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[Academy RP] Fjallshima Election Night 2019

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*The scene is at FSF 2019 Election Night Broadcast*
Viggo Kiyoshi: "It is only 10 seconds until the clock strikes 12. We will be revealing the results of the FSF exit poll. Throughout the voting period, we polled 40,000 people at 180 polling stations across the country. 

*Clock strikes 12*

*The screen behind them displays a seating chart of the new National Rikskai with the predicted number of seats listed for each party.*

Viggo Kiyoshi: "We predict that the governing Free Fjallshima Party will lose their majority in parliament for the first time in 8 years with 125 seats and the Harmony Party will win a majority with 200 seats. The Kitakaidon Bloc and Kitakaidon Workers Party dominated Kitakaido with both of them winning 15 seats. The populist anti-Seinshin One Fjallshima Party entered parliament for the first time with 25 seats. Both the Communist Party and Green Party took losses with 5 and 10 seats respectively. What is your take on these results, Aki?"

Aki Maiko: "Thank you, Viggo. As you said, these results are likely to differ a bit but it still paints a clear picture for us. The Harmony Party under the centrist "Third-Path" leadership of Karl Shigeru managed to win seats across the entire country by not only defending their traditional seats but also targeting seats held by the Free Fjallshima Party. However, they were not able to effectively make any significant showings in Kitakaido. In Kitakaido, there is still a feeling that the national parties do not care about them as the region is still seeing higher unemployment rates and lower GDP per capita than the rest of the country. The KB and KWP were able to capitalize on that and that has continued rumors of a possible devolvement or independence referendum. The other minor parties took losses as the One Fjallshima Party entered parliament. If parties representing Kitakaido continue to talk about a possible referendum whether on devolvement or independence, we could see Fjallshimans felt left behind by the national parties continue to support that party."

Viggo: "Thank you, Aki. We will be broadcasting the results in a few hours. For now, we will be going to our correspondents who are on the grounds at different election night parties for candidates throughout the country."

*A few hours later goes by, it is now midnight*
*The screen behind them a seating chart of the new Parliament with number of seats listed for each party.*

Viggo: "We now have the full results of our election and our exit poll wasn't too far off, but the Harmony Party will actually be one seat short of a majority with 197 seats. The Free Fjallshima Party won 130 seats, the Kitakaidon Bloc won 15 seats, the Kitakaidon Workers Party won 13 seats, the One Fjallshima Party won 20 seats, the Fjallshiman Communist Party won 10 seats, and the Green Party won 10 seats. Aki, while the Harmony Party still won the most seats, I am sure being one seat short will be somewhat of an obstacle?"

Aki: "Traditionally, minority governments are rarely considered as an option. As the results came in, we heard from some Harmony MPs that they anticipate that incoming Prime Minister Karl Shigeru will negotiate for a coalition with the Green Party to have a full majority. However, with the Harmony Party's poor results in Kitakaido and the continued debate over the "Kitakaido Question", the two lone Harmony MPs that won election in Kitakaido have released a statement saying they believe Prime Minister Shigeru should negotiate for an alliance with either the KB or KWP to gain the trust of voters there and also settle the Kitakaido Question."

Viggo: "What do the two main parties in Kitakaido believe how the "Kitakaido Question" should be settled?"

Aki: "The KB want a referendum on devolvement as they believe that under devolvement, they can continue to reap the benefits of being part of Fjallshima but also have their own government with its own taxing powers and budget that could be more effective at solving the issues in Kitakaido. However, the KWP takes the position that there have been far too many injustices against Kitakaido that devolvement will do no good for long and it would be better for them to ask for independence in a referendum."

Viggo: "I see. Well, that is it for FSF Election Night 2019. My name is Viggo Kiyoshi, and good night."

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