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[Academy RP] Estranged Family

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A small man shuffles his way out of a limousine, carrying a file of somewhat importance. After all, he did just come out of a government vehicle, and is travelling quite fast through the premises of the Presidential Palace. But what is in those files?

"Pardon, excusez-moi!", he says as he squeezes through an assortment of watching tourists, governmental workers, and janitors as he makes his way to the Ministry Offices. Finally he makes his way through the cloud of tourists, and finds a clear area as he nears the off-limits area, where tourists not roam, and the Ministers of all kinds do their important work; where the government does extremely boring stuff.

The man enters the quarters of the Acadian Defense Minister. Now here, my friend, is where we find out what is in those files.

"I told you I don't want your cheap lump of food, no matter how you spin it or how high the discount price is!", says an angry Bertrand Desroches, Acadian Minister of Defense. He is holding a dart, poised to shoot into the target across the room. "Oh, it's you. Entre"

"I have news. Bad news.", says the man.

"What is this bad news then, Jacques?", inquires Desroches.

"It's the neighboring Diné nation*. They're demanding that the lands on the border be liberated through an annexation, telling us and the international community that it's, and I quote, 'to incorporate all Diné people under the rule of a true Diné nation.' The file I brought contains all the details."

"What bull! Why don't we just go ahead an invade 'em and get rid of all these issues. Shouldn't be too hard." Desroches grabs the dart again and throws it to the target, missing it by mere inches.

"But that's the problem you see. Invading them now would make the rest of Eurth believe that you are on some sort of an ethnic cleansing mission. That would bring countless issues to the great nation!"

"Jacques, you know I'm not the best at this kind of thing. How 'bout you just go to the Foreign Affairs Minister and let 'em talk it out with the Diné." 

"But sir, with all due respect, we've tried that previously multiple times, they just won't let go of this idea that they are this savior nation. The only option now is too invade them."

"Well then maybe we can ignore them and wait for them too invade? At least the blame won't be pinned on us if we don't write the war declaration." He tries once more to shoot at the target, and even though he manages to end up closer, he misses just the same.

"Possibly. Only problem is that we could risking our troops sending them to fight the military of the Diné nation. You do know that they have been increasing recruitment for the past five years. And who knows who will support them."

"Maybe say that we're spreading democracy?"

"That trick has aged. Besides, you would just make all those nations that are not... acceptant, per say, of these democratic ideals, it would make them go and support the Diné regime."

And that is when an idea is hatched.

"Jacques, I have an idea. What if we fuel a revolution against the Diné regime. We fund organizations looking to overthrow the government. The Diné living inside Acadia have expressed a lot of distaste about how their brothers are abused and oppressed under our neighboring dictatorship, they would surely support this! Then, while their manpower is weakened, we can strike! The international community will see us as supporting the Diné overthrowing an oppressive dictatorship, and because we are not 'restoring democracy' per say, it may not concern other regimes as much! It's a perfect plan." Desroches shoot his last dart into the target, directly hitting the bull's eye.

"Well, it's the best idea you have had so far. Do you mind if I bring this up to the President's desk?", asks Jacques.

"I most certainly do not. I really think we're on to something now, Jacques, I really do.", says Desroches.

"It's an improvement.", agrees Jacques.

He leaves Bertrand Desroches, Minister of Defense, and his offices, seeking now the office of the President where this grand scheme will be unveiled to the leader of Acadia. And a salesman advertising the opening of the newest location of the fast food joint for which he works walks up to the Minister's office.

Will this scheme prove to actually function as a military campaign. Will the President approve. That is to be revealed, to be revealed.

*Diné nation: Neighboring dictatorship with a culture most similar with that or Acadian natives. Founded in the 1830's as an Acadian puppet state, the nation never moved on when Acadia   returned to a democratically-elected government. Though they share a similar native culture, both countries have grown apart and now resent each other. The future of their relations is   unclear, though it is appearing to only go downhill.

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Jacques rushes over to the President's office, folder in hand and plan in mind. He slides through the entrance to Emmanuel Séverin's personal work space. When he walks in, the President looks up at the little man.

"Jacques, what have you that is so important that you have to bother me this day.", complains Séverin.

"We're having issues with the Diné Republic again, they're demanding the borderlands, and if we don't comply, they're pressuring all the wurld to make us do so.", explains Jacques.

"So, what can we do about it.", inquires Séverin.

"I was talking with Defense Minister Desroches..." Suddenly, Jacques was interrupted by an outburst about how someone had the ability to nuke any fast food location if they wanted to. He continues, "Like I was saying, Desroches suggested that we fund revolutionary organizations in our neighboring nation, then invade once they are weakened."

"Okay, which organizations would we fund then?"

"I would suggest the one with the largest foundation, the Worker's Front Movement. We have investigated into worker's conditions in the Diné Republic, and found that they have one of the worst conditions in all of Eurth. Further investigation signals that many members of the WFM work in Arms Factories in the Diné nation."

"How do we keep it a secret that we are funding them? How do we supply them?"

"I got someone to flow the cash from the government to these organizations, and he's agreed to fly the weapons in disguised as arms part shipments."

"Fine, I guess we could give it a shot. Any instability for those nagging hooligans sounds like a deal to me.", Séverin finally agrees.He sighs and looks out the window, but then comes back down to Eurth and looks at Jacques as he hands the President some papers.

"These are some documents for the contracting with the guy I mentioned earlier, along with some documents concerning of the aid of the revolutionaries.", says Jacques, and he hands President Séverin a bundle of papers and a pen.

The President takes the pen and signs in the necessary areas, then takes a stamp from his desk and stamps his approval onto some others. He hands the papers back over to Jacques.

"Thank you, Mr. President." Jacques walks back out the door. The President proceeds to sit at his desk and ponder if he truly made the right the decision.

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