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Cristina Maxima Korvini (10 February 1760 – 29 December 1797) was the the fifth queen of Cristina. She reigned over the Kingdom of Saint Christ from 1778 to 1797.

Born at the Korvini's Palace in Saint Christ, Cristina Vera was the first daughter of King Carlo Korvini of Saint Christ and Queen Carolina Maxima Korvini. She was the only one of their children to survive infancy. She had three younger sister, Tereza Devota (1762-65), Paolina Francesca (1766-69) and Francini Tereza (1771–77).

Queen Cristina Maxima Korvini the Unbeaten (1780).

Because she had no brothers, Cristina became the heiress to the throne of Saint Christ. Her father decided that her future husband should assume the surname of Korvini and rule Saint Christ jointly with her. 

After the death of her father, Cristina traveled from Coeur to Saint Christ on 4 April 1778 and received an enthusiastic reception from the populace. She was crowned Queen Cristina Maxima Korvini of Saint Christ on May of the same year.

On 20 October 1781, at the age of twenty one, she married Prince Goran Mandic of Skrovja after the Korvini family had proposed him as a candidate in the aftermath of the truce in the Battle of Sabatini (1780), fought by the Saint Christ Army and the Korvini's Flottiglia against Skrovjan invaders by land and sea. His candidacy was supported by Queen Cristina herself, as a means of establishing political alliances, trade and peace between Saint Christ and Skrovja and consolidate Orthodox Church influence in the region. Prior to this, Cristina's father was eager to wed his daughter to a Tatiani cousin. This marriage did not materialise due to the poor finances of the Tatianis at the time.

Cristina and Goran had three children. Her husband preferred to stay in Velija, Skrovja, instead of Saint Christ, where he had several mistresses.



Naval stage of the Battle of Sabatini, by Felipi Gramscini (1800)

Also known as The Unbeaten due to her role in the Battle of Sabatini, Cristina Maxima Korvini proved to be a military and political genius, having distinguished herself commanding troops during the conflicts against the powerful army and navy of King Petrus Mandic of Skrovja.

Under her rule, the Kingdom of Saint Christ became a stable, flourishing city-state. During this time, she improved the infrastructure and military of Saint Christ. Queen Cristina Maxima also reformed the taxation process. Her reign is known as Pax Cristina because during her reign diplomacy flourished. The Kingdom's economy was dominated by wealthy industrialists and bankers and she followed conservative policies, especially under the influence of Minister of State Franco DiMango during the period (1785–95).


King Goran Mandic Korvini of Saint Christ


Cristina Maxima founded the Royal Bank of Saint Christ (today Royal Bank of Cristina) in 1785 and the Korvini Overseas Trade Company (today Korvini Corporation) in 1787. She also promoted friendship with the Kingdom of Mantella and sponsored their colonial expansions.

Although she was married, Cristina was open about her homosexual behaviour. She made a strict distinction between her role as queen, in which she could not compromise, and her personal role, which was entirely pleasant and courteous. Cristina had a secret romantic affair with Signora Isadora Dellamare, Countess of Sabatini, from 1783 to 1788, and a more open one with Signora Giulia Campesini, a third cousin of her, 1790-91.

At the end of 1797, Cristina Maxima Korvini died of smallpox. Her husband neglected the affairs of Saint Christ and had to leave the country in May 1798. He abdicated in favor of their daughter, Duchess Carla of Louisagna, the same year.

Her husband remained a widower, despite a rich dowry offered to him by the Duchess of Corolla, Deusenora Maldini, for the hand of her unattractive daughter, Signora Francesca Maldini, a granddaughter of Luigi II of Mantella.

In 13 June 1847, the Korvini family and the National Council officially renamed the country Kingdom of Cristina (Regno di Cristina) after the great Queen Cristina Maxima Korvini.

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