealth - 1803 (Grenesia embraces direct democracy and develops its structures)
• Third Commonwealth - 1947 (Grenesia turned into communist dictatorship)
• Fourth Commonwealth - 1990 (Grenesia abolishes communism)



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I think that the whole area is probably a bit too big and the brighter red area is the bit you'd likely get.

Earmarking it as a potential future expansion area is a wise plan, and any potential placement of other nations will reflect that. That said, if you do get any new neighbours in the future, there is quite a lot of those large Marenesian islands to go around.

Have you spoken much to your future neighbours, @Batengdei, @Salvia and @Gallambria?

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Hey @Grenesia, so, purely from reading your previous posts, I would have never guessed that area was where your country was located in your imagination. The post-Soviet feel definitely put it in Argis in my head, where most such countries are located.


Iirc, there were talks once about how that area was largely occupied by a USSR-like superstate that broke up into many of the countries visible in that part of the map.

On 3/20/2020 at 8:31 PM, Grenesia said:

Culture: Yasic, partly Catholic, partly pagan, pacifist, traditionalist. Could be compared to Slavic/Nordic.

Climate: partly temperate, partly Mediterranean

These aspects would make an Argic position even more logical for you. The southern coast of Argis would fit your climatic descriptions and proximity to @Cavunia, a catholic Polish-like country and @Prymont, our regional nordic powerhouse, would make the setting of your nation much more plausible than the middle of Marenesia, which would make much more sense for a post-colonial state.

(Yellow being mediterranean climate)

Personally, I think this area would be quite fitting for you, as it would fir both your climatic, political and cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, a strategic position such as this would have major influences on your political and economic potential. Much lore could also have been built on theoretical socialist superstates wanting to seize your territory to challenge @Variotan control over the Keelpijp.


Let me know what you think about this idea.

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Hi! I've asked around and it seems that none of our mentors or mods have shared our balance sheet with you yet! 

The balance sheet has been thought up to allow every new player to get a fair chance while also ensuring that it remains fair and interesting for everyone. It's a bit of a read but it tells you exactly why, what and how. Please read it through and let me know through Discord PM or PM here on the forums about your decision in regards to point distribution, as it'll impact the amount of land, population and GDP per capita you'll be able to take!

Should you have any questions, please first read the FAQ located in the document. Should your question not be answered by them, feel free to PM me either here or on Discord and I'll do my best to aid you.

Balance sheet & info

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I had messaged about it on Discord yesterday, but let me say it here once again.


Google Eurth Pro says its area is 297 473 km^2, which would take 2 starting points (from here),

1 point for population 21-35 million,

1 point for GDP 9,000-24,000, but it'd be somewhere closer to the lower treshold,

4 points total.

What do you think?

Edit: The southern border is a subject to change.

Edit2: As I looked up your climate zones map, I'd be in the sub arctic zone. So screw this map, I'd rather be where @Sunset Sea Islands suggested.

Edit3: new map? The area is similar.


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Keep in mind that taking that location means aligning some parts of your history to fit the bits that are already in place for the area, the Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen and how it applies to the Keelpijp being one of them. In addition, I currently have Lukinagrad set down as the capital of a historic empire that slowly collapsed so that'd mean that certain western parts of your nation would have been later additions to your nation.

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The Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen is mentioned here and I believe I mention it a couple of times here and there on other threads (such as here). Historically, the Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen made nations accept Variotan hegemony over the Keelpijppassage as well as provide a section of land in each port of importance (which generally meant any port seeing enough international trade) on the Keelpijp. In return, Het Huisselant protected the waters and enabled all trade vessels from ratifiers to pass through and trade without costs. Throughout the ages, it developed further and is currently the ACTF (Agreement on the Continuation of the Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen). One could deny signing it back in the day but that would have lead to rampant attacks by the Frijkaapers, Variotan privateers whose attacks also ended up ending the Lukan Empire, until you did sign. The section of land requirement was removed from the treaty at some point or another in history and the treaty now offers all merchant vessels safe and neutral passage through the Keelpijp, among other goodies. 

The ACTF dictates that no third-party military vessels, thus from nations not bordering the Keelpijp, can come into the Keelpijp waters without explicit permission from the Executive Chair, it promotes cooperation among the various states to project the Keelpijp from piracy and such, nations work together more, etc. The various nations come together in the Treaty Council (not set on the name), which is led by the Executive Chair, which is permanently held by us. It's basically a treaty protecting the waters so that they remain neutral for trade purposes as well as a loose consortium of nations working together in certain efforts. Variota still provides the majority of security forces.

Your location on the Keelpijp would mean that you've been part and are part of the Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen and the ACTF. You're on the edge though so you could just opt-out with no hard feelings, although that'd also mean that you would have been and still are in a lesser situation trade and diplomacy-wise in regards to the Keelpijp.

Lukinagrad has its own iiwiki page, where its empire is briefly mention as well. There's also my expansion RP that led to Lukinagrad's inclusion into Het Huisselant which might give some insight into the nation. The Lukan Kingdom started in 1061 and managed to grow until 1534/8, when their denial to sign the Treaty of Ferrefaaierhafen meant that their fleets were slowly being killed off. The nation never recovered and started a slow descent into stagnation and other such fun until it completely lost its outer territories in 1828, as the last King died and the last sections of the nation turned into a democracy.

Realistically, that'd mean that parts of your western area would have been part of the Lukan Kingdom until some date that we'd have to determine. I would probably say dates in the late 18th century would work with perhaps some of the western fringes waiting to flip, be declared war on by you, whatever else until 1828.

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