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Phil IV in trouble!

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The country is on tenterhooks today as their leader for the last 15 years was taken ill by a mystery illness last night. The kings spokesperson has said that the king is resting in bed with the countries' best doctors around him. They say that he has been extrememly wealk over the last few weeks but has soldiered on, and is now lying in a dangerous state.


The doctors say that they do not know what is wrong with the King, and that it could be a number of factors, the most worrying symptom is that he is developing large dark patches on his skin, although these could be a for a varitity of reasons, this is not a good sign for the king.


The king has not appeared in public for several weeks, promptng public fears about how long the king has beeen ill, although the spokesperson stated that the king had been showing signs of weariness and high blood pressure a couple of weeks ago, this had been atributed to stress, now the king has got more serious, it has become a much more urgent matter.


The king's son, Crown Prince Phil SartDu, has also made a public statement;


'We thank you all for your concern in these troubled times, and hope that the king will recover from his problems very soon. The family is all gathering in the palace to wish our King a speedy recovery, and we all hope that things can return to normal in the forseeable future.'


Some radical groups have been saying that the king is being poisined by the enemies of the state, and with the recent spate of rebellions in other europan countries, this may not be such a radical proposition. but the Crown Prince has dismissed these rumours saying,


'I can hereby dismiss any rumours that the king has been poisined, the security staff around the Palace are some of the nations finest, and all food for the king is prepared especially by some of my top Slaven chefs directly for the king, and when I am in residence in the palace, as I have been the last few months, I take the kings food to him personally, as has been the royal tradition in this family for centuries.'

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Naturally, The President sends his wishes for the magnificent Phil IV to gain a speedy recovery.

He does however, request an answer to the following question:

Have any more of Phil IV's subjects or courtiers been similalry struck down?


This is a worrying development in these troubled times and we have no wish to start rumours of epidemics and illness sweeping your country.

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Crown Prince Phil can assure the president that there is no epidemic sweeping the country, currently the King is still bed ridden, with strange sores and boils over his body. We do not know what is causeing this, but we do soon hope to find out.


Again we must try to avoid any possiblility of poisining or attemptedassasination. I personally am now going to prepare all of the kings meals, and will take them to him personally, we can only hope the king will recover.

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Despite your reassurances, the Interior Ministry has declared that while flights may continue to enter Paranoid Schizos through the Gateway airports from Phil IV, with immediate effect all passengers and crew will be subject to decontamination procedures and any person showing any sign of unusual illness will be quarentined and returned to Phil IV at our earliest convenience.

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-----Royal Public Broadcast---Made Today At: 1730 hours by Crown Prince Phil V------


We are sorry to have to announce the decline in King Phil's condition, after he started to make a recovery yesterday afternoon, overnight he was found to have lapsed into unconsiousness several times, and this morning was too ill even to feed himself. We are deeply troubled at this development, and are still investigating what is causing the illness.


the king is now in no fit state to look after the country, and it is with great displeasure that i must announce his stepping down from office, at the present time, until he has recovered from this illness. a country cannot be seen to be with weak leadership, and so I, as the Crown Prince, must take up the leadership of the nation, at least untill the king has gotten better.


It is with great displeasure that I must take up this crown, but i must, we must have a strong leader to take us through these dark times. We are moving into a new era, and my fathers dea...illness must not keep us down. As the world becomes an ever darker place, the problems with our king are only a taste of what could be in store, the world is a more dangerous place, and i intend to make this nation a Country my father would be proud of.


It is customery to change the name of the Philian nation when the new King Phil is crowned, but i will break with tradition. My father is not dead, and although i am taking his place, He King Phil IV still lives.


-----------End of Broadcast------------



As Phil V swept back into the Palace with the crowds muted applause still in his ears he turned to his Friend, Alexi SonRan,


''They're buying it, no-one suspects anything''


''Good, this country doesnt know whats good for it, and the last king was an ignorant little man who thought that if he ignored the rest of the worlds problems they would leave him alone.''


''Oi! careful, thats my father you're talking abouth there! But yes, now he's out of action for the moment,we can finaly try to bring this nation forward without worrying about the world as much as father did.''


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Meteorola extends its hand in friendship to Phil V. We agree that times are growing darker in Europa. Nations are seeking to destroy the very fabric that has held Europa together for so long.


May we continue to mutually benifit from our strong relationship.


Hurricane Eric of the Allied States of Meteorola

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All people of Phil! now is the time to grteive! Our long standing and dear leader, king Phil IV is dead! After the mystery illness struck him down this weekend, fears have been high for his wellbeing, and now the worst has happened, the death of one of our nations dearest ever kings.


The new king, King Phil V who took charge of the country yesterday is devestated, to have his father struck down like this in his prime is one of the hardest things a son must do. He gave a short press conference this afternoon.


'I, Phil V, am still a prince at heart, I do not know why, or how my father was so suddenly struck down with this illness, or why the lord had to do it so suddenly and quickly. Although i must now take up the crown perminantly, i do so with a heavy heart. My father was one of the greatest leaders this nation has had, he has led us from international obscurity into a country which is as essential to the running of the region than the sun itself.


As the new king i will attempt to contunue my fathers aim of making this country great, and achieveing the best for the nation that i can. There will be a state funeral this Sunday for my father, the great man that he was. All international leaders will be welcome to this sad occasion.'


-----------End Of NewsFlash---------------


<Back in the palace>


Phil's expression of sadness and tears evaporated into a face of anger as soon as the balcony curtains closed.

''They still don't expect anything, no thanks to you though, you told me that doctor was well qualified!''


Alexi SonRan shifted uncomfortably in his seat,

''He is qualified, the old man was just more frail than we imagined, we expected him to attempt to resist the arsnic a little more than he did!''


''Yes, well he didnt did he! and now, instead of my father lying ill in bed, you've only gone and killed him! at least we own the coroner as well, but that doctor will pay for his mistake.''


Phil threw the Regal crown to the floor

''well, come on now, it was simple mistake to make, it's only a matter of a few grams...''


''WHAT! A simple mistake maybe, but it cost my father his life! No matter how much he was holding us back i would never kill him! Even I have my morals Alexi, if i know you don't.''


Phil Turns angrilly and storms out of the door to his chambers...

Alexi turned to the crown on the floor,

''Yes, such a simple mistake...''

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Meteorola newspapers carry the stories of his life on the top fold of the paper, pushing what has been the headline story in Meteorola (the fate of Baltirow-Woud) to the bottom half.


Phil IV was one of the greatest leaders of Europa. His passing is a great loss for all of Europa. May the winds of Europa bring Phil IV to a peaceful end.

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Today the honorable Peter Walters and Jeremy Townsend were arrested and charged with the murder of HRH King Phil IV! Outside the Houses of the Gourd, the national government seat, several large police vans pulled up, went inside the building, and arrested the two top politicians on the horrendous charges made against them. They were accused of bribing the Kings own doctor, Goeff Townsend (also arrested this afternoon), to administer the king arsnic, instead of the medication he should have prescribed, this had the result of killing him slowly and painfully over a matter of weeks, a most horrible way to die.


It is not yet clear why the two men decided to kill our dear leader, but it is certain that they would not get away with it. The discovery may not have been made at all, had the doctor due to undertake the kings autopsy was Goeff Townsend himself, it was onyl a last minute decision by the medical councel to the royal family to bring in a pathologist more experienced in strange diseses.


The three men catagoricly deny trying to kill the king, saying that such accusations are 'ludicrus', but there are facts out there for all to see, large amounts of money were transferred to an unamed back accout from the two men, then a few days later, similerly large amiounst were recieved by the doctor himself. When his house was raided, the police found large quantities of poisinous arsnic at his house, along with e-mails from a 'Mr P' incriminating him with the murders.


Mr Walters and Mr Townsend have also gone on record in the past saying that the monerchy is detrimental to the state, and that the royal family should be forced into a simple ceremonial role, and that involving them in state affairs is keeping the country back. Phil IV was an unusually inquisitive king, always taking charge in national crisies, this won him much populer support, but angered the government, especially the republican aspects, at having control stripped away from them.


As the two men lie in the cells tonight, the new king Phil V made a statment saying that this new information was a disgusting end to a terrible few weeks, and that he hopes these two men will serve maximim life in the prisons and labour camps of the nation.

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(OOC: "Peter Walters and Jeremy Townsend" someone likes his Classic British Rock)


While we would rather see an elected government, we would not have one come at this kind of cost. Meteorola is horrified at the prospect of the death of Phil IV being deliberate. These criminals need to be locked up- at the least. We hope Phil V has the same skills his father did in handling crisis situations, as this is a huge scandal.


Meteorola remains in a state of mouring for Phil IV. If you require any assistance we will do what we can, however we can only do so much, as our own crisis continues.

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"This has worked beter than we expected, now that we can blame those two men for this whole fiasco, we have lost our two largest enemies and shifted the blame! Brillient!''


''Don't you think i know that! this whole situation could even turn into our advantage, with father dead, and the government weakened, i think it's time to do whats best for this country, and get rid of those pompus self-rightous fools in the houses of the Gourd for good.''


''What do you mean, we can't get rid of them completly can we...''


''Why not, the public is on our side, they don't trust the government any more, they woudl welcome us! I will announce it tomorrow! At fathers funeral procession! We will soon have this country where we want it!''

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-----------------State Funeral of Phil IV-----------------


Today the Nation Mourns.


The body of Phil IV, the celebrated leader of the country for many years was passed through the streets of the capital, PhilenGrad.


Th people came out in their tens of thousends to mourn the passing of this great man, they lined the streets of the city, and many hundreds of millions more watched at home, on large screens in the squares of all cities, on their TV sets at home, the nation mourns.


Phil Vcame to make a tearful speach, he said that in these dark times, of uprising and rebellion only a unified country will make it through, he said his father had made mistakes, but was a great leader of this country, Phil V will endevour to carry on in his fathers name and do what is best for the nation.


He also came out with several comments about the government system, he said that the government were too restrictive in their pasing of laws, the king had previous tryed to pass a law that would have made it impossible for the two men accused to murder able to get away with it for so long, but was opposed by the government. If this law had been passed the kings life could have been saved, and the nation would be in a better state.


Asked afterwards some mourners responded to the new Kings comments, one lady said that the nation would be better off without the elected government, 'they just provide beurocracy and inefficiency in the system', she went on to say that the nation would be better off with just the king in charge, 'he knows what he is doing, he will bring the country into better times'.

However worrying this may be for other nations in the world, the national view does appear to be turning against democracy in general.


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The kings body is pulled through the streets


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