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 Le Réseau d'Actualités Acadiennes


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The Acadian News Network, or Réseau d'Actualités Acadiennes, more commonly referred to as simply the RAA, is one of the main news providers in Acadia, and is popular among both television and online viewers. The news organization also publishes a newspaper, simply called Les Actualités, meaning "The News." The company was founded in 1956 as the Huere Nationale (National Times), which mainly reported over radio waves. In 1960 the company was relabeled to its current name as the nation transitioned to watching at their screens. The network provides relatively unbiased and direct news coverage of not only events within Acadia but all the wurld. 

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Acadian Rocket Launch, Is the Space Program Taking Off?

January 4, 2020 by Léana Bonnet



AFTER OVER SIXTY YEARS of no real space activity from the Administration de Aérienne et Spatiale d'Acadia, things down at Cape Georges are heating up. The launch pads down there are being used! That's right, you heard me! Tonight, if all goes well, the Vulcan III Rocket will by flying high above Eurth. But first, here's some context.

  • The mission, called simply "The Mun Mission", has an important goal. The four astronauts that have been assigned to man this mission will conduct a study from above the Eurth's lone satellite to gather and document information on both sides of the Mun, both what can be seen from the surface and on the "Dark Side of the Mun."
  • It is rumored that this launch and mission has a second motive: of course to cement Acadia as a possible player in space and a power on Eurth.
  • The first funding for the mission began three years ago as a plan for the revitalization of Acadia's long lost projects. Over the past three years the team at the helm, the mission planners, put together a modern, up-to-date rocket, a group of ripe astronauts-in-training, a team of scientists and experts to work behind the scenes, and most importantly, a mission.
  • The four astronauts manning this mission will be Guillaume Tremble, Samuel Cosineau, Emy Oliver, and Barbara Leclair. 

The scheduled launch time is around sunset, so make sure to take photos! Over the past week, the AASA has been running tests for the rocket, and so far they have proven successful, with the most successful recordings being yesterday, which of course, gives quite a bit of optimism for the team at the mission. We talked with Samuel Consineau this afternoon.

"This is a really exciting moment in my life and the lives of my countless teammates, mission directors, my friends at AASA, and all Acadians.", Cosineau told us earlier today. "Today's the day that we make history in Acadia, in all of Eurth. Me and my peers were talking about this and joking about it yesterday, but this is a really big moment, a really exciting moment."

An exciting moment indeed. This is Léana Bonnet writing this evening for RAA. 

Courtesy of Le Réseau d'Actualités Acadiennes, and its associates. All rights reserved.

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A New Era: AASA's Mun Mission Takes Flight

January 5, 2020 by Léana Bonnet



EVERYONE'S BEEN WAITING for this moment, that magical day we've all been waiting for, the day the rocket is sitting there on the launch pad and the launch timer hits zero, and the narrating voice says, "we have lift off." The day finally came, and it was practically a holiday, everyone has Sunday off, and almost everybody was sitting in front of their television sets watching to see with their very own eyes history be made. Many made the pilgrimage to Cape Georges and the town of Havre Beach, overwhelmed by the massive tourist influx, to experience the launch themselves.

In the seconds before the rocket flew up into the sky, the crowds gathered at Cape Georges began waving towards the rocket, a gesture apparently started by a small child in the large audience of the launch. Whether this is true or not, it is amazing that in this day and age that people can come together like that. It truly shows that Acadia is going into a new era of prosperity, as stated in the President's speech later this afternoon.

"This day is one of the greatest days in the history of Acadian flight.", President Emmanuel Séverin had begun, "It goes down in importance next to the first arrival of planes in Acadia, the creation of the Air Force, or even the conception of the very organization who started this, the Administration de Aérienne et Spatiale d'Acadia. But this is not just a day celebrating flight. This day marks a momentous occasion in the history of Acadia, because it shows that when we work together and put our minds collectively to something, we can accomplish big things. It shows that, when we say we will do this, we will do it, because we are a strong people. It stands as an example of what we are capable of. And so, that is why, Acadia is on the path to a new era of prosperity."

The best part is, all research will not be lost when the pieces of the rocket come back down to Eurth. The technology used in the rocket is currently being shared with Acadian vehicle manufacturers, allowing citizens access to the kind of stuff before experienced only by astronauts. The research conducted on the rocket will also allow the AASA to eventually develop new, better, recyclable rockets that will be able to take several astronauts up into space.

So why don't you go out there and celebrate this wonderful moment in Acadian history! After all, rooting for your country's space program isn't rocket science. This is Léana Bonnet, writing for RAA.

Courtesy of Le Réseau d'Actualités Acadiennes, and its associates. All rights reserved.

[Again, just imagine that I am not a month late writing this]

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