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The TEAAAM Institute

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The Thalassan-Europan-Alharun-Argic-Aurelian-Marenesian Institute, often simply called Team, is a Variota-based not-only-for-profit organisation aimed at funding and participating in projects throughout the world, primarily in the developing world, through investing funds from their members. Membership within the TEAAAM Institute is open to any business maintaining sizable offices within Het Huisselant, so long as they pledge to invest atleast one-tenth of their profits each year, as well as individuals living within Het Huisselant that pledge a minimum of one-million Waarttemun. Each participant receives a share equal to their investment.

Team operates offices throughout the world, where individuals, organisations and governments can apply for funding and/or other aid. The most popular method of funding projects is to provide a long-term loan free-of-interest in exchange for a share in the venture; the longer and larger the loan, the bigger the share. This method of operating, pioneered by Team, has been hailed as unique, innovative and fair towards the developing world. Team, as the investor, gains an active share in ensuring the project succeeds, loan payments stay low and the project enters the Team network, where the various projects can seek out each other and their benefactors, potentially lowering prices and allowing for greater possibilities than what would otherwise be available. Through their handler, which each project receives, the Team website and the Team app, the various participants can stay in contact, provide knowledge, seek out deals with each other and provide status updates.

Team operates as a not-only-for-profit, it seeks to improve the lives of citizens throughout the world through its participation in projects but, in addition, still seeks to earn profit through its established projects. Half of the profits made by Team are reinvested into new projects with the other half being paid out to the various investors, ensuring that those that have seen success through Team fuel new development. Team operates according to the strictest Variotan economic laws and has received labels and quality marks from respected sources such as the Asosiasjie fan Oliefaaier, allowing both potential projects and investors to apply and invest while knowing Team's intentions and methods are both fair and worthwhile for both sides.

Prominent investors:

  • Ranje Konsorsjum (Agriculture)
  • Heerefal Casino Resorts (Tourism)
  • Vooters Food Group (Hospitality)
  • M.M.C.-fan Gautfanger (Mining)
  • Lintfelt, Santflakte & Knallerheere (Pharmaceuticals)

Prominent successful projects:

  • TBA
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