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A Missionara Mission

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To:- Her Majesty Queen Julia III of @Morheim & The High Oracle of the Elementium Faith

As you may be aware the Bene Gesserit faith promotes the gathering of knowledge regarding a whole host of subjects, including that of other religions. We have noted recently that the native faith of Morheim have recently appointed a new religious leader and would like to take this oppurtunity of a new dawn for the Elementium faith for our Bene Gesserit scholars, known as the Missionara Protectiva to learn about your faith. As both nations seem to hold religion central to their government we also believe an exchange of scholarly knowledge could be a foundation for the beginning of closer relations between our homelands. As such we would like to dispatch a representative of our faith in the guise of the scholars Duchess Lena Atreides and her Daughter in Law Karin Atreides to Thale at your convenience to represent our faith. 


We hope this inviation is accepted and look forward to beginning to foster relationships between our nations.

With Kind Greetings

Reverned Mother Erin Atwald


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To:- Reverened Mother Erin Atwald

We thank you for your recent message and are more than happy to explore closer relationships with any nation. We have seen your recent Deceleration of the Sands and believe we share many ideas. As such I am delighted to extend to your two scholars an invitation to meet myself and the new High Oracle in Thale. We look forward to your delegates arrivals and are hopeful of fruitful talks. 

Best Wishes

Queen Julia III of Morheim




Thale had not welcomed foreign guests for quiet some time and Queen Julia The Younger hadn't meet with any foreign delegates since the Laren Environmental Conference. She was rather excited for this meeting, Kiataine sat across the other side of the world and its culture seemed rather intriguing. She already had many questions that she would like to get to the bottom of and find out more about these Bene Gesserit. She hoped to also impress the new High Oracle, while the Queen was the most powerful person in Morheim the High Oracle held significant influence and Julia considered herself a pious person. She had always tried to follow the teachings of the Elementium faith by showing the Four Gods respect and like many of the people of Morheim had been disastisfied of late with the way their Temple had been run. To Julia the meeting today marked a fresh start for Elementium. 

She had dispatched her older brother Prince Isaac to the airport just outside the capital of Thale to welcome the guests. Isaac was three years older than his sister and filled his time with his service in the Air Force, he stood chatting to a few Airmen from the service who were forming the welcoming party for their guests. While Thale International Airport was a civilian operation two fighter jets sat ready to escort the Kaitaine aircraft in once it reached Morheim's airspace. It was when the aircraft took off that Isaac began running mentally through what he would say when the guests arrived, he figured he'd have about twenty minutes and so began going over and over what his sister had told him. Time seemed to fly by and soon he could see the guests aircraft descending towards the runway and just moments later the band began to play. Isaac waited patiently for the aircraft to stop at the point marked for this special occasion and went over in his mind the introductions. "Good morning. My sister has asked me to welcome you to Morheim and escort you to the Palace where she is very much looking forward to meeting you both. Please step this way." He gestured to a waiting vehicle. 


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The Missionara Protectiva was a strange organisation in a way. While officially not part of the government of the Theocracy they were people who made up the majority of the civil service. The Chapterhouse school churned out a seemingly endless supply of these scholars dedicated to seeking knowledge considered vital to finding the secrets of the universe both physical and spiritual. The system created a set of keen minds, highly articulate and well versed in a wide variety of subjects ranging from sciences down to the law. Even when no longer directly under the auspices of the Reverend Mother a graduate of the Chapterhouses always felt that connection and many of the Missionara wore their blue tunic style uniform just as Duchess Lena and Karin Atreides wore now. The golden collar pin on the Duchess' collar indicated that she was one of the four leading scholars of the order while the Bronze one on Karin's that she was one of the team who were full time researchers at Chapterhouse. 

The pair had arrived and were slightly surprised that they had been given an aircraft escort to the ground, they weren't sure whether this was something all nations did but it perhaps did reveal something about Morheim. As they touched down Karin gathered her briefcase, as one would expect from a Missionara it was stuffed full of notebooks and reading material, and she followed her Mother-in-law out of the aircraft. They hadn't expected a Prince to meet them as technically they weren't employees of the Theocracy. "An honour to meet you Your Highness" Duchess Lena gave a small bow, it was the first time she'd meet a royal and had ensured she was well read on the protocol. "We are very much looking forward to meeting your sister. It's the first time we have meet a monarchy and we look forward to learning from the experience. Shall we get going?" She asked. 

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The Prince hadn't quiet expected the Duchess and her daughter-in-law to be attired almost in a military fashion, nor had he expected them to be rather so blunt. "Of course Your Ladyship" he gestured for the two Kaitainites to follow him and he quickly made his way towards a large waiting SUV. He hadn't been sure whether these Missionara people would have brought their own security or even what their actual relationship with their government was. "Its about a twenty minute ride into the Royal Palace where my sister will be waiting. Thankfully we're going to avoid rush-hour and we've a military escort." Black fatigue wearing soldiers with blue and silver patches were taking up position in vehicles before and after the SUV with a group of four motorcycle outriders flanking the procession. The Morheim government were not expecting trouble, there hadn't been any attacks on government officials in at least 100 years, at least not since Prince Thiago had launched a coup against his own sister in an effort to change the Queendom into a Kingdom. That had failed as the people saw the Prince as nothing but a heretic and after just a few days of violence he'd been executed, a large public burning in the square in front of the Palace. It was told that the fire had been so intense that it had cracked some of the marble in the Palace's huge plaza and that if you looked carefully you could still see feint traces of the scorch marks, silly tales if anything as Prince Isaac had never seen them and he spent as much time in the Plaza as anyone. The vehicle began pulling away and soon they were heading south towards the coast, Isaac loved the coastal roads as the sparkling blue sea on one side contrasted with the Orange groves that littered the hillsides. Soon the hills rolled away into the distance as the car reached sea level and now a long sandy beach, complete with those enjoying the early morning sun was contrasted with the buildings of the city. 

"Perhaps you can tell me a little of the idea behind your faith." Isaac made small talk. "It's one I have heard little of beyond what you can read on things like Wikipedia. A religion with its own military and scholars sounds fascinating." and a little worrying he thought. He'd heard tales from other religions of them using "Holy Warriors" to spread their faith often at spear point. This was something Elementium had largely ignored, it was a faith that sought to create balance and as such sought not to create waves through the use of violence. "I'd be intrigued to hear particularly about these Truthsayers of yours. As a military man I'm always looking to see what I can learn from the way other nations think." 

Before long the Palace came into view. As they had been expecting guests the Plaza was heavily patrolled and a temporary guard rail had been installed down the centre. Tourists still milled around enjoying looking at the old inscriptions to national heroes on the walls or the art works. Occasionally a small group of people would lay flowers in one of the notches on a wall, a memorial to a loved one or a beloved famous figure honoured at the heart of the Queendom. Guardsman in black dress uniform patrolled the perimeter and a "no go area" just in front of the Palace. On days when Queen Julia the Younger was not on official business in the Palace it had limited opening for tourists but today they were getting a rather grander sight. The SUV left its guard escort at the gate and made its way up the central area that had been kept free of tourists. Naturally seeing the car many stood at the guard rail keen to get a view inside but the heavily tinted windows prevented that. A group of  young school children waved energetically as the car passed seeming not to care that they couldn't tell if their greeting was reciprocated. "It was my Mother who began giving access to the Plaza every day." Isaac began, Julia the Elder still lived however she had made the decision to abdicate the throne after her  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) had prevented her doing her duties fully. Julia The Elder still liked to do what she could to support the monarchy but that was nowadays mainly just public appearances on her good days or the occasional speech via radio or TV on matters important to the Queendom. Her daughter, Julia the Younger still courted her advice but that was usually done away from prying eyes. As if on cue the vehicle stopped at the bottom of the stairs as Queen Julia the Younger appeared at the top of the stairs. Her brother sighed slightly, it seemed she was not convinced by advice of those around her to dress in a manner traditionally befitting a Queen instead she wore a black suit with silver pinstripe, white shirt and a pale blue tie similar to her nations flag. Her blonde shoulder length hair was folded into a bun at the nape of her neck and the only Queenly thing about her was elaborate jewelled tie pin and cufflinks. A Light Scout Guardsman opened the car door and saluted his Queen as Prince Isaac exited the car and offered a helping hand to the two guests. "Your Majesty" He bowed to his own sister who he could tell would have tutted at him had there not been guests, "May I present Her Ladyship Lena Atreides and her daughter-in-law Karin Atreides."

"I'm very excited your here" Julia extended a hand to each of them warmly. "I can't wait to hear more about your desert home." An aide appeared beside her with two silk wrapped bundles. "Now I've done a little reading. Not much though. I understand your faith is about gaining knowledge if I read things correctly" In many ways Julia was a nerd, especially for History and so Isaac knew his sister would be right. "I'd love you to have these." She handed over the silk wrapped objects before pulling away the firsts wrapping. "This is a handwritten copy of our Holy Book. It was made by a Priest about 200 years ago who saw it as a labour of love to write it by hand" She opened a few pages and the scrawl was decorated with a vast array of patterns and colours. "And this" she whisked away the second covering, "Is a book written by my grand-father, he was a Historian, I think that's where I get my love for the subject from" She chuckled nervously. "I hope you can find them both useful and enjoyable. Please come inside, you must be thirsty" she ushered for the two Kaitainites to flank her as she walked them up the steps and into her home. "Now I thought we could have some iced tea.....I can find other things if you prefer.....and get to know a little about each others nations and then if that seems to go well maybe some talks about setting up some relations. Does that sound OK?" She realised most monarchs would have the gravitas to make that an instruction rather than question, even though she'd been successful with the Laren Conference she still was worried that international diplomacy had too many rules she was yet to get to grips with because of a lack of practice. Along the corridor was a wide double oak door, a red uniformed chamberlain pushed it open and began arranging the drinks, first serving his Queen and then the guests. "Thank you Joachim" the Queen smiled at the man as he bowed and headed to the door to stand post incase she needed anything else. "So where would be a good place for us to begin. Perhaps you could tell me what exactly a Reverend Mother is?" 

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There was a skill every student at Chapterhouse was taught from an early age and it was known as Doublespeak, it was in some ways a closely guarded secret and largely unknown beyond the walls of the school. It was however in the cafe's and bars of Arrakeen a common sight even if it was only the women who used it. It was a form of sign language performed with just the hands which to a casual observer would pass as nothing other than a woman sat fidgetting her hands haphazardly but as they drove the Duchess was chatting away with her daughter in-law at great speed. "We tell him very little of the Truthsayer" the Duchess signalled. They were a group that many across Mundus may have issues with, soldiers dedicated to a faith, religion after all could be a powerful motivation. "Well Your Highness" Lena began verbally, "Our faith is one of change and adaptation. I like to think of it as more of an attempt to understand our universe and the powers that drive it more than anything else. We believe that in our worlds deep past something so horrific happened that it broke our connection with God/Gods and narrowly humanity escaped destruction. All the evidence we have points that at some point in the future we shall as a world face similar issues and that it is our duty as a Sisterhood to seek to defend the world. The only way we can achieve this is by rebuilding our connection to God/Gods and finding a kind of Messiah figure known as the Kwizach Hadrach. Women it is said have a closer connection to the spiritual world and so the Sisterhood guide our efforts of all people. Knowledge in our view certainly is power as the old phrase goes."

"As for the Truthsayers" Karin joined in, "Think of them as one tool in the arsenal of the Sisterhood, we have the Mothers, our spiritual guides, those of us in the Missionara are the scholars providing the knowledge we will need to be prepared for the Great Disaster, the Honored Matres harness their spiritual connection to hopefully bring about the Kwiach Hadrach through what you may consider selective breeding, and the Truthsayers, well they are the last line of defence against the disaster. A group of people trained to if neccessary take up arms and defend the innocent." She pasued and looked at Prince Isaac's uniform. "I believe you are an Air Force officer Your Highness?" She already knew the answer, "As such I believe you will be trained to kill, however it is my hope that this action is one that you would only take if left with no choice. I suspect your also trained to undertake a whole host of operations, information gathering, supplying aid to refugees, medical evacuations and the like. Our Truthsayers are no different to that." The flash of fingers from the Duchess indicated that she had said enough and so Karin left it there.

The pair were impressed with the Palace. Back home there was the Red Fortress, a home to the Corrino family that was as impressive as you got. Even Chapterhouse, the sacred home of the faith, was a rather simple affair of a walled complex with rather simple sandstone buildings. Karin liked the way the place seemed open to the people, it gave the impression that this was not just the abode of a single person or a family but rather the home of a nation. As the car stopped and the Prince introduced them it was the Duchess who naturally exited first and bowed to the young Queen who presented a less regal spectacle than Lena imagined from a monarch. "Your Majesty thank you for inviting us" She turned to face Prince Isaac, "and your brother has been a perfect host. Thank you" She was surprised by the gift of the books, it was a well thought out gift and something she knew the Missionara back home would be eager to get their hands on. "Your Majesty does us a great honour with this knowledge" Lena handed the books carefully to Karin who seemed to revere them automatically, it was after all engrained within the Missionara to respect their books. "We have a gift for you too." Karin had carefully placed the books into her large briefcase having removed a small box. "It is a Spice Box" Lena explained as she handed over the smooth white box no bigger than a pack of cigarettes. "It is made from bone and contains a sample of our sacred spice Melange. The faithful believe it gives those gifted by the God/Gods a gateway to foresight, while those not blessed are gifted the fact it tastes good sprinkled on cakes." She smiled warmly. "I will look forward to you telling me which it did for you." Lena was not convinced the spice, made from the skin sheddings of the species of centipede known as the "Kaitaine Sandworm" had any magical properties but she knew of several of the Mother's who claimed it gave them visions and even Karin claimed to have once had such an expereince.

The duo followed the Queen into the Palace and took the offered iced tea. It was a beverage similar to those enjoyed back home on the edges of the desert. "Our Reverened Mother is the person believed to have the closest connection to the God/Gods and as such blessed with knowledge beyond our understanding. She is almost a double entity, she gives the seal of approval to all laws in the Theocracy, meanwhile she also guides the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood. I believe the Christians of this world have a Pope who is the representative of their God in this world. We believe the Reverned Mother to be a combination of that role and your own role." She hoped she had been clear, even the youngest Missionara would be confident in what was explained but then again they had grown up in the faith. "I understand you yourself play a role in your nations religion? Guardian of the Elements if I recall correctly. Is this similar to the role of our Reverned Mother?" She had wished to ask about the recent news of the corruption in the Morheimian faith but resisted the urge.

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Julia accepted the gift of the spice but wasn't really sure what the diplomatic thing to do with it was, should she taste some now but then what if it the maghical properties it proclaimed were real and somehow it triggered a change in her during these sessions. What on the other hands if she hated the taste and spat it out, would that be an insult to the guests.  She considered her approach for a while and then simply determined the best course of action was to say "Thank you for the kind gift. I am sure that our own Oracle will be interested to discover what this spice is like when next I meet with her." She figured diverting the responsibility onto the head of her faith was a more tactful response. She listened carefully to the description of the Bene Gesserit faith by her guests, a lot of it she had read herself but hearing it direct from the followers, and in this case the inner circle, of the faith made things much clearer. It was in Julia's mind a faith based around fear of what was coming as well as a hope in that evil could be avoided and in someway she admired that. Practical solutions to a challenging problem. "My own duty within our faith is more of that of a policeman, keeping a watchful eye on its security from threats outside of it and inside of it, sadly as of late it has been the threat of those within the faith that I have had to worry about. While I have the Oracle to guide me in my decision making, in the path my own soul takes I have the duty that those advising my subjects are as pure as they claim we should be. Historically speaking its been a mainly traditional role, sadly it seems that many in the faith have used our nations devotion to it and my Mother's illness to take advantage of the power it has in our society. It's something I'm keen to ensure doesn't ever happen again. As such I would not consider myself like your Reverend Mother, while the Elementium faith guides my thoughts and actions I am not what I would consider tied to its doctrine as a way of leading our nation. I suspect this is something your Reverend Mother has to consider more than I do. In many ways our nations faith and our nations government are two separate entities but ones that are closely related." 

"Perhaps we should set out where we both would like this meeting to head and then once we have an agenda a time for each of us to reflect might be an idea. While we are doing that we can go and meet the new Oracle who I know will be much better placed to answer your questions regarding our faith." 

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Lena had hoped Julia would have tried the spice there and then. Half of this was fuelled by the scientist in her, the hope of seeing an outsiders reaction to the substance being almost like a control group. The other half of her had hoped that the spice would perform some miracle and make this young Queen instantly accept the teachings and the ways of the Bene Gesserit thus spreading the faith beyond their desert home. She was impressed by the pious nature of the Julia, but wondered if there was something else to the recent trials and executions that she had read about in Morheim's media, was this a girl trying to exert her authority over a nation, perhaps that also explained her odd way of dressing for a woman but surely Morheim, a place known as a Queendom had no need for a woman to power dress to show her authority. 

"You ask for what we would like to head towards during these talks, that is rather straight forward from our point of view. We would like knowledge, or at least an avenue towards it. Your nation is very different to ours in terms of religion, its geography, even its organisation. We therefore would like to expose our young people to it as immersion is the best way to learn new things. It is our hope that Morheim will be the first in a series of connections with other nations. We would like to see some relaxation of travel between our nations both for pleasure and business, then perhaps explore some joint educational programmes. I understand you yourself were a scholar until relatively recently and so probably understand why it is important to broaden the horizons with new experiences. I would also like to look at perhaps ways in which we could have the Missionara recruit locally for experts, maybe allowing some to join the Sisterhood depending on your nations rules regarding faith and the like. I hope these are compatible with your own agenda." 

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Julia had never really left Morheim much, the odd family holiday here or there but usually then without the full compliment as it was very rare the nations security agency allowed all members of the Royal family to be in one place at the same time. She fully intended as she grew into her reign to begin visiting more and more places and she hoped that her younger sister Beatrix would have more of a chance of a normal teenage life then she had. "If your proposing some kind of school exchange then I think that would be a nice idea, although my understanding is that your schools are girls only, if that is the case then we may need to think how best to do things as I would want all my people to be able to have fair access to such an opportunity" She finished her drink and looked at the mantlepiece clock that showed that it was time for them to make their way to the Temple of the Elements to meet the High Oracle. It wasn't a long drive to the Temple, it sat on the edge of the parkland that the Palace sat in and infact the drive saw them never leave the actual Palace grounds, Julia would have walked but her security advised her that it was better to drive and the fact the route took a rather scenic route across the park made it seem like a much longer drive. 

High Oracle  Itziar Gebara was waiting for them on the steps of the Temple, a group of worshippers being momentarily halted from entering the subterranian complex while the Queen and her guests went inside. Julia bowed respectfully to the High Oracle with a hand placed on her heart,  Itziar Gebara returned the bow before the pair embraced as friends. "Duchess Lena this is Her Holiness The High Oracle" Julia said almost proudly. 

"Duchess Lena" The High Oracle nodded respectfully. "and this is?" she asked as she smiled at Karin and waited for the Queen to make an introduction. "I understand you want to know more about our faith so perhaps you'd like a tour of the complex, or would you prefer to begin with a visit to our library?" 


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Lena had not meet the leader of another faith but she had determined before hand to interact with the High Oracle in much the same way that she would have the Reverened Mother of her own faith. "Your Holiness it is a pleasure to meet you." She gave a small bow, a step behind her Karin gave a slightly deeper one showing the lesser position that she held within the faith's scholar hierarchy. "Thank you for making the time to see us. I am Duchess Lena Atreides, I am honoured to hold the position of Lead Scholar of our faith, this is Karin my daughter in law who is also a Scholar who runs a small department at our Chapterhouse School in Arrakkeen. It is our hope that we can one day send some scholars here to learn more about your faith. Should that be permitted." The Duchess realised her manners had been lacking, "and forgive me Your Holiness, I've never congratulated you on your new appointment to this poisition. We wish you naturally a long and happy.....would reign be the correct word." There was much that the Bene Gesserit didn't know about this faith and now they had a chance to hear it from the horses mouth.

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High Oracle  Itziar smiled as the Duchess seemed to try and pick her words carefully, "I am not sure I'd call it a reign, perhaps more of a stewardship. After all I am merely guiding us for a short time, beyond that everything is open for change." She had seen for herself how swift that change could come having witnessed her Queen effectively destroy the mistakes of the past in next to no time following the High Oracle's uncovering of corruption. "Now I believe that you would like to learn about our faith utilising some kind of scholar programme. If that is the case we would be delighted to welcome some of your team to our Temples." In her mind this could be a chance to help spread the faith, they could maybe convince some of these scholars to embrace their faith and as such has an influence beyond the borders of Morheim. 

"So perhaps we can make this part of a wider educational exchange, something that could maybe expand out beyond our lands." Queen Julia began. "I am going to propose that we reach an arrangengent where any student may apply for University places in either nation. As such I'd like you to consider this."


Recognising the importance of education for preparing young people for the future

Committed to promoting the exchange of academic ideas

Determined to encourage academic excellence

Hopeful of education becoming a catalyst for international co-operation

The Nations of Morheim and Kaitaine, hopeful of being joined by other nations hereby agree to the following. 

1. A co-operative organisation shall be established to oversee an annual academic exchange between signatory nations. These shall be made avaliable to students aged between 15-18 and should give participants a chance to experience academic and social life within the host nation. 

2. Students of signatory nations reaching a minimum academic standard may apply for Higher Education courses in any other signatory nation and will be given consideration on the same terms as a native student. This academic standard may be set either by comparing national qualifications or through set examination. 

3. Any student gaining a place on a Higher Education course in a signatory nation will be granted an automatic visa so long as the following criteria are meet. 

a) The student can provide proof they can fund both their study and stay in the host nation.

b) The student has no previous criminal record

c) The student is not deemed a threat to nation security. 

4. Any student having spent a minimum of three years studying in a signatory nation who graduates may remain in the host nation for a further 12 months.

5. Students of signatory nations studying abroad may not work more than 15 hours per week in paid employment.

6. Signatory nations agree to an annual Education Conference aimed at improving the standard of education across the globe as well as improving educational research. 

7. Signatory nations may operate private educational establishments in any other signatory nations so long as they conform with the host nations laws surrounding the operation of a educational establishment. 

8. There shall be an annual teacher exchange between educational establishments in signatory nations. This is in order to foster better opportunities to develop educational research. 

9. All educational establishments in a signatory nation that offer teaching to students aged between 11-18 shall include in their curriculum at least four hours of tuition on an aspect of at least one other signatory nations history, culture or language. 

10. Embassies belonging to signatory nations shall provide host nations with support and/or advice on incorporating the teaching of their culture, history or language. 


1. Any nation that is willing to fulfil these requirements may become a signatory nation.

2. Any member nation may block the membership of a new nation on only the following grounds. 

a) The nation is not safe enough to receive young students.

b) The nation is not safe enough for teachers

c) The nation has a track record of supressing the freedoms of teachers and students. 

3. Any nation may leave this agreement at any time giving 30 days notice. 

Signed _____________________________

Signed _____________________________ 

Queen Julia the Younger handed the document over. "How do you think this is?" She asked confident that it would allow young people in her nation exciting new oppurtunities while maintaining a control over their own education systems. 


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The Duchess Lena Atreides had to admit that what Queen Julia had offered her was rather ambitious. She'd seen how the Queen had established the Treaty of Laren (??) and now she seemed keen to try and do something to bring education together and that was certainly an aim that the Missionara and therefore the Theocracy of Kaitaine could get behind. The question remained though was this the way to do it? Lena and Karin scanned over the document. 

"On the whole I like what you have put together here." The Duchess began, however I see no reason to automatically give those who have studied in another nation an automatic right to stay for a further 12 months. I believe the determination as to whether a person can stay beyond their studies requires more thought and the host nation should be given the right to determine whether they wish someone to stay. While I think education and exchanges in culture are important I do not wish to see education used as a kind of backdoor to allow people to become permanently part of the nation. Additionally we do not think automatically giving students the right to work is acceptable. They are here to study not work, their focus should be their education. If frankly they can travel across the world to study they have enough money and do not need to work. Beyond those two concerns we strongly support the rest of the proposal." 


It was then Karin's turn to talk, she knew she was lucky as a student of the nations revered Chapterhouse she had received a world class education paid for by the Sisterhood but once at University she had mixed with non-Sisterhood students and knew the expense education could bring. If they were to support the best and brightest then money should not be a barrier however she knew better than to contradict the Duchess. "Perhaps one way round the financial issue would be establishing a kind of Global Education Fund. It could collect money from nations and business and have a way of using this to fund the students from poorer nations and families to gain this world class education we seek to put in the place here." 

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