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In loving memory

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Vanarambaion was one of the first. His departure has had it's influence on Europa, direct and indirectly. I for one will personally miss him. Hopefully there will be a chance to talk once again via instant messenger.


Your longtime friend, Orioni

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hell i was almost a gonner! THANKS FOR NOT BAILING ME OUT PHIL!!! ya f*cker! opps can i say f*cker? well if i cant say f*cker im sorry for saying f*cker all those times! and dont worry Phil, its all ok now, EE will play a magical melody on his harp and Orioni will sing a soft and lovely song to you like it was sent from the heveans theirself while i go threw your sock drawer and steal your pot money so me EE and O can go out drinkin!

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I got a couple of mails from Van. I won't post the entire content, just some lines for everyone to know:

22 february 2005


Everything's fine.  I've just had to step down for a little while.  I'll be back once I get everything else under control.

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