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For context, this post does not concern the modern day, but rather is structured in the form of a news article from the past.


Article taken from Yeosan Daily Newspaper Published January 12th 1943, Series 41 Edition 12:



News broke early this morning that Emperor George Xiang has gone missing. The leader of our great nation who set in motion the industrialisation of our peoples with his Great Leap Forward plan and the leader who brought us the largest economic boom in our nation's history was reported missing at 7:32 this morning from the Imperial Palace in Quxing by members of his family who awoke to find him nowhere within the palace. The last confirmed sighting of him was late last night by a guard at the palace who claims to have spoken to the Emperor before he, according to the recollection of the guard, "said he was going to go to the beach for a late-night swim" and then drove away. This guard, whose name is being kept confidential currently, did not alert the overnight guard to the Emperor's whereabouts, thus no one was concerned with where he might be. This is a great devastation to the royal family, but less so to the people of the nation, who in recent times have been ever increasingly displeased with the Emperor due to his recently reckless spending on luxuries for himself and his family. Strictly breaking the promises his family made to our people so long ago. But, this has led police investigators on the case to think that foul play may have been involved as there have, in recent years, been several groups who have expressed their distaste for the Emperor's recent actions. 

On a lighter note, however, the Emperor's son Charles, having been just this morning made de facto leader of the nation whilst the search is on for his father, has made statements pertaining to the possible drafting and enacting of a bill to add a parliament to Yeosan's government. This has been, as of current, widely supported by the people as they had been quietly suggesting the Emperor do this so as to keep his spending, and power, in check. If the Emperor, in the most unfortunate of cases, is found dead or never found within two weeks, Charles will be coronated later this month and assume his position as new Emperor of Yeosan and igniting it seems, a new era for this great nation.


Article taken from Yeosan Daily Newspaper Published January 26th 1943, Series 41 Edition 26:



After a two-week-long, highly costly, search of the island and the ocean surrounding Yeosan, the authorities have come up completely empty-handed to the whereabouts of the Emperor after he departed the Imperial Palace in Quxing to go for a night swim, an activity which he had been doing in the months leading up to his disappearance. Because of this, the authorities have declared the Emperor dead in absentia. Consequently, the de facto leader of the nation, the late Emperor's son Charles will be officially coronated as the new Emperor on the 31st of January this year. His coronation ceremony will take place at Shenbao Temple in Quxing and will be open to the public.

In recent news however the soon to be Emperor has officially confirmed that he is in the process of drafting a treaty, which he has deemed the New Power Treaty which will transform Yeosan's government into a constitutional monarchy and bring about great change to our fine nation. Charles has stated that this document will lead to the creation of both a Parliament and a Constitution for Yeosan by which the nation will be governed. This has boosted his popular support through the roof as the people, who for years have been asking that power be shared between the people and the monarchy, have finally attained what they desire. A great new era is being ushered into Yeosan by our great new Emperor!


Article taken from Yeosan Daily Newspaper Published November 14th 1943, Series 41 Edition 318:



Just 237 days into his reign as Emperor of Yeosan, Charles Xiang, has made history as he has signed and enacted a document that has been in the works since January of this year. The legislation officially titled the New Power Act will serve to usher Yeosan into a new, more democratic era. As it sets in motion the plans for a Parliament to be created and a Constitution to be drafted for Yeosan. This massive moment in the history of our nation was brought forth by both the increasing demands of the people and the suggestions of the Emperor’s advisors. The Emperor has released some details of this act and has said that the new parliament will contain 150 seats to be filled by members of the population and a speaker which is to be filled by him. He has also said that elections for these seats will take place every six years. The Emperor also told media outlets that the constitution will be drafted and enacted by the first session (the first term of 6 years) of Parliament and, if needed, will be amended by the same, or following sessions. This is a groundbreaking moment in our history and we at Yeosan Daily believe it will bring a new era of prosperity and openness to this great land.

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