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A business trip through Antreior (RP Academy)

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Getting up out of the cramped airliner seat, Frederick Johnnes was happy to finally be in Antreior. He didn't know much about it, though he knew his boss wanted to see what business prospects there were to be in the small nation. Frederick was a small executive at a large multinational airline that was slowly trying to get into the Domestic transport networks of the world. Frederick, through his title as Regional Development Strategist, was the unlucky soul who had to fly to all these nations and get a feel for the airline industry. He walked up the jetbridge a few feet before getting trapped in Antreior's infamous airport security lines. Security at airports was tight everywhere, that was for sure, but in Antreior it was a couple levels above even the tightest airports Frederick has visited. A customs officer motioned people through a standard security checkpoint, while their bags were searched by officers of the Antreian Federal Police's Customs and Border Bureau. Frederick was warned that, even though he may be able to enter the country, his every move would be watched closely. Foreigners are not to be discouraged, though certain areas are off limits for them. They cannot drive on certain highways, take pictures at certain places, and stay in certain hotels. The government's health bureau recommended against free travel for foreigners, and so, it was put into law all not that long ago. Antreior's Technocratic Autocracy was a point of fascination for Frederick, having never been in a nation that adopted those ideals or the ideology. 

After being waived through the checkpoint, Frederick made his way through the terminal while taking notice of the tinted glass encased catwalk in the center of the terminal. Unknown to all those passing through the international terminal, observers from several different government bureaus took notes on those entering the nation. Those notes would be uploaded to a database which would grow over time to include several different observations. These observations would then be scored by a behaviorist, who would issue a threat rating upon conclusion of scoring.  Frederick, not knowing he was about to be scored, climbed into a "foreigner-only" taxi, and was on his way to his state-designated entry hotel. Foreigners entering Antreior were subject to a quarantine for at least 24 hours, both due to a medical fear and to wait on the score of the foreigner. Frederick, once he exited the taxi, was informed of the process to further gain entry completely, and reluctantly put his grudges aside, and decided to make the best of the state imposed quarantine. 

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