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The Fox Missile Series Development (RP Academy)

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The Antreian Department of Defense's Office of Strategic Weapons Systems, or OSWS, has begun work on a brand new missile system. The Fox series, as the missile has been named, will be an entire suite of missiles suited for all intercept ranges through it's different variants. The Antreian aerospace company Craddock Enterprises is the main private partner in the development, though, unusually, this development is spearheaded by the government's own research and testing arm itself. The series is planned to contain six different missile types: Fox I, Fox II, Fox III, Fox LR, Fox Advanced, and the Carpal HAIM (High Altitude Intercept Missile). Several other variants are planned if the system proves it's effectiveness in testing, such as the Fox-SLR with a range of 600 nautical miles; the Fox ASAT, an anti satellite missile with a kinetic warhead or even the Carpal HAIM-ABM, the High Altitude Intercept Missile - Anti Ballistic Missile. All development is slated to be done within the decade, with the first field test rumored to be around five or six years out for the normal variants. The more advanced variants will take longer, of course, and will take around twenty to thirty years if everything goes as scheduled. 

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