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[ACADEMY RP] The Emperor Invites

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                                                          The Emperor Invites you

Greetings all of Eurth. Every man, women, child and pet that lives under the eternal heaven's light. 

March 10th marks the 226th anniversary of the The Dàahivén Emperor's ancestors claiming the 'Mandate of Heaven' and restoring peace to Indostan's glorious lands. This event falls into the same day as the festival of colour in the nation so of course, this calls for a celebration and as such the Emperor along with 100 professional celebration planners have organised a most amazing gathering for you all to attend.

This event is completely free as the government of Indostan and Royal family wish to show their warmest of welcomes and open the country to the world's splendid people to see life in our most beautiful country. Those who attend shall experience both traditional and modern ways of celebration in Indostan, hear the music of the people, enjoy the food of the land, see the traditional clothing of the country, watch live sport matches and dance (optional) alongside Indostan's diplomats, public, soldiers, governmental bodies and even the Royal family themselves. There is much more but it would be ridiculous to tell you when you can experience it instead!

holi-festival.jpg - Festival of colour 

Worry not about security, Indostan's police force and special Dūr iĺim troops shall stand guard at all times to protect the peace. 

All you need to do is arrive at Jīna Śahaì Grand City Center on March 10th and enjoy the week long festival (you may leave anytime). 


We look forward to see all those who show.

- Anai Achliu (Emperor's head of festivals)

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