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Decleration of the Sands

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Following a meeting between the Reverned Mother of the Bene Gesserit faith and the Four Heads of the Holy Houses the nation of the Theocracy of Kaitaine wish to make our nations stance of armed neutrality clear to the world. We further hope that this decleration will encourage those nations around the world to begin positive relationships with our nation based on increasing economic, academic and spiritual prosperity for all.

The Theocracy of Kaitaine hereby declares itself to a sovereign nation that will remain neutral in all external conflicts.

We hereby request nations and multi-national alliances to recognise the Theocracy as such.

While remaining neutral through times of conflict we would welcome diplomatic and economic friendships with all nations of the world, however we will not enter into Treaties taking away any aspect of our neutrality.

We hereby declare that during conflicts our military will take no side and will only fulfil duties as Peacekeepers or on Humanitarian grounds.

We would like to remind nations of our Rights as a neutral nation during international conflicts ,while also showing acceptance of our responsibilities.

Rights and Responsibilities of a neutral nation

1. Belligerents may not enter neutral territory for any reason.

2. Attempts to stop a belligerent entering our territory does not compromise our statement of neutrality.

3. Belligerent troops reaching neutral territory will be humanly interned for the duration of the conflict. This does not apply to escaped Prisoners of War

4. Belligerent Armies may not recruit/conscript neutral citizens.

5. Neutral nation citizens however may travel abroad to enlist.

6. Belligerent armies' personnel and material may not be transported across neutral territory

7. Wounded troops may be permitted transit through neutral territory provided the means of transport is unarmed.

8. A neutral power may supply communication facilities to belligerents.

9. A neutral power may not supply war materials to belligerents.

10. Belligerent naval vessels may use neutral ports for a maximum of 24 hours. The exception to this is for repairs which must be completed as soon as possible.

11. Should a belligerent nations vessel already be in port and the other belligerent vessel docks the one arriving last must stay in dock for 24 hours after the departure of the first.

12. Any ship captured by a belligerent in the territorial waters of a neutral power must be surrendered by the belligerent to the neutral, which must intern its crew.

The Theocracy hope and expect the world to honour our stance on neutrality. As we have declared ourselves neutral we would, as always, be willing to act as intermediaries in any conflict.

We further wish the following to be known.

1. Any nation is permited to establish an embassy in Arrakeen so long as reciprication is permitted.

2. Students from any nation may enroll on University courses visa free so long as they can a) fund their couse and stay without working b) have no criminal record

Our nations doors are open should any nation wish to discuss these matters or broaden their relationship with our nation.



Signed by Reverned Mother Erin Atwald


Duke Oswald Atreides                            Duke Richard Harkonnen                                  Duchess Anna Fremen                                                Duke Niklaus Corrino


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