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[Academy RP] The Saninga By-Election

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"...Leiko Kotilii of the Blues, with a majority of 458 in the final count." said the short, tired lady after a long night assisting with vote counting.

His time had finally come. Leiko's efforts are bearing fruit as he hears his name called on the cheap, shrill PA of the conference hall. An overwhelming applause blew him back, bringing him to near tears. He had just become the youngest Yrl in Portamian history at 19 years old. The Blues and their policies centered around bringing together the communities residing near the great river Tiski triumphed by a few short hairs at the by-election of Saninga, granting them their first ever seat since their grassroots formation. As his microphone softly hums, the audience slowly simmers into silence, giving Leiko a chance to speak.

"Wow... I'm overwhelmed." Leiko stammers, almost in disbelief. "Thank you for believing in me, Saninga. On my way to the lovely town of Ulaana, I was quaking in my boots thinking about the many trials and tribulations of my campaign. I was wondering if I had really captured the hearts of you all, and it seems that I have and am humbled by it. I will not let you down and I will create a strong river community that can rival even the largest countries. We must buckle down and continue with our astonishing economic ascent. I love you Portamia! I love the River Tiski!."

The crowd resumes its applause, Blues waving flags adorning their seal dominated Leiko's eyesight from the raised stage, filling him with pride. A barrage of camera flashes dart into the room, as a small cluster of journalists aim to hear more about Leiko's manifesto pledge to reshuffle Saninga's local council. UPP candidates fill silently with disappointment as the Yrldom of Saninga changes hands. The centre-left United People's Party had just lost a key province, signalling that a change in manifesto was possibly in order. Were they losing touch with the electorate? Saninga had been a UPP province for quite some time, with the by-election only being triggered by the sad loss of the last Yrl Sam Ovaal after a fierce battle with cancer.

In Portamia, the debate of what is known as "river governance" has been a hotly debated topic ever since the formation of the Ceremonial New Tribal Assembly (the official name of the Portamian Parliament), with many left wing parties favouring the development of neglected rural communities that reside away from the river, with the intent of growing their local economies and infrastructure through community projects and funding, whereas right leaning parties would rather have a continued process of centralisation around the Tiski for spiritual and economic reasons. Both sides persistently argue over which way forward is better, but the battleground in which this is most decisively settled on is the build up before an election. The conservative Blues formed in Saninga to bring sweeping changes to the political climate in response to the other pro-river party (Tiski Faction) failing to govern effectively and seem to have resonated with the hearts and minds of the Saningans. Only time will tell if their victory can spill out onto the other provinces.

As is tradition after any election, the members of the winning party were treated to a feast of Portamia's national dish: pan-fried Portamian trout, with Leiko getting a side salad of locally grown vegetables.


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