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The Ahranaian Press Networks Presents the Federal News Agencies of the Federation, all which bring the news to the people of the Federation and those abroad

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The Leading Newspaper in Ahrana

12 October 2020, Monday | 1st Edition | Moskovo Press Building, 402 Main Street


Government Meets in Peterburi for Talks, The High Representative for Xara arrives to the Xaraian Consulate, Talks of the new Government.


Government Meets in Peterburi at the Security Council Building

The entire Federal Government including the High Representatives for Xara ad Thralhaven have met in Peterburi at the Security Council Building in the Regional Capital for important Governmental Talks. For some time now there have been roomers that the Government of Ahrana has been preparing to transition the Executive to a different format, of course this would be a peaceful transformation with very little changing from what we have been told. The Government has been meeting at the Presidential Palace with the President form some weeks now since her last Public Announcement in the Halls of Parliament. 

Many people have speculated what exactly is next for the Country of Ahrana, within the last several years many things have happened and many things have come and gone. One thing is for sure, we have noticed that for one the slight old faction has started to gain more power. Now many will think what is the Old Faction that is a term we have not heard in Ahranaian Politics. The Old Faction is the old guard or the old Monarchial Guard, they have recently seen an increase in collaboration with the entire Government including the far left political organizations. 

The Old Guard is Headed by Gustov Allen Lukas Gorbs who is a former Royal Colonel from the old Imperial Guards of the Mishia Household. Many have stated he has been the sole proponent for a Monarchial Government since the opening up of the Political System. Every where we have looked with Peaceful demonstrators and Political Meetings we have seen Mr. Gorbs there in the front making the speeches to the crowds. Gorbs spent several months in a harsh prison for no support General Ivanoff under the Revolution and the Socialist Federation. He was only released Two months after Secretary-General Core took office. Since then he has been at the forefront of this movement for Re-establishment of the legal Government of Ahrana, the Monarchy of the Imperial Households.

What would happen if the Monarchal Government is re-established? Well one this we know for sure is the Imperial Household is dying out and only Two legitimist Households have true Claims to the Imperial Throne. The current Federal President is of the House of Florence which is directly descended from the House of Mishia by blood, The former Queen, Queen Aleksandra, is of the Chayka Household which to is a direct descendent of the House of Mishia by blood. What and who would take control of the Government and which house would rein till the end of times? Well that currently is unknown at this time, when we have asked the Members of the Security Council they have looked at us stern and stated, "We are not at liberty to discuss that in open public let alone even attempt to explain that to you. If it was on the table we still would not be able to tell you due to the Statute of Secrecy we take when undergoing these talks. What you have been told by of Press Secretaries is what we have agreed to disclose.." So you can see that no one not even the High Representatives of Xara and Thralhaven will discuss and of those ideas with us. So it leaves us wondering is this what they have been meeting about all along? We wont know till the President makes her announcement in a few days time.

High Representatives of Xara and Thralhaven are meeting with each respected Consulates

No one has really been told why other than the Security Council Meetings why exactly the High Representatives of the two Autonomous Republics are in Moskovo and at their Respective Consulates here in the Capital. It was noticed last Thursday that the High Representative of Xara was seen going from the Palace of Parliament all day then was noticed at the Consulate. When we called the Consulate the Station Master refused to acknowledge or comment of this sighting. 

On Saturday last week the High Representative of Thralhaven was also seen at the Palace of Parliament and the Thralhaven Consulate as well. Much to our surprise the Station Master also refused to acknowledge or comment of this sighting as well.

Whatever Parliament and the Security Council are discussing its involving all parts of the Federal Government and no one is being left out in the meetings. We walked into the Xaraian Consulate and we noticed the amount of Staff inside the building running from side to side of the building. We attempted to ask one of the workers where the Station Master was but we were asked to leave the building. When we left the building the Station Master showed up and asked us to come to him. After briefly talking to the Station Master we were asked to leave and to come back at Noon.

We returned at Noon to find the Station Master waiting for us, he agreed with the Blessing of the Federal Government to answer a few questions as long as they did not retain to any sensitive information.

We asked Station Master Jonnan Alexander the following,

Q: Why exactly was the Consulate in a state of ciaos and disaster yesterday?

A: Well to answer that I will have to be very cryptic here okay? So currently this Consulate and the Thralhaven Consulate are preparing for a change that will alter a few things in our daily workings. What that is I am not at Liberty to give and answer to and or even talk about.

Q: Does this change have to do with the meetings the Security Council and Parliament have been having behind closed doors?

A: Well once again that is really something I cannot talk about but I can give a cryptic answer like I have done before. Currently the change is still being discussed at the Federal and Republican Level, what it is about I cannot give you information on. Just know that in a few days time the President will call a Joint Session of Parliament and will announce what has been going on then.

We had several other questions for the Station Master but each question we asked was given a cryptic answer due to the sensitive nature of the actual answer. Like before we will have to wait for the President to call a Joint Session just so we can find out.

Talks of New Government?

So this edition has pretty much circulated around the Security Council Meeting and the Parliamentary Meetings and yet one of the major things we have been hearing from our sources is that a big Governmental Change is coming. Yet, we are not entirely sure on exactly what this means. We can speculate all we want but the facts from what we have been given by the Press Secretaries we can conclude it may in fact be a New Government. Why? We have the slightest idea on why true be told.

This Federal Government is still a new Government that has had its faces of troubles that have shaken it to the core. Why the President would allow a change is unknown at this time. Since the President had gained power we have seen an increase of legislation to allow the Presidential Office more and more Authority over the whole Federal Government and Republican Levels as well. Could this be the Presidents way of holding onto power longer than her term allows or is this truly for the good of the Nation?

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Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' Where we bring the News to the People of Ahrana, on todays edition we will cover the breaking news in the capital today at the joint session of Parliament. We will now go live to the Houses of Parliament where Georgy Shriv is at live;

Ah thank you Johnathan and Alexsandra, right so today we are getting a announcement from the Federal Government about the recent meetings held with all of the Federal Government. If you look to the podium you will see that all of the Federal Executive including the High Representatives for Xara and Thralhaven are here as well with all Republics Premiers as well. So in other words this has included every member of Government which can mean only one thing, a huge shuffle or re-organization. Currently there are only three empty seats at the podium and one is for the Federal President, the other for the Director of Intelligence and the other we are not sure at the moment. We are awaiting these three to make their way to the podium so the Joint Session may start. We ask a few Members of Parliament if they knew what was going on but they seemed determined not to talk to us.......Ah here we go the announcement was made that the President will now take the podium.

Good morning Members of Parliament, Members of the Executive, members of the Press Networks and members of the Judicial. Today is a very important day for this Government and the People that elected it, on this day we right a wrong that was done by a tyrannical dictator that kill hundreds. Today we fix what was done, today History will be re-written in more ways than one.

As of 13 of October this Federal Government and Judicial Justices agreed on what was called Constitutional Proposal Ratification. At the end of the day the vote was unanimous to push the proposal forward for signature by two people who would be needed to make this New Constitution work, as of yesterday at 1200AST the Constitution was signed and witnessed by the entire Judicial Justices, Federal Executive Government and was declared ratified by the notary of the Federal Government. As of yesterday the Imperial Throne has been re-established, with the re-establishment of the Imperial Houses of Chayka and Florence declared the sole Successors to the Second United Kingdom of Ahrana. As of Yesterday the Office of Federal President was renamed to Office of the Federal Monarchs.

The Third United Kingdom of Ahrana is headed by two Monarchs, Queen Aleksandra II of Chayka and Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring of Florence. The Office of Chancellor and State Councilor and the other Federal Executive Offices still exist, this transition is a mere lateral transfer from one Constitution to another Constitution. Everyone who currently holds a Governmental Posting will stay in Office for the Four Year transitional period after which the People will Vote in a Fair and Free Election on the Houses of Parliament to determined the leaders of the Federal Executive Government. 

Thank you all for coming and have a great day.

Well that was certainly interesting and unexpected on my half, as of today welcome to the Third Imperial United Kingdom of Ahrana Johnathon and Alexsandra.


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The Leading Newspaper in Ahrana

20th October 2020, Tuesday | 2nd Edition |Moskovo Press Building, 402 Main Street


The Constitution of the Third United Kingdom is Published, Human Rights? Why this Constitution has a Human Rights Bill attached to the Constitution | Coronation of the Monarchs



The Government publishes the new Constitution with Human Rights attached...

Article written by, Jacob Daniel Smith

On the 19th of October this year at Midnight the Federal Government published the Constitution of the Third United Kingdom of Ahrana making it accessible to the public. After we were informed by the Office of the Chancellor that the publication was in fact authentic we took a read over the new Constitution and found several things stood out from the entire Constitution and from the Constitutions from the past, this new Constitution has a Human Rights Section attached to the Constitution.

As we look back in history of Ahrana, no constitution has contained such a section regarding specifically Human Rights and Rights of the People. We asked ourselves what does this mean and why is this government publishing something like this, something we have never seen in our history. Our sources inside the government now free to talk about the Constitution and the new Government have been quoted saying this, 

"Many people will find this new Constitution and the government that will follow it to be very strange as it is going beyond what many in the past have not dared. This Government is attempting to challenge the very basis that we believed made Ahrana unique when in fact what made us unique was how backwards in the words of Democracy we truly were. This Government truly wants to move out of the past and into the future and what a better way of doing it then by declaring the Kingdom respects the Rights of not just the Citizens of the Realm but the very thing called humanity. This constitution declares humanity as important as the government itself." -Member of Parliament, John V. A. Luk

When we were told the Government was changing not many people envisioned something like this, thereby overshooting our complete expectations we have. Some people say this is just a front and is a coverup and that the government will not hold true to these principles, however if you read the Constitution and its Fundamental Human Rights of the People Act you see that any violation is met with criminality. What's this mean you ask? Well if the government infringes on any of these rights and any article in the Act is breached then those responsible will be held accountable and will face criminal charges.

The Act also lays out the idea of not allowing capital punishment. In the article it specifies that the need for capital punishment is to only be used in extreme cases deemed acceptable by law. What law is this referring to? Well we have a answer for just that. The Parliament has announced it is looking into specifying the area of Capital Punishment and when this has been decided they will publish it the same way as the constitution. 

While this Act of Fundamental Human Rights of the People is a new idea to us Ahranaians the other strange thing is the clear specification of the powers of the Executive and in particular the Monarchs. The Monarchs have sweeping authority but it seems from the wording that the Chancellor will wield most of this authority with the Monarchs asking the Government to form in their names instead of forming the government themselves.

Truly the question that has been asked around the office is, what does this mean for the new Ahrana and how long will this government last this time?


Federal Government sets the Coronation Date...

Article by, Alexis Victoria Francis

The Federal Government released a brief statement this morning with the official dates of the Coronation of the Monarchs which is to take place exactly five days from now on the 25th of October 2020 at the National Cathedral in Moskovo. It has been said that the ceremony will follow much of the old tradition with the new Oaths to be said with the pledge from the monarchs.

The Government has said that unlike the past ceremonies this one will be less grandiose as compared to the very last coronation that the Second United Kingdom had held for the late Goustov XVII, however the Military Ceremony will not change along with the celebration in the People's Square in downtown Moskovo. Yet, like the day the President took office the people are invited to their square to celebrate with the Monarchs themselves. Unlike the past the after party will not be limited to royals and government officials only its open to everyone. 

The Bishop of Moskovo has expressed his sincere delight that the nation has resorted back to what it was always supposed to be, a United Kingdom of the people who make up the Realm of Ahrana.

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Hello and welcome to the Ahranaian Federal Press Network, the leading news agency brining you all government affairs of the Ahranaian Government and the International Realm. I am Steven Austin Olsen, the leading news anchor for the AFP, joined with Natasha Nilsson my co-anchor. On todays edition of the AFP we will cover the new Constitution, the Act of Human Rights and the announcement from the Federal Procurators Office. All here on Ahranaian Federal Press Network.


Today the country woke up to see that the Federal Government published the new constitution in the public domain, and it has most certainly cause a lot of commotion among the other Press Networks and most certainly at home. My kids have gone none stop asking me about the Constitution and I cant speak for Natasha and her family but I am almost certain that all Ahranaians are most certainly in a motion of shock and awe. 

Well I must say Steven that my family are in the same state on trying to figure all of this out as well, some of the stuff that is written in the constitution is very complex to some people and it leaves a lot of room for the Parliament and the Federal Government a lot of room to expand on in the future. However i think we here at the Ahranaian Federal Press Network may able to get some people at home to understand some of the basics. What do you say Steven?

Most definitely Natasha, this new constitution outlines what most constitutions should and have done in the past, but what this one has done differently is the Executive is structured in a manner that we have never seen before, for the first time the History of a United Ahrana we have a duel Monarchy. The Monarchs have been granted sweeping authority by this Constitution but from what we have been told by the members of Government the Office of Chancellor is the one who will be running the show so to speak.

Yes Steven that is correct, in fact the role of the Monarchs are more ceremonial with powers invested to them by the Constitution but as history has shown us. It is that the monarchy always invests those powers into the Head of Government as it is their responsibility to form the Government and run the country in the name of the Monarchy. So when it comes down to it the powers the monarchy are entrusted with will be used in reserve and only when necessary.

However Steven the most strange and newest thing to everyone is the Act of Fundamental Human Rights of the People, this is something completely new to everyone inside the realm and it goes to show exactly how much the government is investing into this new structure and government. For the first time in our history we have been given almost a Declaration of basic human rights and freedoms that we have been given by previous governments but this time they cannot infringe on these rights without breaking the law.

Yes indeed that is correct Natasha, the government has promised us that unlike the times in the past when our rights have been swept under the door in the name of security of the state; this time they are trying to uphold what has been taken away time after time. This time they are saying we acknowledge what has happened several times in the past and we admit it is wrong. Now they are trying to make a promise to uphold our basic rights as citizens and humans alike. They are not just entitling these rights to us Ahranaians but to those who come to this country in a hope of making a better life or fleeing persecutions or whatever it may be. They are telling us that no matter who we are, we all have these basic rights and that by far is the best thing anyone in a Government of this country has ever done and its the first time ever its been done.


Now on other terms the Office of the Federal Procurator which for those at home who do not know what the or who the procurator is, the Attorney General of the Realm and Federal Government. This office has released a statement with documentation which has stated the following:



20 October 2020, Tuesday 1200AST

Office of the Procurator Second Floor Justice Ministry


After several months of deliberation under the Ahranaian Federations Ministry of Justice the then Office of Attorney General had the intent to open up a trial against other members of the Ivanoff Era of those who had committed crimes against humanity and the people that were committed during the period dubbed The Revolution Era. The former Office under the Former Government had been working on getting details together to bring together a formal indictment against the following people listed below.

This new government being the successor to all previous government before it holds the responsibility of ensuring that the indictment that was ready to be motioned and filed with the Federations Court be carried out under the Royal Government. It is the will of this Office, the Office of Procurator of the United Kingdom of Ahrana, that these people be brought forward on the charges of Crimes Against Humanity, the Intent to committed genocide on several counts, and the intent to undermined the former Government of the Federation and the possible intent to undermined the Royal Government of today The following listed will be brought forward on these charges. The following are to be trialed by the court of law:

- Alexander Luka, Colonel of the Militia of Tatani

-Anastasia Victoria Pederson, Captain of the Secret Police Unit #302 Tatani Division

-Alica Lisa Hanson, Sub-Commander of the Secret Police Unit #004 Moskovo Division

-Lukas Nikioloavic Stephans, Lieutenant of the Secret Police Unit #098 Ahran Division

-Alexander Peterson, Action Commanding Officer of the Tata Rifle Infantry Unit

-Viktor Purshenko, General of the Death Squad of Peterburi

-Alexsander Mishia Lukshenko, Lieutenant-Colonel of the Special Policing Authority

-Natasha Alexsandra Henson, Master Sergeant of the Secret Police Unit #004 Moskovo Division

-Stephan Lukas Allum, Captain of the Militia Lockiee Division

-Scott Anker, Commander of the Peoples' Revolutionary Army Special Forces Division


These people have been arrested as of 1000AST this morning by the commands of this Office, a trial headed by the Supreme Court Judge backed by two other Judges given the circumstance of the charges. These people will face the Judges on the 22 October 2020 at 0900AST to be given their court date and allowed to motion for a trial by peers. Once this motion has been filed the Judges will set a Court date for the accused and reasonable actions will be taken to ensure a fair and free trial for the accused.

Thank you, 

Stephan Jacobson

Federal Procurator for the United Kingdom of Ahrana 


Steven I will say this, this trial is a continuation of the Ivanoff Trial which was promised by the Core Government. It has taken two governments to prepare for this trail and neither have been able to come foreword till now. I do believe this shall be interesting.

That is agreed Natasha. However this concludes the end of todays segment of Ahranaian Federal Press Network. Thank you for joining us today and do have a great day. Good Bye.

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The Leading Newspaper in Ahrana

27th January 2021, Tuesday | 3rd Edition |Moskovo Press Building, 402 Main Street


Act No. 001 passed by Parliament, what does this mean? | Report on the Government, what you need to Know!


Act No. 001 (CLICK ME!) Passed by Parliament, what does this mean.....

On 20 January 2021 at the Parliamentary Palace, Parliament ratified through a unanimous vote of a majority to issue as its First Act numbered No. 001 to be a guidance for trials of War Criminals during a specific period of time in Ahranaian History. As odd as this sounds to us regular folk at home it makes sense as the last time the Federal Government trialed someone for War Crimes they ended up dying in custody of a foreign government and many people were dissatisfied with that outcome.

Its thought through this Act which is labeled as, 'Act on Judicial Proceedings on Crimes Committed during the Revolution and the Government that followed', and it has several articles saying what can and cannot be done, This act is also inline with the Fundamental Rights Act that was established when the Constitution of the Third Kingdom of Ahrana was ratified. However it is thought that this Act will set a precedence for any other Trials that may come concerning the crimes committed during what has been dubbed in Ahranaian History as the Ivanoff Era. It is also believed that with a Court Case coming up soon that concerns several Criminals from that time period that this Act will help the process go smoother.

Why though, is this the first Act the Government decides to role out? Well from what we have gathered from many press release statements from the Office of the Chancellor and the Office of the Monarchs is that this will show the People of Ahrana that the Government has not forgotten what has happened and what was promised many administrations ago, it also shows that yes this happened a few years ago and we are still recovering as a nation, but No One is above the law no matter what and all crimes committed will be tried and followed up on by this Government.


Report on the Government, what you need to know.....

So far the Federal Government has been slow to ratify any new Laws and Bills other than Act No. 001, however from the Government spokesperson it has been said that the friction in the Parliamentary Chamber is so high that not much can be done at this time with the transition from a Presidential Government to a Monarchal Government. Yet many Ahranaian Governments have made this transition easy and simple and quick but this government seems to be having issues, Why?

Well, firstly, the incoming government is more Centre-Right in the political realm and the previous government was a Moderate Leftist Government that believed in small Government and direct populace governance. The incoming Government believes that a strong Centralized Government is needed for the future of Ahrana and it is what must happen, this has many in the Parliament worried that the country is heading back to a Dictatorship like the Ivanoff Era. The current Provisional Government has tried to calm the situation between all sides by saying that if we continue to have week governance then the Kingdom and the Realm will fall and then the Centuries of History created by a United Ahrana will fall and be lost. This has not helped matters much but slowly Parliamentarians are coming around to the realization that a Strong United Ahranaian Government must lead the way.

Secondly, the Communist Party and the Socialist Party keep bringing up old feuds with each political party which makes the situation more bitter given the division of the three major political parties are in a Coalition to form the incoming Government. Why these three decided to form a coalition is not known but the leaders of each party state that if the division of the three dominate parties stay then the division of Ahrana stays and one must give way and help create a better country for our children and their children and so forth. It is believed that soon however the the Government will issue a ban on the Socialist Party and the Communist Party for inciting violence and issuing threats to members of Parliament and Society for support.

Thirdly and lastly, general confusion on who is in control of the Federal Government. There are many who are lost to who is in control of the Federal Government, there has been power plays and political vacuums that have been happening lately and everyone is pulling strings to get in good so to speak. The Monarchs have yet to make an Official Parliamentary Opening Speech which will create the new session for the year and set forth the Governmental Agenda they want accomplished for the coming year. The Office of Chancellor has yet to declare the Federal Budget for Royal Approval and the Government is running out of time before the provisional government hands power to the incoming government which has yet to set its Governmental Mandate. 

Overall lets just say that the current state of the Federal Government is lost in confusion and honestly is like a jungle that has yet to be pacified. We were promised a better Government and a better system yet where is that such promise today?

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Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring news from across Ahrana and news from the wurld to you the viewer. On todays edition of 'Ahrana Today: The Monarchs release a Press Release, The Governor-General of Lockiee is sacked, a new High Representative for Xara is certified by the Parliament of the Kingdom of Ahrana, and the Exiled Lady Madeleine Eriksson has returned to Ahrana from living in exile and much more here on Ahrana Today.


The Office of the Chancellor announced this morning that the former Governor-General, Lucas Anastasios, has been relieved of his duty and office to the member kingdom of Tatani. The reasons are cited as abuse of power and the office as well as embezzlement of Official Funds. At this time the Federal Government and Provincial Government have declared their intent to prosecute Mr. Anastasios for his corruption and misuse of the office that represents the Monarchs. The date of the trial has not been set and no arrest has been made at this time.

We now bring a guest, a Law Professor from the Law School of Moskovo to talk about these charges and so forth. Welcome Professor Albert Gonfry, please start by telling us what the Office of Governor-General even is and what it does.

Well if we remember back to the Second Kingdom of Ahrana that government had what we called Provincial Regents which held power at the regional level acting as a Governor or President of a small state inside the Kingdom in the name of the Monarchy and the Government. Now that office is called the Governor-General which acts as the Representative of the Monarchs at the Regional and Provincial Levels which they hold executive Power or more Cerimonial Executive Powers that the monarch would if they were the Regional Executives. The new Constitution gives the member Kingdoms and Autonomous areas more authority  to a degree but still has a Federal Government to act as the sole Government of the entire Country. When we look at the Regional levels you see that each member kingdom, dukedom, province and autonomous areas have their own Constitution and it cannot in anyway violate the Federal Constitution. These member states of the United Kingdom must adhere to the Federal Government at all times. The member states of our kingdom elected a Premier and the Governor-General will accept their election to office and stamps approval on all bills passed by their Legislature as long as its in accordance with the Constitution.

Ah okay Professor Gonfry, so in other words and simpler terms they represent the Monarchs Office and they act in the name of the Monarchs and give approval to Legislature?

Correct Yes.

Alright, very well. Do explain how one may abuse the power and office of Governor-General inside our kingdom please sir?

Well, firstly you have to remember they are appointed by the Monarchs and the Office of Chancellor and the Executive Council will confirm and give Government approval to the appointment. So while the Office may be mostly ceremonial it comes with a lot of benefits compared to the other offices at that level. Firstly, the Governor-General has the ability to travel anywhere in the country with little notice all they have to do is call the regional airport or the Royal Police and inform them they wish to travel to place A to Place B and boom they are on the move without any restrictions because in theory they are supposed to be able to move quickly in the name of the Monarchs to address concerns that may cause fear or so forth. Secondly, they are the highest authority in the Regional Executive levels and they hold the ability to pass or deny laws into motion. While it is uncommon for a governor-general to deny laws it can be done in the name of constitutionality or other terms. They also have a salary that is not disclosed but they make more than the Chancellor themselves times two. In addition they have access to the funds of the regional states and are not properly checked to be sure the money is being used for state purposes and not personal purposes.

Do you think after this incident the Federal and Regional Governments will be working on placing checks into this system to ensure the Governor-General's are following the laws and so forth?

Oh yes very much so indeed.

Well thank you for joining us professor. In other news the new High Representative for the Kingdom of Xara has been confirmed by the Parliament and acknowledged by the Chancellor and the Executive Council. The new High Representative, Viktor Lushen, was elected by the People of Xara months ago but the Parliament had not had the opportunity to confirm the election as definite with concerns of electoral fraud. The confirmation came after three months of a electoral investigation in the Xaraian Electoral Commission (XEC) which found the election riddled with corruption after the winner was declared. It was found out by the Federal Electoral Commissioner's that the XEC was actively attempting to sabotage the election in favor of a Nationalist Candidate. Since then the XEC has been dismantled and now the Federal Electoral Commission will oversee all Elections from henceforth after seeing connections across the kingdom of attempts by other Electoral Commissions to do the same thing.

Also in the news today, Lady Madeleine Eriksson of the House of Eriksson has been allowed to return to the United Kingdom of Ahrana after years of being placed in exile in Ivercia by the Communist Governments. The Government under Core and Sigrid had been unable to allow the return of Lady Eriksson due to the support the Communist and Socialist Parties still rendered across Ahranaian Society. Eriksson is the designated Observer for Ahrana in the International Organization ATARA which she has done with great pride and commitment which has not gone un-noticed by the People of Ahrana and the Government as well. When Lady Eriksson will return to Ahrana is unknown but what is known she has been granted Official Government Status and has been issued Government Guards or bodyguards due to the status grant.

The Office of the Monarchs of the United Kingdom has issued a press release this morning, the release was read by the Press Secretary and the Official Document has yet to be granted to the public domain it is unknown when the Document will be release for public viewing and access. However here is the press release from this morning:

By the grace of God, their Majesties Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring and Aleksandra Victoria Anne Mishia Chayka II, have issued a declaration of the following. As of 2200 AST Lady Madelenine Eriksson of the House of Eriksson one of the last remaining peerages of the Ahrana is hereby allowed and decreed a able citizen of the United Kingdom of Ahrana and Honorary Peerage of the Imperial Domain of the Ahranaian Throne. Lady Eriksson is also granted full Government Status as a Ambassador to the International Organization of ATARA to which she has dedicated herself to in her exile from her motherland. Lady Eriksson has also been declared a member of the Monarchs Privy Council as well being granted the Hero of the People 4th Class award, the Highest Award in the Military and Civilian wurld. With being awarded the Hero of the People, Eriksson will also be inducted into the Imperial Orders of Ahran, Gustov and the Ahranaian Crown and is to be knighted in all Orders.

The Monarchs also wish to congratulate the High Representative for Xara, Viktor Lushen, on his Confirmation and Election to Office wishing him many years of Service towards his People of Xara our brothers and sisters. 

That is all for this press release, this document will be able to be placed in the public domain in said of two weeks to todays date. Any questions should be submitted to the Office of the Monarchs Press Secretary at the Federal Palace of the Monarchs in Moskovo thank you.


And there you have it the news of today from across the nation, we hope you have a great day and as always thank you for joining todays edition of 'Ahrana Today'.

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Hello and welcome to the Ahranaian Federal Press Network, the leading news agency brining you all government affairs of the Ahranaian Government and the International Realm. I am Steven Austin Olsen, the leading news anchor for the AFP, joined with Natasha Nilsson my co-anchor. Today on AFP we have coverage from the Commonwealth of @Delamaria on the election results there, the Chancellor goes for a walk with the entire presidium of the Kingdom, the oldest person in Ahrana turns 102 today we interview her and the family, and we have a sit down interview with the Monarchs here at the AFP Studio. All this and more here on AFP.


On Sunday the Commonwealth of @Delamaria finalized their electoral reasults to have the Liberal Party nominee, Governor Chris Quedin of Verconsin, has won the required amount to be declared the winner of the election. However, the incumbent President, President Van Roose, has requested a recount of the votes in a few electoral districts. The responce by the Ahranaian Gvoernment has been one of confusision with some Officials that believe Van Roose is the rightful winner has gone ahead and congratulated her on the victory. The Chancellor and the Office of the Monarchs have urged all Ahranaian Government Officials to support the Democratic Vote as it is the voice of the people is which we should always back.


In other news the entire Presidium and the Chancellor were sighted today walking down the Peoples' Park going towards what seemed like a public restaurant for what seemed like a lunch. In the past these government Officials never walked together in public for fear of being shot at or killed. This just goes to show how much confidence this government has in its people and how much trust is given. While walking to the restaurant many citizens noticed this and decided to ask for pictures with the Chancellor and the Government Officials to which they allowed to happen. This Government is unique in that they encourage interaction with the public in more ways than the previous governments.


That is defiently unique just to this government for sure Natasha. This morning we received a surprise visit from Their Graces the Monarchs of the Kingdom of Ahrana. They were on a tour of the AFP Building that was scheduled months ago that Natasha and myself actually forgot about. It is a once in a lifetime event to get to met Their Graces and to actually get to interview them on television. Anyways here is that interview from this morning:

Steven- Good morning your graces and welcome to AFP we are delighted to have you here this morning.

Sigrid- Well thank you for putting this all together, though from your reaction earlier I do believe you have forgotten about this appointment that was set up a few months ago.

Steven- Correct your majesty Natasha and myself both forgot about this and yet none here at the AFP decided to remind us of this appointment till literally your graces were walking through the doors.

Alix- Well I take it you will not have a heart-attack or anything on us then steven?

Steven- Ah well no i do hope not your majesty.

Sigrid- Right, well may we conduct this interview i feel you two have many questions and so little time for answers.

Natasha- Yes your Majesty many questions and so little time so let us begin. This is directed to you both, during the Second Kingdom under the late King Gustoff what was Royal Life like?

Alix- well it was like it had been under the original Kingdom that fell when the Republic was established for a little time, we all had our duties in the Royal Court. We had our foundations we attended daily, I was on the Imperial Privy Council and Sigrid was as well. Actually every Council my father had we were both a member of, I however was not a member of the Imperial Guard originally like Sigrid was but later I would be by request of my father.

Sigrid- It was a different time in a modern time to say the least and to say it was not like living in a fairytale would be a lie to say the least. We the members of the Imperial Family were treated with the highest respect even if we were a simple Duke, Duchess or even a Marquess, to the people it did not matter. To them we were the Imperial Family of the Ancient House and that deserved respect. Today though thats a bit different since there is Alix and myself left of the Imperial line. Lady Eriksson is a lesser branch of the Imperial House that has lost its connection to the Throne due to the line of succession of the titles in that family.

Steven- This is directed to your majesty Alix, what was it like living in exile under Ivanoff?

Alix- well since I was the only claimet to the throne and Sigrid had defected to the Socialists it was hard and terrifying. Everyday I believed could be my last as Ivanoff was highly unpredictable. Yes he was a family friend and a sincere friend of my fathers but power and blood had made this man into a monster and one that made me terrified because at any minute I could be killed. Had it not been for Director Core I probably would not be here today that is how bad it was during this time period. When she left to start a political party I was smuggled from exile with Ivanoff's approval to the region of Lockiee where we started to regain power. But that is enough of that I do not wish to talk more of that time period please.

Natasha- Very well your grace. This is directed to you both, what is life like now that you are back in power?

Alix- It feels like a dream every day, I always think that one day I will wake up and find out its all a lie that I have been living. Every morning I keep waiting form the guards to come in and throw me out of the palace again and burn all of my belongings again.

Sigrid- For me its not as bad other than my periodic flash backs which are terrible.

Steven- Well your graces that is all the time we have and thank you once again for coming down and touring the building and have a conversation with it.


Thank you all for joining us on todays edition of Ahranaian Federal Press Network.


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Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today', where we bring the news of the wurld and of the kingdom to you the viewer. Today we a special message from the Federal Government today that will be issued by Chancellery, we have also received information that the Office of the Monarchs will be issuing a statement today as well but only in writing. We will have coverage of both here on 'Ahrana Today'.

We now go live to the Presidium Palace in Moskovo:


Hello and thank you all for joining us today on such short notice, in recent days we have seen the event in the Commonwealth of @Delamariaunfold from the recent elections held in that country. We Ahranaians remember times of corruption and oppression by an authoritarian regime and what comes with a regime like that. However, since then we have known Democracy and we have learned that Democracy is the way. As these events have unfolded and are unfolding daily we want to remind all Ahranaians living abroad, Do not go to areas where protesting are happening this is for your safety. If you are in Delamaria remember you are a guest in that nation and can be and will be subjugated to their laws if you commit any criminal acts in that country. At this time the Ahranaian Federal Government is not closing its embassy or consulate and does not plan to. The Ahranaian Government does however say this, any citizen in the Commonwealth of Delamaria who fear for their life may walk into the Embassy or Consulate for shelter and political asylum can be request as is the right of any person in any country. Thank you that is all for this press conference, please direct all questions to the Office of the Chancellor Secretary and they will get answered when time is available thank you.


Click me!! Letter to Delamaria from the Monarchs

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Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the wurld and the Country to you the viewer at home. On todays edition the Parliament passes Two Acts that come into full effect today at noon, the Economy of Ahrana struggling to its core and much more here on 'Ahrana Today'.


The Parliament of the Kingdom of Ahrana passed Act No. 002 today and this Act comes into full effect at noon today, this Act if called the Federal Policing and Surveillance Act which establishes the Federal Police and the Ahranaian Directorate as Government Organizations. In this Act outlines the structure of the Federal Police and its Lower Offices and states what it can and cannot do according to Act No. 002 and the Fundamental Rights of the People.

As well as passing Act No. 002 the Parliament also passed Act No. 003 today in conjunction of the previous act, Act No. 003 is a act that formally opens the Economy of Ahrana to the rest of the wurld thereby opening the borders of Ahrana to foreign investors and companies. When the Socialist Governments came to power all foreign investors and companies were kicked out of the country and the borders closed to those people and groups in favor of Ahranaian Investors and Companies. However this system has failed the people and this government believes that with the opening of the economy in phases and allowing the free enterprise system to take root that the economy of Ahrana will grow and recuperate to help the country progress forward.


The Economy of Ahrana is pretty much dead as of today but with the passing of Act No. 003 will the economy be able to be what it was pre-revolution? Many Economists and Officials think it is possible for such a turn around to happen. During the Phases of Economic opening we need to remember to continue working hard and keep the flow of money in the system. It is believed that if we continue these things and much more we be helping fix our economy and create a better Ahrana for our children and their children and so on.


That is all here on 'Ahrana Today' join us next time for more news and stories.

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Hello and welcome to 'Ahrana Today', where we bring the news of the wurld and the Kingdom to you the viewer at home or wherever you may be. On todays edition: Evacuation from the Sunset Sea Islands, Official Announcements of the Heir Apparent to the Throne, and more here on Ahrana Today. 


The Government of Ahrana issued a statement through the Foreign Ministry this morning in concerning the events in the Sunset Sea Islands, in this statement protocol has been declared for the evacuation of the Embassy and Consulate in the islands by the end of the day. The Intern Government of the Sunset Sea Islands have asked all Diplomats to leave the Country to which the Ahranaian Government gave the green light to do so with few hours left before the deadline given by the Intern Government. All Ahranaian Nationals are also asked to leave as well due to the ability that the Government may not be able to protect the people there.


The Palace has also made a Official Declaration of the Heir Apparent to the Imperial Throne thus being the two eldest children of the House of  Chayka and the House of Florence will ascend the throne when the current Monarchs step down. Co-Princess Grand Duchess Elisabeth Aleksandria Anne Mishia Chayka and Co-Prince Grand Duke Misha Carl Florence-Goring. Hopefully it will be some time before the Heir Apparent take the throne, till then they can still be children as which they still are.

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Hello and welcome to todays coverage of the Ahranaian Federal Press, you are joined today by with just myself today, Steven Austin Olsen, my co-anchor has the day off. On todays coverage we bring you news that a Official Police Commissioner has been announced by the Federal Government today, also The Chancellor will travel to the Grand Duchy of Elde today to officially start the transition process of re-integrating Elde back into the Union with Ahrana.


The Federal Government had announced today that an official decision on the Official Police Commissioner for the Federal Police of Ahrana, since the establishment of the Federal Police the Director-General of the Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence, Director Alexandra M. L. Core had been appointed the Acting Police Commissioner until a decision on who should be the official Police Commissioner was cleared through the Parliament. 

As of today at 1000AST the Parliament, Federal Government and the Regional Governments have all decided to appoint Sir Carl Augustine Larsov as the Official Police Commissioner of the Federal Police Force of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. Sir Larsov is a former Lieutenant-Colonel in the Second United Kingdom of Ahrana's Imperial Life Guards under King Gustov XVIII, he served with distinction during the Revolution for the Royal Forces. After the revolution he resigned his commission and went to work on the Farms in the south of Ahrana. When Alexandra M. L. Core became President of Ahrana he entered Military Service under the Presidential Bodyguard unit to which he served under Sigrid. Upon the ratification of the Third United Kingdoms Constitution Sir Larsov was given a Officer Commission again by Queen Aleksandra V. A. M. Chayka II to serve in the Life Guard Regiment as the Commanding Officer. It was decided to give Sir Larsov the job of Commissioner due to his drive against corruption and to better society.

The Federal Government has stated the following on the appointment of Sir Larsov as Commissioner: "Sir Larsov is the type of dedicated person we need as Federal Commissioner in the Police Force. His dedication to the moral responsibilities we have on this eurth and religious moralities that he holds true to as well as his drive to stomp out corruption wherever it is found is what this country needs at this time. We look forward to working with Sir Larsov and what he will bring to the Police Force..."


In other news the Chancellor will be leaving for the Grand Duchy of Elde today at 1100AST to begin the tedious process of reintegration of Elde into the Union of Ahrana. The process of reintegration will be a long a technical one but one that the Federal Government is hopeful of for the betterment of Ahrana. The Office of the Chancellor released a statement today with the announcement that the Chancellor would be traveling to Elde, "The Federal Government and the Monarchs are eager to see what the integration process between Elde and Ahrana will bring. Its something that neither government had ever given much thought within the last decade, had the Government of Elde not reached out and signified their wish to rejoin the Union of Ahrana we are confident that it would have been many years before this process had even happened..."

I am sure every Ahranaian Citizen wishes the Chancellor safe travels and the best wishes as she travels to complete such a historic moment in her career as a politician and as a Ahranaian Citizen.

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Hello and welcome to this edition of 'Ahrana Today', where we bring the news of the Wurld to you the viewer! On todays edition we are covering the new Economic Policy of the Government, The Vice President of Fravina passing, Update on the Progress regarding the Integration of Elde, and also a plea for integration from the Kingdom of Uppsund. All here on this edition of 'Ahrana Today'.


It was announced on the 4 √Āg√ļst 2021 (4 August) that the Vice President of @Fravina,¬†Jean Martin, has passed at the age of 56 years. The Federal Government has issued a statement in giving ang wishing support for the remaining family of Vice President Martin in this time of tragedy. The statement from the Federal Chancellor reads the following:

"It is with my deepest condolences and heartfelt wishes that i send to the family of the late Vice President, Mr. Jean Martin, and to those who also perished with him in the horrific car accident. No person and no family should have to feel a loss that tragic and no country should have to feel such a tragic loss as well. Yet we are reminded through the teachings of the Church that this is not the end but a beginning of a new life to come in the resurrection that we await for. I am also reminded of a family proverb that my grandparents once said as well, Death is only a means to a end of suffering but it is also a end for a beginning so that we can create a better wurld for our children for when they arrive. May the memory of the Late Jean Martin, his wife Asami Takahasi and the children be eternal and may they rest in peace."

The other Government Ministers have also taken to social media and posted condolences for the family and the Monarchs have also sent a memorial reef to placed at the locations of their final resting places.


The Federal Chancellery issued today the Economic Policy for the Government to bring into effect within the following weeks, this plan is to help stimulate and drive out inflation that has set in the economy since the revolution and the several successive governments that have failed the systems outlined by each Head of State and Government. Currently the recession that the country is facing is the largest and most devastating since the 1912 Government caused the largest Economic Crash in the history of Ahrana. "This recession we are facing is the cause of failed policies of the Socialist Government and the Federations Government that failed to protect the economy to which it devastated with its horrible economic polices." said the Minister for the Treasury, Eirk Clarkson. The Federal Chancellery plans to issued a few Government Executive Orders on behalf of the Diarchs to help introduce stimulus to the economy and the working people to help the average citizen continue to provide for their family. The full Economic Policy is expected to be published in a few days on the Chancellery Website and in the Newspapers across the nation.


The Council for Elden Re-Integration has issued a statement that the Council Talks should be ending soon and a Treaty, Protocol and a Constitutional Act will soon follow. With that said each Government has also called on the Regional Governors to begin preparations for National Referendums on the Constitutional Acts that will officially join the Grand Duchy of Elde and the United Kingdom of Ahrana together. The official announcement is expected in a few weeks while the last minute edits and discussions happen.


The Federal Government received a communication from the Kingdom of Uppsund today and it concerns the possible reintegration of the Kingdom of Uppsund into the lands of Ahrana. The Federal Government has yet to release a statement but it has been said that the Government is excited that almost all of the former lands of Ahrana that left during the Nationalist Period have all rejoined the Union.


That is all for todays edition of "Ahrana Today" thank you for joining us!

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Hello and welcome todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the Wurld to you the viewer! On this edition the Högsta Guvernören released a Edict for both Churches of the Ahranaian Kingdom, the dedication of a statue to the late King Gustov, and the weather with Steven Olsson. All here on 'Ahrana Today'.


The Högsta Guvernören released Edict No. 0064 today and it concerns the make up of the Ahranaian Churches in particular the Office of Patriarch and has replaced it with the Office of the Holy Synod which will take over all Theological disputes and the everyday running of their respected churches. The Edict also lays out a rule of not seeking to convert people who are not members of the Ahranaian Churches and asks for the Churches to respect the non believers of the Ahranaian Faith. This is the first time that the Högsta Guvernören has asked for this to happen, as for the other parts of the edict its about the everyday running of the Holy Synods. I believe we can say this is the first of changes that will be coming for the Ahranaian Churches, which have been involved in a few scandals' in recent times and this is the effort to place it back on track.


The Diarchs have unveiled a new statue to the late King, Gustov XVII, the father of the Queen Aleksandra who was murdered in a plane accident caused by the Socialists and Communists Groups in Tatani. The Statue is at the Center of the Peoples' Plaza Park in Central Moskovo, it is created out of White Ahranaian Marble for the Base with the statue of the King being made out of gold which was donated by the Diarchs private bank. The Diarchs also donated over 2 Million Krone to the foster care system that has been lacking funding in recent months. In addition to the donation the Diarchs set up a charity organization called the Children of Ahrana, which is a Charity organization for the foster care system to gain funding.


The weather report today is presented by Steven Olsson hopefully we will be expecting some decent weather other next few day. Steven if you would...

Ah yes so over the next few days we should expect a few chances of rain that could produce some severe thunderstorms, the hot front is moving through the south so areas in lower Tatani, Thralhaven and parts of Xara should expect severe weather. The rest of the country is getting sunshine most of the week with a few clouds here and then.


Thank you Steven for that and thank you for joining us today on 'Ahrana Today'.

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Hello and welcome to another edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the Kingdom and the Wurld to you the viewer at home. On todays edition we have coverage over the new Statute of Peace & War, Referendum on Acts of Reunification with Elde and more Government Policy Changes all brought to you here on 'Ahrana Today'!


First we bring you news that the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Ahrana has passed a new Statute of Peace & War to replace the old and outdated version that was in use since 1055. This new statute is seen as a more extensive and detailed version on what the Federal and Regional Governments can and cannot do. Many have speculated that the change in the Statute has to do with the recent aggression displayed by Anglia in eastern part of the Wurld, under the new statute the Federal Government is able to draft Articles of War or Neutrality that it deems necessary to pass. in association with the Statute of Peace & War an Act will be passed in conjunction with the Statute as well as followed by another Act. These two Conjunction Acts will detail the responsibilities allotted and powers allowed to the Federal and Regional Governments.


In other news, the Federal Government has released the decision to hold a referendum this Saturday that would last to Sunday with polls closing Sunday evening at 20:00AST. This referendum is in association with the Acts of Re-Unification of the Grand Duchy of Elde and the United Kingdom of Ahrana, if this referendum passes the Act then the Ahranaian Government will ratify the Act as Law and will ask the Grand Duchy to do the same thing in response after their Referendum.


The Federal Government has also stated in a office release that the Executive Government is looking at the possibility of raising the alert status of the Federal Military from Green to Orange Status or from Level 1 to Level 4. What does this mean? The Executive Government is siting recent aggression of Anglia in the East and foresees a situation coming to the Argic Continent that will draw in all Nations that call Argis home including Ahrana. 


In additional News the Federal Government is looking to petition ATARA for full membership status in the organization, currently the Kingdom of Ahrana is an Observer to the Organization. The reasoning behind this status change is the possibility of gaining benefits from the status change. At the same time the Federal Government and the Diarchs still promote the idea of a Wurld Organization to be created to help bring all the Nations of the Wurld together to better communicate and create bonds that would be helpful to many.


That is all for todays edition of Ahrana Today.

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Hello and welcome to today's edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the Kingdom and the wurld to you the viewer. On this edition, The Ministry for Drug Enforcement has added a new drug to the National Watchlist, The Federal Government announces the Integration of the Grand Duchy of Elde into the United Kingdom, the Palace has also announced the Heir Apparent's and has confirmed the decision by a binding Royal Proclamation. All that here on 'Ahrana Today'.


Today the Ministry for Drug Enforcement and its counterpart in the Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence has announced that it will be adding a new Drug Substance to the Schedule I list of drugs. What is a Schedule I drug? Schedule I means drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. This schedule also has another level to it as well, Schedule IA means Drugs, Substances, or Chemicals that are illegal in the United Kingdom with the possibility of imprisonment for producing or in possession of this Schedule.

This new Drug called Bronzium on the streets of Ahrana is a powdery substance that has a yellow tent to it that resembles Powdered Uranium, however unlike Uranium it is not radioactive but it can kill you if you happen to have an overdose on this substance. Bronzium was discovered by the Medical Community as a means to create a new pain medication to help with surgeries but was sidelined when several patients died during surgery due to accidental overdosages. Since then, the use, production and possession of Bronzium has been considered illegal in the Regional Levels but now at the Federal Level it is been given the same status. 

As more information over this new and terrible drug that is affecting the people of Ahrana comes in we will be the first to inform you of that information.


The Federal Chancellor and the Government has received the first Regional and Federal appointees from the Grand Duchy of Elde into the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana this morning at the Palace of the Presidium. This officially marks and announces the admittance of the Grand Duchy into the Union as a member state of the United Kingdom.

The First Minister was received at the Monarchal Palace as well this morning as well as the Grand Duke. Under Law, the Grand Duke will act as the Representative of the Diarchs in the Grand Duchy of Elde similar to the Governor-General's in the other Regional Member States. The First Minister will be the Prime Minister of the Regional Government of the Grand Duchy. This is the first many great things that are coming in time to the people of Ahrana.


The Monarchal Palace issued a Royal Proclamation proclaiming the Heir Appairent's to succeed them as the Diarchs of the United Kingdom of Ahrana come time. The Diarchs have also officially crowned the two Heir Appairent's with their full titles as granted by birthright and bloodline that being:

Grand Duke of the House of Florence-Goring, Crown Prince of the United Kingdom of Ahrana, Colonel of the Lifeguards.

Grand Duchess of the House of Chayka, Crown Princess of the United Kingdom of Ahrana, Colonel of the Lifeguards.

This is the first of many stepping stones the Heir Appairent's will have to climb on their way to the Imperial Throne of the United Kingdom, and I for one believe that in say we wish them the best of luck and excited to see them more often as time goes on to see what kind of Diarchs they become.


That is all here on 'Ahrana Today', tune in next time for the news of the Kingdom and of the wurld right here where we bring you the news!

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Hello and Welcome to this edition of ‚ÄėAhrana Today‚Äô, where we bring the news of the Kingdom and the Wurld to you the viewer at home. On this edition of ‚ÄėAhrana Today‚Äô; More information of the Bronzium Substance and the Recent Drug Enforcement Raids, A new Industrial Bubble forming In Ahrana and around the Wurld


Since the Ministry for Drug Enforcement labeled the Substance, Bronzium, to a Level One Classification the country has seen many Drug Enforcement raids take place across the nation. This is part of the new Enforcement Plan and the Governments approach to help curb the sell and production of Bronzium and other illegal substances inside Ahrana including transportation through Ahrana.

After the announcement the Federal Government made about the new listing the Drug Enforcement Sections of the ADI and the Federal Police services started their raids throughout the entire Kingdom which started to spark fear from some Ahranaian Citizens. Some Ahranaian Citizens were quoted in saying they fear the ADI and the Federal Police Services are attempting to turn the Kingdom into another Police state much like the Republicans did in 1912 during their era of government ruling. The Federal Government has issued the following statement in response to several complaints about the raids:

‚ÄúThe Federal and Regional Governments are all coordinating with the ADI and the Federal Police Services to help stop and slow the distribution and spread of the illegal substances that have plagued the country since the fall of the Second Imperial Government. At no point is the ADI or the Federal Police Services attempting to create a ‚ÄėPolice State‚Äô or overthrow the Federal Government. The Orders the Drug Enforcement Units and the Drug Enforcement Ministry are following are from the Federal Government including the Diarchs of the Kingdom.‚ÄĚ

The Ministry for Drug Enforcement has also released more information regarding the Substance, Bronzium, and what the side-effects are as well as identifying this substance. While Bronzium may look like the element Uranium in powder form it is not radioactive, but it has a more shinny look almost like glitter. Bronzium has no smell or odor in its raw form, however upon applying heat to the substance, in essence ‚ÄúCooking‚ÄĚ it, an odor will exist, and the fumes are intoxicating to any person who breathes in the fumes as well as ingesting it.

The Ministry has also stated the main usage of Bronzium is in the Powder and Liquid form and to be able to tell if one has used the substance is to look for physical marks is vital when assessing the person. If a person is abusing the liquid form of this substance, you will find bruised or sometimes burned sections of the skin where the substance was injected into the blood stream. The liquid form of this substance is more lethal than the powder form, as a person can overdose from the liquid form much quicker than the powder. While both forms of the drug are lethal, this form is top of all liquid substances that are currently abused in the Drug Wurld. In addition to the lethal ability of the liquid form, most Drug Dealers across the country tend to cut Bronzium with other illegal substances such as fentanyl which alone is highly addictive and dangerous to any who encounter it. When adding it to Bronzium for instance you get a highly toxic and dangerous substance that can kill anyone if one consumes too much of it. The liquid form of Bronzium is typically always cut with other substances to create more profit and addiction to the substance. There have been some reported cases that several Street Dealers are handing out needles already filled with the liquid form of Bronzium to get more ‚Äúcustomers‚ÄĚ. The Powder form of Bronzium is either distributed in raw form or it has been cut upon being distributed, this all depends on the source of the substance.

When determining when a person has become under the influence of Bronzium, one should look for signs of impairment like Alcohol intoxication, not able to stand up without falling over; meaning once the person stands up, they fall over immediately after standing. In addition to the burns and bruised indicators look for rotting teeth, massive sores on the lips and severe muscle deprivation on the face mainly around the mouth.

In as little of two weeks the number of overdoses on Bronzium have increased from just merely 20 a week to roughly 80 overdoses a week if not more, the clear number is unknown as the data has not been published since the start of this epidemic.

As more information comes forward, we will bring it to you here on ‚ÄėAhrana Today‚Äô.


Since the fall of the Socialist Government and a change from a restrictive government and economy to a free economy and a democratic government the Industrial section of the economy has started to grow, not only here in Ahrana but the Wurld is seeing a rise in industries across the board.

Since the opening of the Country by the Federation we have welcomed many Foreign Investors into the Kingdom of Ahrana and have allowed them to open businesses that has helped the Economy to start to grow and start ending the high poverty rate. The Poverty Rate is still high, but it is slowly going down, with recent Government Incentives announced for Workers and Business owners. It is unclear with addition of the Grand Duchy of Elde just exactly how the Ahranaian Economy will jump either forward or downward. It is expected to take a leap forward and not the other direction.


The Federal Government has also reissued its commitment to finding a more sustainable replacement for its Coal Power Plants, so far, the most common alternative to the Coal Power Plants have been the Nuclear Power Plants. The Government plans to build several more Nuclear Power Plants based on a newer design of the original reactor design the PHWR which would make this new design the third generation.

Currently Coal Power Plants still produce the majority of the Electricity for the Kingdom around 60% with Nuclear Power Plants being around 40% of the production. The Federal Government has outlined in its Annual Review to invest more in Nuclear Power Plants and Power Alternatives and to start phasing out the Coal Power Plants. It is estimated that by 2026 that all Coal Power Plants will be shut down and in the process of decommissioning.


That is all for today‚Äôs edition of ‚ÄėAhrana Today‚Äô, where we bring the news of the Wurld and of the Kingdom to you the viewer.

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Hello and welcome to this edition of ‚ÄėAhrana Today‚Äô, where we bring the news of the Kingdom and of the Wurld to you the viewer at home. On this edition, More information on the latest Drug Epidemic, The Threat in Dniester, A Royal Marriage, and Stedorian Celebration all here on 'Ahrana Today'.


Since the last edition of Ahrana Today the Drug Enforcement Task Forces has conducted over thirty raids throughout the country, sparking more fears of violence from the Citizens of the Kingdom. Many Citizens are afraid that these people involved in the Drug Enterprise will begin fighting back at each raid the Drug Enforcement Task Force conducts. As the raids continue it has been noticed by the task force that they are finding more and more weapons at these Raids as they conduct sweeps. As they progress with the crackdown on the Drug Criminal Enterprise, they Task Force ups the amount of manpower and weapons they have on each raid which is also sparking outrage by the Citizens who still do not trust the Federal Police.

Ahrana Today asked a few citizens on exactly why they still distrust the Federal Police and the ADIs motives and intentions, the majority of these people said the same thing: ‚ÄúWe are still warry from the Socialist Government time in power when the Police and the Intelligence Agency worked together to silence and at worse kill people who did not fall in line.‚ÄĚ Even after Government reassurance these people are still alarmed at the rate and amount of Police and Intelligence Agents they see on each raid across the nation, it does for sure send one back to the beginnings of the Socialists Governments tenure in power.

The Drug Enforcement Ministry has release additional details regarding Bronzium and has also announced the removal of a Substance from the Level One Category. The Drug Enforcement Ministry and the Federal Government has decided as a unit to decriminalize Marijuana and make it legal for use, production and selling. They have also stated that this change in policy will also start a new industry in Ahrana allowing for a government-controlled Enterprise of the Sell, Production and Possession of Marijuana. To legally sell and possess marijuana the Seller must register with the Federal Government Bi-Annually and submit to Annual Inspections by a Government Inspector. A license to sell and produce marijuana will be issued to the Seller and Producer, the person cannot obtain both Licenses only one. To possess marijuana a citizen must be of the age of twenty (20) years old and have a Regional or Federal Issued Identification Card to buy marijuana. If a person is caught producing, selling or in possession of marijuana illegally will have to pay a fine of two thousand Krone (‚ā≠2,000) to the Regional Government they were caught to be selling, producing or possession in; failure to pay the fine will and can result to charges being pressed for violating the law. In recent news on Bronzium it has been found that the most recent overdose cases have involved a new dangerous level of Codeine, Ketamine, LSD, and PCP which together are dangerous. This new mixture is killing several people daily and it is unknown exactly who is producing this mixture and why. The Government has asked us at Ahrana Today to ask the Population to report anyone that has spoken about producing or having in possession of this mixture being called ‚ÄúThe Kick‚ÄĚ. It is imperative that a person does not consume this mixture, or they will die within thirty minutes after taking this mixture.


In recent weeks there have been several alarm bells going on in the Ministry of Defense and the Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence the Foreign Intelligence Division concerning Dniester. In recent weeks the terrorist organization known as ‚ÄúThe Circle‚ÄĚ has come to power in Dniester and has given the Ahranaian Socialists, Communists and Nationalists refuge from the Ahranaian Government attempt to prosecute them for their crimes committed in the Revolution and the period after. The Ahranaian Government has attempted to apprehend these suspects at large but have failed to do so with the ensuing Drug Issue at hand. The Federal Government has stated they are disgusted that these criminals have seem to avoid justice at every turn, but it will ensure these criminals are caught. Before these Ahranaian Terrorists left the country reports of murders and other inhuman things were reported to be happening on the Wester Border with Dniester involving these Terrorists and the circle terrorists. The Federal Government has not stated if the amount of border security or Federal Police personnel will be increased. As this situation progresses, we will let you know.


A marriage between the Prince of Zaxar, Benjamin I Zaxar, and a Princess of Ateenia, Tyra Ragnadóttir Kalinka, has occurred. Two Royal Houses brought together by two of the younger generation that will one day lead their personal union forward with a country. On behalf of the Ahranaian People we wish your marriage a healthy and a prosperous one.


The People of Stedoria have celebrated the thirteenth anniversary of the Stedorian Revolution with nationwide celebrations. Even though they overthrew a Monarchy the Ahranaian Federal Government and the Diarchs have wished the People of Stedoria the best and a bright future.


That is all for this edition of ‚ÄėAhrana Today‚Äô, Please join us next time for your daily scoop.

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Hello and welcome to today's edition of 'Ahrana Today', where we bring the news of the Wurld and the Kingdom to you the viewer at home or wherever you may be. On this edition, more news on the Drug Epidemic, Act of Union with Uppsund, Emergency Services funding and more here on 'Ahrana Today'.


Yesterday, the Federal Police Commissioner and the Director-General of the Emergency Services announced that Hospitals across the Kingdom should expect a rise in drug related cases with patients. It was found yesterday after several Emergency Calls that the Royal Paramedic Services responded to that a new Drug has been found to be adding to the Drug problem in the Kingdom. The Federal Police Services Drug Unit has identified this drug as Felicium. The official name of this drug is currently unknown as it is not known what family of narcotics this drug originates from. What is known about Felicium is that it is extremally lethal and if you come into contact with this narcotic the person can go into cardiac arrest through skin contact or inhalation of the narcotic. The Federal Police Service advise that if anyone knows where this Narcotic is being produced or smuggled in to please report it to the Federal Police Drug Unit.


The Act of Union between the Kingdom of Uppsund and the United Kingdom of Ahrana is expected to be complete within the next day or so, the preparations for Official Ceremony have begun in Havsborg and will commence at Noon tomorrow. We will bring you live coverage of the Ceremony from start to finish.


It was announced in the Parliament yesterday that the Emergency Services will be receiving additional funding to help counteract the Drug Epidemic the Kingdom is facing currently. The number of Paramedics licensed by the Federal Government is expected to grow within the next few weeks and months to help give aid to those who need it across the nation. 

Not only are the Paramedic Services and the Medical Services receiving funding the new Scholastic Program established in all schools across the nation will be given additional funding as part of this bill to help educate the younger generations on these Drugs and what they can do to help the nation heal from this troubled time.


That is all here on 'Ahrana Today', join us tomorrow for more news.

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Hello and welcome to today's edition of 'Ahrana Today', where we bring the news of the Wurld to you the viewer at home. On this edition, many countries have expelled Anglian Diplomats, the Ahranaian Governments reaction to recent Anglican Aggression, and News from the Western Boarder of Ahrana, all here on 'Ahrana Today".


In recent days since the incident in Gallambrian Airspace with Anglican Aggression playing a huge role in the incident, many nations have expelled Anglican Diplomats from their respected countries. So far, the Commonwealth of @Delamaria, the Greater Holy Empire of Arome(@Tagmatium Rules), and the Kingdom of @Gallambria have carried out expulsions of Anglican Diplomats. It is unsure how many more nations will fall in with these recent Expulsions.


Since the recent Anglican Aggression by the Empire of @Great Anglia the Federal Government of Ahrana has been slow to release a statement in regard to the recent incident. However, the Office of the Diarchs was quick to release a public statement citing their thoughts and beliefs on this matter.



The news from the Western Boarder that is shared with Dniester is very dire and heartbreaking. In recent days and weeks, the Terrorists in Dniester have started attacking several border towns in the United Kingdom of Ahrana. Several hundred people have been wounded with many deaths in these towns and cities. The Federal Government has responded by activating the Ahranaian Military and sending them to re-enforce the Wester Boarder with Dniester to hopefully deter these attacks from happening.

The Federal Government has also formed a Defense Council and is considering all options to help stop these attacks. The cities of¬†Maksne,¬†Lysetuna,¬†Br√łnn√łystr√łm,¬†√Ėsund,¬†Roskilde, and¬†Uppkrona have all reported attacks within the last month. It is expected that more attacks will follow, and the Government has asked that the people moved to safer locations or stay on alert if they remain on or near the border with Dniester.

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Hello and welcome to this edition of 'Ahrana Today,' where we bring the news of the Kingdom and the wurld to you the viewer at home! On today's edition, 2022 Election Cycle for the Parliament, A Civil War in Argis, The Economy restarting, and more here on Ahrana Today.


The Parliament of the United Kingdom of Ahrana has entered into the Election Year for the year of 2022, this year, with the addition of one hundred seats to the Parliament for the addition of Elde and Uppsund to the Union of the United Kingdom, the Parliament will have all seats up for Election this cycle meaning that the current Federal Chancellorship could change with the election. So far, the following parties have registered with the Electoral Commission of Ahrana:

  • Loyalist Party
  • Conservative People's Party
  • Liberal Conservative Party
  • Christian Democrats
  • Alternative for Ahrana
  • Social Democrats
  • Labour Party
  • Social Liberal Party
  • Green Party

Currently the Government is made up of a Coalition of the Loyalist Party, Conservative People's Party, Liberal Conservative Party, Christian Democrats and the Alternative for Ahrana Party which runs the Government at the Federal Level. The opposition parties are the left leaning parties that did not have enough to form even a minority government last election cycle.

We have done several polling research on who is likely to win this year's election and it seems that the Right-wing Parties are set to win the election once again. The leading political party in this election only needs one hundred seats to form a Majority Government without the need of support, however it is customary that if the party does not have one hundred and fifty seats that a coalition government should be formed out of the necessity for political stability.

This is also the first election cycle that the Communist and the Socialist Party are not on the Election ballot or even allowed to be registered with the Commissions Office due to the Law passed by the current government banning any political parties with former or current affiliation with the Ivanoff Doctrine may not be registered in Federal, Regional or Local Elections. It has been said that most former politicians of these parties have fled the country to avoid prosecution for their crimes during and after the revolution.

The Regional Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Uppsund and Elde will also be entering their first Federal Election Cycle since rejoining the Union of the United Kingdom. 

The current Federal Chancellor has stated that she feels optimistic in this election and feels that she will win a reelection with a majority government dominated by her political party. 

We here at 'Ahrana Today' wish all involved in the Election good luck.


A few days ago, a Civil War was started in Argis in the Country of Baltica, which is located to the east of the former lands of the Empire of Ahrana. The Country has been divided up into factions each vying for power over the entire country, and in Ahrana this news of a war has been met with shock and utter distress for the loss of life to come. 

The Federal Government today issued a statement to the Government of Baltica and the Regional Factions asking for Peaceful negotiations to take place to avoid the pointless bloodshed of innocent life. The government knows that this request of peace will not be listened to and has also decided to act in conjunction with the Government of the Kingdom of @Seylosto establish a No-Fly Zone and to render aid to the Region of Kauni in Baltica. The Federal Government has authorized that a division of one hundred Men from the Royal Army be activated and mobilized to help establish a Peacekeeping Mission with the Military of Seylos. The purpose is to provide the people of Kauni with Security and Safety during this war, as well as any aid these people may need to survive.

The Federal Government will also be discussing a few days the possibility of Condemning all parties involved in this Civil War as each Region and Foreign Power fueling the war holds a responsibility for this catastrophe of loss of life.

We will update you with more on the Baltican Civil War as reports come in.


The Ahranaian Economy is starting to show signs of improvement. With the establishment of more Naval Yard Factories as the¬†Konungar Lenda Naval Yards, more jobs have been created with this company. Konungar Lenda is not the only company attempting to revive the economy¬†Skotf√¶ri konungsins -the leading Ammunition Company,¬†Nor√įurlanda√ĺj√≥nusta -the leading mining service, as well as several other companies have started expanding their operations in new areas and locations to help create more jobs and boost the economy.¬†

The Ahranaian Government expects the economy to continue to grow in the next four years to either surpass the previous economies the country has seen or to create a new level of Ahranaian Economic Progress. With the economy enlarging it is also expected that the birthrate of the country will also improve, and that the population will continue to grow with the economy.

As the economy grows, so does the Ahranaian Military in terms of Firepower and equipment. It is believed that by this time next year the entire Military Service will be halfway done with the Modernizations project that was set out by the Government which is also helping the Economy.

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Hello and welcome to this special report over the Border issues with Ahrana and Dniester. As of 1100AST today the Ministry of Defense has stated that Terrorists in Dniester have increased their attacks on the bordering cities in Ahrana. In the Northern part of Tatani in the city of Toft, several bombs and explosions happened throughout the city. So far from the reports from the Police at the scene there were at least twelve car bombs and several other types of bombs that went off throughout the city.

The Mayor of Toft has declared a State of Emergency and is asking that the neighboring cities lend a helping hand in any way possible. The mayor has also stated that there could be more bombs throughout the City Center that have not exploded and that First Responders and any Citizens outside their homes should take caution.

The Ministry of Defense has yet to understand how these attacks are planned or why they are carried out, but what is known is that these terrorists do not care who they kill. The Defense Council is scheduled to meet later today over this issue today and will be releasing a public statement about this attack.

Thank you for joining us for this short report.

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Hello and welcome to another edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the kingdom and the wurld to you the viewer. On today's edition we bring more news from the Western Region of Ahrana and more here on 'Ahrana Today'.


The Ministry of Defense has been given reports of increasing tension between the Southern and Northern Dniesterian groups, in given recent attacks on Ahrana by Terrorist Groups funded by the Dniesterian Government the Ministry of Defense with the approval of the Federal Chancellor and the Privy Councils has given the go ahead to send Arms and Ammunition to the People of Southern Dniester in hopes they will rise up against the Corrupt regime and the Northern Dniesterians who seem to be supporting the government whole heartedly.

The Ministry of Defense has released this Official Statement concerning the recent attacks and decisions taken by the Government:


XxICABv.png ErMvy6U.png 


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Hello and welcome to another edition of 'Ahrana Today,' Where we bring the news of the Realm and the wurld to you at home. On today's edition, news from the western border and news on the Civil War in Baltica all brought to here on 'Ahrana Today'.


The Western regions of the country has yet come under attack again by the Terrorists from the Republic of Dniester, today the terrorists bombed four other cities along the border with an estimate of two hundred casualties in each city. As the days continue on the death toll rises with each attack as well as the injured numbers. The Hospitals in the area are starting to become overwhelmed with the amount of people coming into the hospitals. 

The Ministry of Health and Social Care along with the National Health Service has issued a request that any available medical personnel from other hospitals or organizations please come to the western regions hospitals to help with the influx of patience. The Federal Government also met today to discuss potential actions that can be taken to help with the situation. Nothing has been released by the Federal Government in regard to today's attack, but a response is expected soon.


The Diarchs released a public statement to the Free Republic of Kauni and stated that additional resources are being sent to help with the Peacekeeping mission that has been started in that region. The Diarchs have also decided to send General Gunvor Einarsdóttir of the Royal Army to Kauni to direct the Ahranaian Peacekeeping Force in co-ordination with the other Peacekeepers already in Kauni.


Thank you for joining us here on 'Ahrana Today,' join us later for more news.

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Hello and welcome to this edition of "Ahrana Today," where we bring the news of the Realm and the Wurld to you the viewer. On this edition: More news from the Western Provinces for the Kingdom, the 2022 Election Campaign Debates, The Federal Government to accepting refugees from Warzone in Baltica, and much more here on "Ahrana Today."


The first of the three Public Debates for the Office of Prime Minister will be taking place this Saturday Night around 2000AST at the Convention Center in downtown Moskovo. All candidates for the Office of Prime Minister will be in attendance and will be answering several unscripted questions from the public at the Convention Center.

So far, the current sitting Chancellor, Liv Bjorkman, has been on several speaking engagements while maintaining her duties as Federal Chancellor. The Loyalist Party, the current party supporting the Chancellor, has released their party platform as well as the other Parties that have a candidate in the Election for Federal Chancellor has as well.

The Regional Elections for most of the country have also released their party platforms for their election campaign for election. Many provinces have multiple people running for election and most Members of Parliament are seeking re-election due to the special circumstances of this election. Please keep in tune to the Electoral Commission as the Parties update their Platforms.


The Federal Government has decided that with the Civil War in Baltica raging and many civilian deaths have occurred due to malicious intent and pure accident in times, to start accepting refugees that are fleeing this warzone and feel that the neutral zone established by the Peacekeepers of Seylos is still not enough to protect them. The Federal Government will accept any and all who come to Ahrana with or without passports. There will be a two-year waiver on their visas for when they arrive in the Kingdom for the reason of fleeing war and strife. The Federal Government will provide as much aid to the refugees as possible, but the government also asks the Ahranaian Population to do their part and help these people fleeing this war.


More on the situation in the western part of the country, the last two days have seen severe attacks on several small villages on the border in Ahrana. There has been reports of possible genocide in some of these villages, however currently these reports are not verified that this is exactly happening. The Federal Government will send a Human Rights Commission into the area along the border to verify reports of possible genocide and other human rights violations on behalf of the aggressors. The Federal Government has not issued any statement regarding these recent attacks.


That is all for this edition of "Ahrana Today," join us later for more news.

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