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Guest Indo-stan

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Guest Indo-stan

Greetings all of Eurth, my humblest apologies for not saying something earlier but since my first post i have changed a lot of what my RP nation (indo-stan) will actually be. i created a language, faith, ethnic groups and other basic things needed for an actual nation to exist. i will go over them quickly so when RPing later you know what i am referring to. do not feel bad if mispronunciation happens on your behalf as i mispronounce information many of you have uploaded. 

National faith: Svānism (Heaven's way). there are 12 important events in this faith the most important being, Jīlìa-guòpar-buraku (Victory over evil day) where it believed the Great Eternal Dragon and Monkey defeated the fallen God Mógaan after 'The Battle of the Heavens' banishing him to the dark depths of Narku (Hell). 

The national language is called banhói, or known to outsiders as Indo-Stanian. 

When in the nation the country is referred to as Indirìhya which refers to the where the Gods first created Humans, that being the river of Indrì. 

The final basic information i shall give is the major ethnic group which is simply referred to as Svāni (Heaven's people) which makes up 85% of the country's population. it used to be higher and lower at certain points in time but this was mostly before the formation of present day Indo-Stan.

if you want to know more about the nation i can post more information through RPing.

Don't forget to be awesome


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